Friday, December 14, 2012

Dreaded Holidays (well not really)

Holidays in the states are rolling around and life is being distracting, not just for me but Hawtstuff as well. As the Christmas holiday rolls closer (and passes) both of us will start having more time to dedicate to the game. I have been working on it, just slowly lately. I'm mostly just posting this just in case you're wondering where the hell I went :P.

To those of you who are new (or newer) fans of the game, this does happen. Usually the pattern is rapid period of frequent updates followed by them slowing down and then stopping for about a month (sometimes two) followed by a couple months of frequent updates followed by a slow trickle, then a stop, etc.

The game has been in progress for over a year and a half and development isn't stopping anytime soon ^_^ If I ever did stop it would never be proceed by a lack of updates (it wouldn't make sense, nor would it be kind), I would simply just say it :P

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Still making good progress

Had a relatively busy weekend (it was a US holiday weekend after all :P) with family and friends and have resumed work on the game. I've made a new class to handle button FX and anything new and shiny with the UI and will be including some low graphics options for those who were having difficulty playing the game with older computers. Other then that nothing exciting at the moment :P

Sunday, November 18, 2012

59TestA -- Option A has been answered

Please Note this build is not guaranteed to work on your computer.

Very High Bugs: Crashes Are NOT Unusual

EDIT From TK: This build is extremely unstable. I only really recommend it for people who want to get a peak at what to expect from the new UI. Do not download it for normal play, it'll just be frustrating ^_^.

EDIT From Teraunce: For bug reporting purposes this is a Development Build. Also the red X on minimize issue is known.

Remember, Click on the bug reports label to submit bugs. Above leads to the game.

Archive MD5 hash is 3F3207FCFA4DC063090F3C379DFA6332 , game exe's MD5 is inside the archive in readme.txt. The archive is a self-extracting ACE archive as the exe is 30% larger uncompressed.

New UI Question

Your comments are especially important for this post as polls are broken for the blog apparently ><

I'm nearing the completion of the main screen's UI revision. It looks shinny (albeit with some bugs) but otherwise all is well. Would you, as fans like:

  • A. Me to release the new UI with only the main screen completed. All other screens for the new UI have not gotten a revision yet.
  • B. Hold off until all of the other components have received treatment as well (combat, sex system, etc.).

Please note that for either A or B, many of the button graphics themselves are being redone and text placeholders have been placed on those buttons yet unfinished (continue for example, simply says "Continue" instead of having fancier graphics like the sleep until 8pm button) and will remain that way until they are done. Nazca is kindly helping me with these but he's got stuffs to do like the rest of us so whenever he gets a chance he'll work on them.

If option A seems to be most prevalent  the main screen will look pretty cool whereas the rest of the game will look like it always does until I start revising them as well (combat is next, followed by the sex system, followed by equipment, items, attributes, and skills). It won't look uniform at all until everything is done, but will still be functionally the same.

If option B is selected, it will take a lot longer for an official release, but I'll still let Teraunce upload intermittent builds as he sees fit.

I'm really liking the way the new main screen looks and I hope you all will come to like it as well. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick UI Retooling update

Just a quick picture of the new buttons:

I didn't include the bevel effect in this image but you can see the highlight effect here. Nothing too fancy but I think it's starting to look a bit better. The UI will be arranged as follows:

The Left

The Upper left corner of the screen will feature your HP, FP, and Arousal bars in addition to mentioning how much money you have and how tired or rested you are.

The middle left portion of the screen will have that old irritating popup box but instead of popping up and disappearing, it will simply have a log of all of your stat increases and decreases. You can clear it out if you want and I'll include an option to hide it for those that don't want to see the log.

Under that will be the date / time.

Finally, in the bottom left corner will be the travel buttons orientated like they were on a compass (North is the middle top, Southeast is in the bottom right portion of that area).

The Middle

The top middle 60% of the screen contains the image box.

The bottom middle 40% of the screen contains the text box.

The Right

  The top right portion of the screen will feature the buttons for stuff like EQ, Status, Skills, etc.

The bottom right will contain the new action buttons you see here.

Political sounding descriptions aside, it's actually pretty resizable this time around. It seems like it can be shrunken to just over 640 x 480 and still be playable, albeit very tiny. I'd say those playing on netbooks now should be able to handle these sizes without issue now :)

This new stuff is very tedious to program, I can't relay on the built in size / location features as they suck, I needed to create functions to resize and relocate all the controls but it's pretty easy and almost mindless, so whenever I get a moment I try to upgrade a few buttons at a time so I'm always making a little progress. The layout is all set, just not everything is yet implemented so I don't want to show a total picture just yet :P (new shiny buttons below ugly black / white buttons looks far too odd :P)

Friday, November 9, 2012

UI Revision

Per the request of Hawtstuff, I've decided to revise the UI somewhat and hopefully improve it. This will take a bit of time though hopefully I'll have a working model up shortly. The new UI should have the following features:

  • Additional Hotkey support for those who lack a numpad.
  • Resizable window. It should be shrinkable from 1024x768 as well for those with smaller screens though support for resolutions lower then 1024x768 are not going to be official. if you try to shrink it to 208x114 it's probably not going to be remotely playable for example.
  • Beveled buttons
  • Ability to move and do actions if they are available.
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved layout

Nazca has volunteered to help redesign some buttons from an old improved UI that we were working on prior so it should look much sexier. The main window will see this treatment first, and then as time permits the other windows will be reworked as well.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Just letting people know that Teraunce is going to be helping out coordinating bug reports and uploading some of my experimental builds so you guys can check it out. I do work on the game almost nightly (albeit some nights only 15 minutes or so) and Hawtstuff is usually always editing an event or two at the least. Teraunce has offered to help push some of these smaller builds for you guys to download more frequently then I update (I'm sure you all know it can take a bit of time between build sometimes) so at the very least you can start to see some bug fixes a bit quicker :P. He's also made a bug report page and form that's pretty neat to help me organize all of the bug reports.

Also, quick update of what I'm working on:

I think I finally found the source of [one of] the last dreaded EQ bug! It's related to reverting your equipment when using a two-handed weapon. It will try to equip your fists (which is actually a bug in itself) but it searches for "1: Fists" rather then " 1: Fists" which causes a crash. I want to test out the fix a bit first before I put it in the game but once I know that works it should fix an irritating crash.

Here's a peak at the three things I'm working on most at the moment:

  • Performing At Madame Mamrya's
    • Basically another job to earn some EP based on your performance skill. Focuses primarily on Breast Exapnasion. If you can make yourself stand out (i.e. successful performance check) from the other busty performers you'll get some time to perform some various breast expansion techniques you've learned throughout the game for chances to earn even more EP. The initial parts of this event are written, I just need to write the breast expansion parts next. Support for goo-tits, pink vials, breast expansion magic, and lactation will all be part of the types of actions you can perform for the crowd. People are always asking for these events so I figured it's time to finally start writing them :P
  • Hotkey Improvements
    • Hawtstuff has written a great layout for me to implement so I plan to do so :)
  • UI Improvements
    • Diz gave me a good idea to make the EQ Window feature dropboxes to select your EQ from rather then an irritating listbox. If you click on the dropbox a menu will open with all your EQ in that slot rather then you having to scroll down (I fail at UI design).
    • I'll be looking at the UI improvement post recently made and will implement as many improvements as I can before the next build. Thanks for your feedback.

.58dev3 build up now.

Bugginess is still high and fixes list will be updated when it is gotten. This build is from last night.
MD5 for Zip file is 9ED60FF5B885A5836253954DF9ACC85E
MD5 of current EXE is 438B03F53ED315CC8E114FF1B281B62A
Bugginess is to be highly expected
Pornarium Version 0.58.3a (in development)

Attribute Window
    -Changed the coloring scheme so it's easier to tell which attributes you have a negative modifier / positive modifier more easily.

Bug Fixes

Attribute Window
   -Fixed a bug where the attribute window would crash if an attribute was below zero.

Character Creation
   -Fixed a bug where select "A farm" for your first job would cause a crash.

   -Fixed a bug where dirt would not be removed after swimming or showering.

   -Orcish potions and gynocomorphous potions no longer consume two items instead of one.

Main Window
   -Several options (equipment, items, etc.) no longer appear via the travel menu. This is to prevent many bugs that can occur when performing these actions while mid-travel.

   -Hawtstuff edited roughly 39 events!

Skill Window
   -Changed the coloring scheme so it's easier to tell which skills you have a negative modifier / positive modifier more easily.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

UI Improvements

I know the UI is terribad (Hawtstuff and others remind me frequently :P). A complete overhaul to something sexy like WPF is likely not going to happen but I can continually make several changes as time goes on. Let me know what I can do to improve it for you all :)

Forums Coming! (cumming?)

Taco and I have decided that to further this project and to give back to you guys who have been awesome in supporting us all these years with creative writing, bug reports, and innumerable other things, it would be nice if we had our own community forums! That being said, I have no idea what forums software to use and which host to purchase (less than $10 USD/month is mandatory).

Please leave comments, as I will base my decision off of them =P

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HS' Progress Update (out of nowhere) 11/1/12

Hawtstuff here, today I did the following:

  • Edited all of Taco's writing from all the previous months. 
  • Finished editing all of the Streaker quest events Leeroy had finished thus far.
  • Working on completing Nut's toy masturbation scenes he wrote a looooong time ago.
  • If I have time, finish sex scene #1 for the Sarah "waifu" questline I'm currently writing.

Possible stuff going on later this week
  • Collaborating with Nabiki to make a marketplace event :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pornarium .58.2Dev1 is up.

-----Get it here hot off the press.

The md5 for the latest developer build exe file (not the archive) is: fb37bfda77a82e72054400242682c018

Bug Level:
Fair number of bugs possible.

Fixed Link error to bug tracking form

Fixed a few bugs.

Check out the latest update notes page to see some of the bugs that have been fixed.

Teraunce may upload my developer builds at anytime so check the downloads page (though it's not guaranteed he will) :)

The md5 for the latest developer build exe file (not the archive) is: fb37bfda77a82e72054400242682c018

Info about the next build

The next build shouldn't be too far away, my main focus is going to be fixing as many bugs as possible (I believe there were roughly 16 or so bugs reported with this last build). While I'll never be able to quash every bug squashing 15 or 16 is still good in my book. As long as time permits, I also plan to look at the suggestions page again and implement some of them :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I edited the original post with a link to a new torrent (0.58.1a). It disables the combat label to fix those who are getting crashes. My apologies!

Version 0.58.1a Bug List

Please post 0.58.1a's bugs in this post.

Fix that didn't make it in 0.58a : Better localization for Switzerland / Austrian German (sorry ><, I didn't forget though)

Stats on Version 058a reported bugs:

4 / 10 Fixed Bugs

10 / 16 Bugs Verified

0 Non-Reproducible Bug(s)

0 "Not-A-Bug"

16 Reported Bugs

Future Plans (October 2012 Version)

Just a quick highlight of the future plans for the game:

The main purpose of this alpha is to build the features of the game far more then content. It's why it can take awhile for stuffs to appear (a lot of what I work on is boring behind the scenes crap like equipment or traps :P). I generally will make content around these devices but my main focus is getting them to work. As you may have noticed, the alpha has almost hit version 0.60a, which means it's roughly 60% complete. What major features are needed to finish the alpha and move on to beta?

  • The ability to modify one's apartment.
  • The ability to buy a new home. 
  • The ability to form relationships (positive or negative) with select NPCs and organizations.
  • The ability to have an NPC move in with you.
  • Tinkering!
  • A sort of "transformation achievement" system, where if you unlock a complete set of transformations you can pay a small fee to transform any body part to match that particular transformation.

  I'm sure I'm missing some things, but after all that is added we'll move on to beta which is almost all content.  I'm not going to avoid adding new content however so expect to see the following area(s) fleshed out in this order:

  1. Remaining North Highway Events (there are a few left)
  2. Nameless Inn Events completed.
  3. South of Pornicle and the road to Drillhur (Skill and Attribute caps will be raised again starrting here)
  4. The Town of Drillhur
  5. A deep forest
  6. A secret location ;)

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I'm going to be working on.

Pornarium Version 0.58.1a

Release Highlights
(this assumes you haven't played since the last official build, which I believe was 0.45a. If you have played builds past that point, not all of these highlights will be new. View the old updates page to get a full update history)

  • Added a dungeon: The sewers of Pornicle (added in experimental version 0.51a)
  • Added four new spells, three combat and one out-of-combat.
  • Added several new events in the Northern Highway.
  • Edits by Hawtstuff
  • Tons of bug fixes (27 of them)
  • 32 images added from across the interwebs and from things people have sent me.
  • Increased Keyboard support (for now, those with numpads may be happier. If you guys want an alternative non-numpad scheme as I know many have laptops w/o them, please suggest one so I can add it for you. Custom keybinds are a possibility, but a very distant one).
  • Pregnancy Implemented, though it's rather barebones at the moment, it works. Remember: Birth itself is not really described in the game, it's pretty much stated that it occurred and the game moves on :P The focus is the changes to your body due to pregnancy. Also added a chance to get pregnant slider in the options menu. NOTE: You must disable contraceptives in the Pornicle Hospital to get pregnant.
  • A difficulty slider is available in the options menu. This will make your game harder / easier depending on how you want to play. 
  • Reworked sleeping slightly so it heals more hit points.

Click "Read More" to view the full notes and for download links. If you haven't played before make sure to go to the download page and download / install VB Powerpacks 10 and .NET 10.

A separate post will be made for bug reports shortly.

The game's official download method is going to always be torrents as it's the easiest way for the majority of us to share the game since bandwidth is pricey :P That said, alternative links will be provided but they will only last as long as the kind hosts allow us to post it there :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Next Build Wednesday

  Wednesday, October 24th will be the next official build.I think this will be the first non-experimental build since 0.43a or 0.45a, it's been awhile so I don't remember what the last "mostly stable" build was. If you want to take a peak at the update notes feel free, note that these changes are since the last experimental build.

Assuming you haven't played since the last stable build, here are the highlights:

  • Several new North Highway events including a new and dangerous foe.
  • Four new spells (three combat and one field spell)
  • Two new sex techniques.
  • A few new items.
  • Basic Support for pregnancy has been added (needs a lot of fleshing out, but it's there)
  • A few new images (only 6 or so, but I may add more before Wednesday based on what I randomly find on the nets)
  • A ton of bug fixes.
  • New location: Nameless Inn (though there are few events for it yet)
  • Any edits performed by Hawtstuff.

   Chances are this will occur later in the evening on Wednesday. I haven't attached a version number yet because based upon whatever amount of free time I feel like spending toward the project before Wednesday there could potentially be some bonus stuff. After I post it, I'll make note of what I'm planning to program next in the game.

(Note: Hawtstuff has let me know he's working on some events as well so if that can be squeezed in too it will :P)

Monday, October 15, 2012

0.57a Preview?

I mentioned I would post a new build tonight regardless of how much I finished. As promised I did so but didn't finish totally.

It's really buggy as all hell and I recommend holding off for a day or two. If you don't care about bugs and all sorts of strange issues feel free to download it by clicking on read more below, (hell I haven't even self-edited my own events).
Please post any bugs in the previous post (0.55.1a bugs) as I'm still fixing those bugs at the moment :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

0.55.1a Bug Post / 0.57a Preview Bugs

Bugs for 0.55.1a and Preview Version 0.57a will be posted here.

Stats on Version 0.55.1a / Version 0.57a bugs:

17.5 / 18 Fixed Bugs

18 / 24 Bugs Verified

6 Non-Reproducible Bug(s)

3 "Not-A-Bug"

33 Reported Bugs

Bugs are currently being fixed and verified. The next step is adding additional content before a new build.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Experimental Build (0.55.1a)

I've been a bit busy with work so I haven't been able to post as much new stuffs as I want yet, but here's a new build for now. This build includes a few bugfixes and a few new things, like an enemy that will reverse a bulk of your transformations (I do not recommend trying to fight this foe yet, many special attacks and other items that may make the fight easier are not in game yet).

I've also been debating on releasing a new feature, perhaps in the hospital, that will allow you to recall any transformations you've fully unlocked through game play  For example: If you unlock all of the fox transformations, you'll be able to return to the hospital revert any body part to a certain type for a fee. Basically as long as you "collect" all of the aspects of a transformations you can call it back in part or in full at any time. Let me know what you think about this idea :)

Also, in regards to pregnancy, though the system is in-game and available via the debug menu, you must enable it in the hospital. More support for it (such as it being triggered through normal gameplay) will come in the next build or two.

Expanding this post will reveal the download link and update notes :)

(note, 0.55a was never released so I've included that build's notes as well)

Torrent link is up.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Progress Update Build (Experimental 0.54a)

You can download 0.54a here.

I'm getting quite close to releasing the next build so I thought I'd start adding the scripts to the game :P I spent roughly one hour working on some new things and some bug fixes, and another hour adding some of the new stuff in the game. There isn't a whole lot of new stuff but it's starting to trickle in:

  • Added the Nameless Inn, it's REALLY basic. I don't recommend even going there yet as you can't rent a room yet. That will come in another build in a day or two.
  • Added a self-titfuck event in your apartment (it hasn't been edited really yet, warning!)
  • Worked on some internal stuff related to pregnancy.
Something important to note:

Players from Europe that use a "," in lieu of a decimal point will get an error in previous builds. I made a quick change to fix this for this build but it still may cause a half-crash. If an error pops up, select "continue" and use a decimal point "." instead of a comma and let me know this is still occurring  Players who use Austrian German as a language setting may still have this issue even if others aren't for some reason that I can't figure out because I'm not the best at this localization thing :P

I also posted the 0.54a notes in the update notes section. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Direct Download Link Test! (Not really a new build yet, calm down)

Uploading version 0.53a as we speak to a site provided by a kind (yet anonymous) friend. The link is here(a newer build was posted, thus this link was removed). This build doesn't contain much new because everything I'm working on is still stored locally and hasn't been integrated into the game (it's script & images without code pointing to it yet).

I left the pregnancy system debug code in, but I don't recommend accessing it as it just contains the text with no real context (you  can't get pregnant via in-game events / sex system yet). You're free to test it yourselves but it's rather pointless right now. The main point of this post was to get a direct download link to everyone who's been asking for quite some time.

Oh, and the EQ fix may be in this version...I hope. NOTE: You may have to save the game and load it once for that file to work if you have had issues in the past with equipment. Those who haven't had issues shouldn't see any difference.

There may also be some random new stuff I added in that I may not have realized I integrated in the game, so if you randomly stumble upon some new stuff I'm working on consider it a bonus...just don't waste your time looking for it :P

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quick Progress Report

Just a quick update: All is well with coding the pregnancy system. No promises as to when it will be released but I'll be working on it somewhat heavily Sunday as I will likely have a good chunk of time to do so (and I have a desire to scratch that programmer's itch). If things go perfectly (which is doubtful) it's possible I could have a new build for Sunday, though I'd wager more on mid-week / slightly later for the next build. Real life has been interfering with my coding but it hasn't been totally in the way, I've been making small steps every night (some nights VERY small steps :P) to get this update rolling out for you guys.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pregnancy System!

Good news everyone! I've just finished writing all 40 pregnancy events, as well as a new item that will speed up gestation. All Taco has to do is to code it all in and it'll be ready to try out! Keep in mind we're starting with just human pregnancy, but after some script enhancing (mainly stomach size support) it'll be robust enough to support other types of pregnancies as well.

Taco Edit:

Just a quick overview for what's planned:

  • Characters will have two attributes Gestation and Fertility. Pregnancies will be based upon the rate of 9 in game months (270 in game days).
  •  A higher gestation will decrease the time between each pregnancy event (some may be skipped with higher attributes in this area, not sure yet). 
  • A higher fertility rate will increase the chance to get additional offspring and have an effect on stomach size.
  • I won't be detailing NORMAL birthing, sorry :P. Monster birth (like tentacle pregnancies) are a whole different story.
  • I'm not going to really focus on offspring that you may have, at least not at this time. Perhaps just a running tally or something.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thanks for the feedback guys, I won't be using upload mirrors any longer as it seems that it just tried to get you guys to install all sorts of nasty stuffs. I'll make torrents the official distribution source for the game and then for major builds (not experimentals) I'll probably use that crappy site (upload mirrors) with huge disclaimers about how it's not recommended and spyware filled for those that insist on not using torrents (for technical or personal reasons).

I am satisfied and pleased with the community's desire and ability to seed the game torrents (within only 2 - 3 hours, there are 20+seeders, after a day or two 40+) so availability is never an issue.

Just wanted you all to know that it was never my intention to offer such a crappy download. In the past this site had never such a plethora of issues but obviously things have changed. I appreciate all the bug reports as well, I've been looking at them but it's just a busy weekend so I haven't been able to poke at the game too much. Tomorrow and Tuesday evening should give me a bit more time to dive back into coding ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pornarium 0.52a [experimental] released (via patch)

You can download the patch here.

A big thanks to Joker who was a huge help in fixing a great many events this build :D

This is my first time using the patch maker, let me know how it works or if it doesn't.

The update is a rather small one and contains a few things:

  • A new event written by GreenFeline ^_^
  • Sewer bugfixes.
  • Coffee Beans should work...hopefully...
  • Tons of edits by Hawtstuff
  • A fixed fountain event.

This weekend coming up is going to be a bit busy for me, so I don't think I'll get to delve back into programming much until Monday or Tuesday. I hope to fix the EQ bug for everyone in the next update. Speaking of the EQ bug, can you let me know what version of windows you are using, and if you are getting the EQ bug or not? I was trying to ask this question via poll but annoyingly blogspot will not let me start a new poll. Anyways, enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patch coming soon (1 - 3 days)

I'll be unrolling a patch soon, perhaps as soon as tonight if I get a little extra time later this evening...though chances are it could be as long as Friday until it's released. This patch will do the following:

  • Add a new catgirl event.
  • Change the dungeon room descriptions so they aren't all the same when traveling.
  • Many edits by Hawtstuff
  • Investigate crashing reports
  • Fix the dungeon exits
  • Fix coffee beans...I hope :P

This patch, whenever it is released, will be the first test of the new patcher. You will need to have version 0.51a Experimental for this patcher to work, having the incorrect version will cause all sorts of fun bugs. I'll post this again when I release the patch but make sure to backup your files before attempting the patch...I've only tested it on my own computer so who knows if it'll delete or corrupt the game file or something like that.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Experimental Build 0.51a Released!

You can download the torrent for the experimental build here.

WARNING: This build has the potential to be very buggy!

With that out of the way, what exactly does this build do?

  • Fixes some major bugs (crashing) from the last experimental build.
  • Adds a new random dungeon which can be started in the marketplace.
  • Adds about 5 new enemies to the game.
  • Adds a new transformation.
  • Adds a sexual encounter
  • Trap System debuts, though it's broken right now (It says something like, "insert trap text here" even ><)

What is missing before the next actual build?
  • Pregnancy system
  • Tons of bug fixes for the new dungeon.
  • Tuning of monsters / encounter rate.
  • Special sex actions and attacks related to the new transformation
  • Fixed fucking coffee beans :P

I wanted to do a patch to test it out instead of a torrent, but due to the large changes in the game itself the patch was about 1/2 the size of the game anyways, so I just decided to do the torrent update. Thanks to all who test this, I hope to have a small bugfix patch at some point in the near future to fix some of the many bugs you are all regrettably going to encounter. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Experimental Build Soon

I may actually have the experimental build up later today. I had the day off and was far too bored and delved deep into the world of coding and was able to finish the Sewer Dungeon. It works albeit with a few bugs. I need to program some enemies for the dungeon after I go for a run (need some fresh airs ><). After that, which shouldn't take too long, I'm going to fix a few bugs and hopefully get the build up. If I can't get the build up today then it will likely be posted tomorrow instead.

EDIT: It's likely going to be tomorrow, I don't feel like programming anymore today :P

Potential New Patching Program

I have found a potential new patcher to use with Pornarium. This will allow me to release smaller updates between experimental versions or even larger versions. Though I likely won't be finished with the experimental build, I plan to release a small patch later today at some point just to test this program. It will fix things (hopefully) like the crash on the new attribute window.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dungeon Crawling

While I am still working on the Pregnancy system, I'm also getting into my random dungeon groove for whatever reason. The next build will likely be experimental again, but will feature a random sewer under Pornicle. This dungeon isn't really huge (about 8 - 11 rooms depending on the randomziation or lack of that you get) but it will feature the chance to find loot, a sexual encounter (a certain type of monster like NPC), traps, and will serve as a means of leveling up combat skills from the 10 skill point level to about 35 or 40 points.
   Due to the fact that there will be a new feature (trap window, which will allow you to use tinkering to disable said traps) as well as a bunch of bug fixes related to the last experimental build, this build will also be an experimental build. I'll make another post regarding this build a day or so in advance of it's posting.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Experimental Build (0.47a Released)

I've posted a link to the experimental build torrent here.

The experimental build doesn't add a ton of stuff yet (I just have awoken from my hibernation Rwaaaaaar!) but I'm back to working on the game. Here's the focus of this update:

  • Attribute Window Redone!
  • Skill Window Redone!
  • Difficulty Slider added to options window!
  • Added an NPC that will train you in melee, ranged, and defense while boosting some of your attributes. This is a good way to get your character a bit more combat ready (500EP a lesson). 
If you want a lot of new stuffs I'm afraid you'll be sad for now, but once again I'm back to working on the game ^_^

Let me know how they all work and feel free to give me feedback on them.

Here's what I'm working on in the immediate future:

  • Pregnancy System (may not have much content, but I want the system working finally)
  • Reputation System (doesn't have to have much content, but I want it to be working)
  • Rework Lucid Dreaming

Here's what I want to work on in the more distant future:

  • Tinkering
  • Ability to modify your house, have NPCs move in with you, etc.
  • Finally add Olivia's awesome map to the game!
After the "distant future" stuff is done, there will be a couple more things before the "alpha" of the game is done. What does that mean exactly? It means that I'll be shifting the game to beta which is mostly the content generation phase of the game's development. This doesn't mean I won't be adding content between alpha and beta, I'm just primarily focused on the game system at this point. If you have any events you'd like to submit, you can send me an e-mail and discuss it with me if you want to help flesh out some of the content during this phase as well :)

Experimental Build Later Today

I've been toying a lot with the inner workings of the game, trying to make things a bit more straightforward from a quality of life perspective. Here are some changes that I've made:

  • Attribute Window now displays things in nice little bars and descriptive labels instead of a wall of text.
  • Skills and Sex Skills now displays things in nice little bars.
  • You can hover over these bars for a breakdown on your attributes, skills, and sex skills.
  • When moving you'll now be able to see what actions are available to you, though they will be grayed out until you exit travel mode. 
  • EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot about the difficulty slider :P

While these may not seem like huge changes (I guess they really aren't from a player's perspective) the attribute bars and skill bars were a bitch to implement. It was pretty tedious to code but I'm very happy they are done. As long as time permits today, I'll work on throwing in other stuffs in the game too, mostly minor things right now (like the ability to train your combat skills). This I guess officially ends my hibernation mode, sorry it took awhile but life has just been a combination of wonderful, busy, and horrible lately :P

Traveling now shows you what actions are available, though for the time being they are disabled until you disable travel mode. (Hitting "T" will accomplish this)

The new skill window will display your skills as bars instead of text. Hovering over a skill bar will give you a breakdown on where your bonuses are coming from.

The new attribute window will still yield the old description (upper right) but will now more easily break down everything so it hopefully won't be as confusing as fuck.
There is now a difficulty slider in the options menu. If you want an easier time slide this to the left. It will make skill rolls far easier and enemies significantly weaker in combat, but your loot and EP earned will be reduced. If you slide it to the right the opposite will be true.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hibernation Mode Engaged

Good News: Taco has gotten a job promotion & is making lots more $

Bad News: He's totally had to re-work his sleep schedule so expect at MOST a month of inactivity build wise.

Addendum: Hawtstuff is still working with & accepting new writers. There is much to be done content wise, so if you see this post be sure to contact Hawtstuff. This inactivity only applies to updates to the EC & main game, so we're still working on stuff behind the scenes. Leeroy's events are 1/2 done now, and the cat girl sisters are in editing phase.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Progress Update: 7/16/2012 (Still Alive, Yes Still Alive ♪)

No progress to report this week ;_;
(You Must Construct Additional Volunteers!)

In a nutshell, this was my entire past week……..



Today: Goliath ONLINE!

This was partly due to the fact that on 7/11/12 my desktop, Shadownexus I, experienced cascading drive failures. There were massive casualties, both RAID 0 Array HDs (WD Caviar Blue) were irrevocably lost as well as my Crucial M4 SSD cache. Currently in process of obtaining RMAs for all of these, since they did not last even a whole year (WTF??!)

Now Running Shadownexus II, which will hopefully last a good deal longer. Totally not regretting now that I spent that extra cash for a 3Tb HD (was a lifesaver!). Currently in process of trying to restore backups I created using Acronis True Image (which is awesome since it bypasses the retarded RAID/Non-RAID backup incompatibility issues when there is a difference between drive geometries in Windows 7).

Fairly soon, I should be back in the game, and progress will resume as normal

tl;dr NEVER, EVER USE RAID 0!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slowly but still working ^_^

Just giving another update on my end of things. I rewrote the attribute screen, you can take a peak at a draft I did before vacation if you click on the debug and then the new attribute screen ;)

The internal build features a completed rewrite of this, I think skills will be next. I'm also slowly fixing some bugs (like the stupid Futabus bug) as well as working on a dungeon and a way to improve combat skills a bit faster.

I know, nothing exciting yet sorry, stupid RL being busy :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still here :P

I'm also still around, don't want anyone to think I've vanished. Just working very slowly. I need(ed) to reformat my computer and reinstall windows but I am meticulous with backups so nothing was lost :) I'll continue to keep you informed, though sorry nothing exciting is happening.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Progress Update 7/2/12

Bad News
No progress :(
It was finals week and everyone was very busy with IRL stuff.

Good News
Two new prospective writers!
All of this week is open for me to do writing!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some stuff TK is working on...

Just a small update. I'm currently working on getting some more support for characters who wish to become better at combat prior to going to the Northern Highway. This includes an option to train as well as a semi-random sewer dungeon. I also plan to tweak running so it offers a bit more stamina...and as always bug fixes ^_^.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Progress Update 6/25/12

Pregnancy Support - 10%
Streaker Sidequest - 50%
Catgirl Twins - 80%

(slow week, sorry :x)

Friday, June 22, 2012


I've returned, I'll begin working on a new build shortly :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Progress Update 6/18/12

Current Completion Status

Catgirl sisters encounter - 70%

Foxgirl encounter - 50%

Streaker Sidequest - 20%

Pregnancy Support - 5%

Focus Priority For This Week

Pregnancy Support (AKA rubbing big tummies :3)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Volunteer Drive & Progress Update

So we're already almost half-way through June, wow time sure files!

Anyways, I'm pleased to announce that we've been seeing a steadily increase in the amount of volunteers applying and that makes both Taco and I really, REALLY happy! In the past 2 weeks alone, we've gotten 3 new writers!!! 

This being said, if any of you who read our blog want to help out, I've written a volunteer pamphlet that lists all of our current volunteer opportunities.

I look forward to seeing all your bright and enthusiastic replies in my e-mailbox! Together, let's make Taco proud when he gets back and sees how much we've accomplished in one month :)

Progress Report:
M'alkorr is looking quite nice. Intro scene is complete kudos to Silverdream
2 new bar scenes WIP

Friday, June 8, 2012

Results of Pornarium Points Poll

Okay, so we're keeping them. However, due to certain urgings from Taco I will have to alter and reduce a number of the terms.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TK on Vacation

I'm on vacation for roughly three weeks and won't be able to access the Pornarium source code as I won't have my home PC with me. I may stop in to check the site out and maybe say hello but other then that expect development to resume when I return. Don't want anyone to think I stopped working on this or something bizarre :P

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pregnancy Livestream Tonight 6/4/12

You guys voted, now watch me write pregnancy support events! Party starts 8PM CST.

Picture © DemonicUkelele

Current Progress Update 6/4/2012

Here's our current state of affairs.

  • Greenfeline - working on some rather sexy cat girl twins :3
  • Leeroy - working on some rather funny stuff, song related
  • SilverDream - Our newest writer! Working on Mal'Korr and a pub event :)
  • Malkadrix - Foxgirls? More likely than you think!
  • Hawtstuff - what will I write? YOU DECIDE! Choose from the following! Post in comments!
  • Pregnancy support text
  • nipplefucking support text
  • NPCs
  • University stuff
  • Monsters

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pornarium 0.45a Released

I've posted version 0.45a.

It add's specials / items to combat but be warned when attempting to use these are they require a lot of testing. In addition to these changes there are several bug fixes, I hope this fixes the equipment bug when saving and loading but I can't promise that yet. It seems to appear mostly on windows XP machines. I made a change to the way it saves / loads files such as the quicksave, quickload, and equipment file so hopefully this will work. There are still a bunch of bugs from 0.43a that haven't been fixed yet but I have tackled a few.

Also, Leroy's work (two new highway events) should also be in the game as well (not to mention some work by Malkadrix and GreenFeline). I may post a new version via a torrent tomorrow if there are any really easy to fix bugs should I discover any before leaving on vacation, but no promises.

I personally recommend using the torrent file to download the game rather then those mirrors but it is also available there. The torrent is going to be a bit slow until we get some more seeders but it should be up to speed shortly.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poll Time (The Pornarium Points Idea)

   I figured I'd weigh in here in regards to the Pornarium Points issue. I figure it would to some good to explain my stance on it and explain a bit on where Hawtstuff is coming form with this idea.

   As time has passed and we've continued to work on the project, I've found that my time has been somewhat torn. I've been doing a lot of writing, but I've also been doing a lot of programming. To remedy this, Hawtstuff sought the assistance from some volunteers. Hawtstuff has been our editor since near the very start of the project and has been doing a lot of work trying to get the community more involved to assist with the project. We've received many fan submissions that have / are going to make great additions to game, but we could always use more help. Hawtstuff thought of this idea as a way to encourage community involvement with the project  as a way of giving back to people who have spent time finding bugs, finding images, writing content, submitting art, etc. Pornarium from the very start has never been a game created with donations in mind, I was always a lurker on the Futanari Palace boards and I wanted to finally give back to the community with a game, this is that project. Since we don't accept donations, we are always looking for ways to say "thank you" to our fans who have contributed their time to make the game better.

   Hawtstuff ran the idea by me, and to be honest I'm completely neutral in regards to the idea. If it works as intended I'm all for it, but if it's not something the community wants I also am not for it. After reading the idea and talking to Hawtstuff, posting the concept on the blog seemed to be a good idea. After reading the comments for a day or so I think it was best that I ask you all how you felt about the idea as I'm truly in the middle with this one. I figured the best thing to do from my standpoint would be to create a poll in regards to this issue with three options:

  • Do you want to keep the system as is?
  • Do you want the system to be revised?
  • Do you want the system to be removed?

   The poll will run for approximately a week, let us know what you feel via comments too :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Probably One of the Most Important Posts You Will See on this Blog


Hawtstuff devised a way to reach out the the community and also allow the community to influence the game as a way of saying thank you for all of your help. You can read more by clicking read more :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steps to reduce "grindyness"

I did a quick play through last night and I noticed that raising stats and skills can really take awhile. While it shouldn't be ultra quick, I also don't think it should take forever either if you are really far from the cap (example, raising your charisma / etiquette can take a sometimes more then 10 - 15 times each working at the restaurant / odd job if you have the skill at one).  What I'm thinking of doing is adding additional code to the attribute and skill increase portions to give you an increased chance of getting an additional point(s) depending on how far you are from the cap.

This will likely not exceed 2 additional points as I don't want people to just blitz higher level areas (even though there's just one higher level area at the moment :P) but it it should make getting some point increases right off the start a bit easier. Any thoughts?

Friday, May 25, 2012


Thanks for voting guys &gals! Tonight you have all decided that we will play TF2! See you there 8pm -06:00 UTC! 

DONE unless you got here late and want to play (which in that case say so in chat)

(The dead sniper is me after writing and editing events for 12 hours :P)

New Version soon?!

Yes it's true, we're actually working on yet ANOTHER stable build :P I'll be leaving for vacation in early June and wanted to get as much done with the game as possible before I depart. Aside from bug fixes, we have some new events to add (more from Leroy :) ) and some features like enabling items and specials in combat. I don't know when it will be out yet, but it's going well so far.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 Livestream (Female + Futa!)

Doubt it, but just MIGHT finish the spear sisters stuff tonight ;)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Final?) Livestream for Highway Events [SEX INCLUDED!] 5/22/12

*Stream over, see you later space cowboys*

Pornarium Friday Night Live Fan Pick 5/25/12

Same time same place, but this week YOU get to decide what game we're going to pick! Please vote on the poll on the right side. 8PM CST -06:00 UTC!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Version 0.43a released

Version 0.43a has been released and you can find the link on the download page as well as a link for a torrent to download the latest version.

You can find the update notes for the game on the update notes page. Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you have been following the experimental builds (as in downloading each one) you won't find that much new depending on the last version you've downloaded. 
  • For those that haven't downloaded the game since 0.35a, there's been quite a few changes including:
    • A new character creation system.
    • New locations.
    • Many new events.
    • A new sexual encounter
    • New potions and recipes
    • Redone body transformations
    • Gathering events to get items rather then mixing them in with random events.
    • A TON of bug fixes (even though there are still bound to be bugs)

If your spells are broken, which they are very likely to be, right click on the game window while in game to bring up the menu (or click on the --> arrow). Scroll to the bottom of the menu and you will see DEBUG, it's sadly obscured in black until you mouse over it. Once you mouse over it, select FIX SPELLS. This will reset all of the spell related quests you've done sadly, but it should delete the old broken spell data from your character.

Highway Events

The new highway events are approximately 50% done. All that's left is for us to finish editing the rather large Spear Sisters Sidequest. Hawtstuff away!

Torrent as a main source of Downloading

I'm going to make a torrent our official means of distributing the game since download services are being irritating right now. I will still post builds this way for those who can't use torrents, but it's starting to get annoying how often the DL links have been disappearing. I'm guessing that the name of the executable within the rar as well as the name (pornarium) are flagging it for deletion (at least that's my theory). I apologize for any DL issues people have been having.

EDIT: I'll make sure a torrent for the new version is available when I post it :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More experimenting

Still working on churning out then next build. Hawtstuff is actively editing some events for the next build on the livestream (which were kindly written by Leroy). I've bumped up the experimental version to 0.43a (it's located on the game updates page).

The height issue should be fixed now for new characters and I've also added an event by Leroy in the river area in this experimental build.

Please note that spells are still borked for existing characters as is height. You may notice your old character has an odd height of perhaps 1/2 a foot even zero feet. I highly recommend you do not load any old characters if you want to try this build if such issues will bother you. Due to a change in the way spells are handled, the next official build will offer you the ability to reset all of your spells and magic related quests in order to allow you to learn them again. I'll also attempt to upgrade everyone's height for their old characters if it's extremely small. The height conversion in the next build won't be perfect but it should get you back close to your old height.

If you are brave enough to download this build, let me know if spells work on any new characters (I'll be testing this myself before the next build so if you don't feel like doing so no worries, though any help is always appreciated).  

Live stream tonight, 5/19/12


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Introducing Pornarium Friday Night Live! 5/18!

Starting 5/18, Pornarium Friday Night Live!

During each week, a randomly selected person from the project will choose an online multi-player game that all of us, including you the fans, will play together! Every other week, our blog will feature a poll where you, the fans, will vote on a game for that week to play.

On each Friday Night, using Hakker's AJAX chat room located here, we will select a server to play on, and any other details involved, as needed.

For this week, on 5/18/2012, Team Fortress 2!

The festivities begin 8 PM CST, UTC -06:00

See you there!

Picture Related =]

Experimental Build up (0.42a), actual build shortly.

While I'm not quite ready to upload the next public build yet (I have a few more bugs to fix) I decided to at least give you guys a sneak peak at the next build. Character Creation has been redone (few minor bugs still left) and a bunch of bugs related to saving / loading have been fixed.

Just wanted to poke my head in and give you guys a peak so far. I'm not posting the update notes just yet as I'm going to compile all of them from all of the experimental builds when I post the next official build.

Let me know if items are still being a bit glitchy though, as that's is something that should be fixed.

Check the update notes page for a link to this build.

Link is fixed (click here)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Group Chat & Livestreaming Requests

I know a lot of you are familiar with Taco's programming chats, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in a set a time in which Taco, I, and perhaps Nabiki would talk with you, the fans. Answer questions, have fun, the usual stuff :P We would use the group chat system that hakker has so graciously created for our use!

In addition, I haven't done a livestream in a long while. Does anyone have any requests or need a video demonstration of how to fix a problem or do something specific in the Event Creator? I'll even do a "just for fun" stream if anyone's inclined to watch.

Leave your thoughts, requests, and most importantly suggestions for the time designated in the comments!


Last night Taco and I were talking. Ever since the start of the project, Taco has been adamant that the game's play style would be continuous, the events "repeatable," and there would never be any "endings," good or bad. Taco's philosophy is that you as the player sets a goal and works toward it while exploring our game word. After much debate, we have come to a mutual agreement. There will be an optional button, which will allow you to retire your character and see an epilogue.

Taco has agreed to this because it is optional; you do not have to see an epilogue if you do not wish to do so. The exact epilogue will differ depending on what quests you complete, NPCs you have slept with, Player attributes, and possibly more later down the line. There will even be location specific epilogues for those of you who want to see unique epilogues.

This will be a feature added in later, since there are other priorities right now. As an editor and writer for the project, I will be happy to work on these epilogues, but if any of you, undeclared writers want to jump in, feel free to talk to me about it! The epilogues won't require ANY knowledge of our game's scripts, so if that was what was scaring you guys away, you don't have to worry :P

I would also now like to pay tribute to Valente's Project, Flexible Survival. His excellent erotic game inspired me to include the concept of epilogues in our project.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, concerns, etcetera in the comments!

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Build after a few more bugs fixed

Just wanted to let you all know that a new build is going to be posted in the next few days or so. I redid character creation (yet again) so it's a bit more...well less horrible looking. It has all the features of the previous character creation schema (backgrounds, selecting body parts, etc.) but all of the information is easily selected from various boxes, sliders, and buttons.

I've put in the ability on the final page the option to select your starting attribute points. While in the grand scheme of things this doesn't really matter all that much, for those of you that favor stamina for example, you can put all your points into stamina and very little into other attributes to make the start a little easier if you'd like.

I need to fix a few more bugs before it's posted, namely an item bug, but I wanted to let you all know what I was working on for now :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

TK's about ready to come out of his shell :P

I'm pretty much done with my little hiatus. Truth be told doing the writing and programming became a bit of a challenge for me and quickly got overwhelming, I eventually started to lose steam and was forced to take a break. I mulled over some dark things like potentially stopping the project...

...but much to my surprise while I was off doing other things and relaxing there were some people (Hawtstuff, Leroy, and many others including one writer who I haven't met yet) who have been kindly working hard on various events and other things. I must say that I'm immensely grateful for the help you guys have given despite my quiet absence. I was a bit touched (pardon me for sounding a bit corny :P) that people are interested enough in this game to help out so much, it really means a lot.

I have a lot of material to look over but I think I'll start a bit easy by wading in and doing some bug fixes this week. I have a lot of written material to review and implement and will gladly begin doing so shortly there after. I will be going away for roughly three weeks in June so I want to get a nice big update out before then ^_^. Thanks for your continued interest in the project, just letting you all know my interest is returning as well.

And another big thank you to everyone who's been helping out both before, after, and during my hiatus. You guys are all awesome :3

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Break time, Sorry

I'm taking a break for a week or two longer from the game, possibly slightly longer if I need it. I have to do this or I'll get burned out. I haven't had a real drive to program lately, doesn't mean I've lost interest but if I force myself to do so I will lose interest if that makes sense. I appreciate everyone's interest and I'll become more active and start posting more when I've decided to start working on the game a bit more again :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Editor!

Really late on the gun here, but I totally forgot to tell you guys who we chose as the new editor, following the editorship competition.

Congratulations to Nabikihime, the project's new co-editor!

Nabikihime will be in charge of handling any of you new writers who want to add their USC to the game :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doh, Real Life :P

I haven't been as active as I'd like due to real life stuff and lack of time to program. This happens once and awhile so as soon as things settle down I hope to stomp those bugs ><. That said, when I get a chance this week I'll look to do another program & chat thing to get these bugs taken care of.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Experimental Build

Added another experimental build, fixed some important bugs and added a new sex system partner and alchemy recipe. This build can be found on the update notes page. I say this pretty much every week, but maybe I mean it this time. If this one works well enough, I may make it the official build (0.40a). I also repaired the old link (I hope) for the old 0.35a build.

Important: Give it until 2:30 - 3:00 am before attempting to DL just to give the file time to upload :P. If it's still listed as version 0.39a then it didn't finish yet.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Chat Tuesday instead, same time.

I'll be doing the chat Tuesday instead, same time. Something came up unfortunately. I'll try to get the 0.35a link fixed in the meantime however. Mediafire is being evil, does anyone else recommend a good means of sharing the file?

(in the meantime, you can use the experimental build if you wish to download the game located on the game update notes page)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Program and Chat tomorrow

I'll be doing another program and chat session tomorrow at 9pm EST time as I've done the past couple of weeks. I'll start of by doing bug fixes again and then work on some new stuff. This isn't as exciting as live streaming but if you would like to stop by and throw some ideas for bug fixes or just chat while I program I'd be happy to have you join. I'll post a new build or experimental build at the conclusion. I hope to get rid of the more annoying bugs related to equipment before I make it official.

I'll also work on fixing those download links as well tomorrow, until that time the experimental build is still up on the update notes section :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Due Date for Editorship Challenge

I know I sent you all an e-mail, but for those of you who have entered an application for the editor position, you must have your finalized version of the event submitted to me by this Sunday, 3/25 at Midnight.

Those who have not submitted by then will be disqualified.

I will only extend this if due to personal emergency, so contact me if something arises.

Good luck to those who entered, Taco and I will make our decision by next week!


Tick tock!

Experimental (?) Build 0.39a up

Check the downloads page for the link. This is mostly a bug fix build but it includes a couple new things like a random item merchant and spiky hair (available at the barber's).

If this build does successfully remove the annoying duplicate EQ bug, then I will make this the official build in a day or two.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Code & Chat Monday Night

I'll be coding while I chat tomorrow night at roughly 9pm EST time. I expect to do so for 4 - 5 hours. I did this last week and it worked for me so I've decided to do it again. It's not as exciting as live streaming naturally but it's something you can alt-tab to on occasion if you're interested in the game.

As I code, I will write in the upcoming patch notes to the next build in chat as I work, throwing in my comments as well. I'll be there to answer (non-spoiler) game questions and take your suggestions / bugs to fix. I plan to divide the time I spend as follows:

  • 2 Hours of bug fixes
    • I'll take community suggestions on bug fixes (one at a time) and fix them for this period. Some bugs may take longer to fix then others, and I rarely may pass over a bug if it's insanely complex.
  • 1 Hour of "quality of life" improvements*
    • I'll spend the next hour taking suggestions (again, one at a time) to improve the game's UI or take care of other general things that people may want to see in the game. These are not events rather little tweaks to make the overall game experience a bit better. 
    • * if this turns out to be popular, I may take a bit longer on this section.
  • 1 - 2 hours of new stuff. 
    • This is somewhat self explanatory :P

If people still seem to be interested in this format, I'll continue doing it when I'm able. I like the relative silence I get when I code (which is why I don't livestream) but I talking via text won't disrupt my thought processes. Stop by if you like this idea. I don't expect people to hang around in chat the entire time, but if you feel like checking it out every once and awhile and giving some feedback it should be interesting :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Experimental Build (0.38a)

I've uploaded an experimental build tonight, version 0.38a. It has a bunch of fixes and adds a few new things. Chances are it will still be buggy, but after these bugs are fixed I will likely make this the official build :)

New changes are in bold on the update notes page.

Warning: The new event at miles 15 and 45 of the Great Northern Highway is a bit unpolished .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doh, experimental build up at least :P

I made too many internal changes to the game's system (body parts / random equipment) which are causing a bunch of issues. Random equipment mostly works with the exception of some items not appearing in shops, the body part system is causing me some issues (stats aren't appearing / functioning), and the new combat defeats / victory events aren't spawning ><. ( I did upload the experimental build if you want to check out the new stuff I'm working on in all it's buggy glory.)

The good news is that these are all fixable and I'll definitely do so. I wanted to have the orc rape event I working for tonight but until I can get combat to work as planned I had to scrap that.

The experimental build included about four new potions, a new consumable item (if you like fox ears, eyes, tails, and whiskers you'll enjoy it ^_^), a new cooking recipe, and four new alchemy recipes tied to the potions.

Two of the potions will change your gender from male to female and vice versa so be careful when consuming them. Part of the new stuff that I'm going to be added will finally allow you to add more genitals but I didn't get around to it yet.

Check out the update notes page if you are insanely brave :P In the meantime I'm going to probably finish adding the new stuff I have planned as soon as I fix the combat bugs, following that I'll fix the rest of the bugs and upload a new official build. I'll try to post more experimental builds in the interim, I've been rather bad at posting those lately :3.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Editorship Opening!

Anyone interested in helping Hawtstuff edit some new events and locations? We could use another editor on the team if anyone has any spare time to do so. Send Hawtstuff an e-mail if you are interested.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you want a "Let's Play Pornarium" Video?

I Hawtstuff (edited to avoid confusion :P) would be willing to make a "Let's Play Pornarium Video" only under the following conditions:

  1. Commentary would be in written form, similar in execution to my "silent stream" a few weeks back.
  2. I get a minimum 20+ comments on this page from people requesting I do this video :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Better now.

Went to the doctor and had a shot. Turns out I had bronchitis, and I feel a whole lot better now. I'm on some anti-bacterials and I should be back to 100% by Monday :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Stuff

Wanted to give an update on what's going on behind the scenes. I know people are probably excited for a new update but I won't be posting one until two weeks from today (March 12th). From that point on I plan to do a version update every two weeks with new content and possibly new features . My reasons for doing this are basically to divide the new content into larger chunks. I don't want to release a new event each time I finish one, I'd rather release a bunch at once to make things interesting. In addition, since we're starting to get some user submitted events (we would always love more <3 ) it will give Hawtstuff some time to edit them and get them ready to be inserted into the game.

Also, speaking of new features, I just finished programming something I find rather exciting: Randomly Generated Loot. It's actually finished, just needs some internal testing and tweaking to make sure it works as planned. The applications of this are many including allowing people to add random loots to their events, loot from enemies, quest rewards, etc. This will turn your regular boring skimpy bikini into something like a Radiant Cursed Skimpy Bikini of Plowing or something else more logically named :P

Between now and March 12th, I'll be writing new content and possibly adding experimental builds for you to toy with if you're brave. Be warned that downloading any of these before the 12th could be risky (as far as your save files are concerned).

If you're interested in writing any events for us, contact me Tacoking or Hawtstuff on the contact page to the right, or drop us a line in chat. I'll be sticking my head in from time to time to get your suggestions and chat about the game.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Silent Stream Tomorrow @ 2PM CST

I think I did a great job showing how to use the Event Creator in this stream, but if anyone has anymore questions be sure to shoot :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another experimental build

Fixed the bugs with alchemy and the sex system (I hope), let me know if it works! 

The hospital window is undergoing a lot of changes so don't expect half of it to work until next build, I'd avoid drinking any strong drinks or neko fruits until least if you want to revert  those changes.

Pardon Our Dust!

I'm currently re-vamping and overhauling the blog's design, so it looks both nice and informative :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chat function

We're testing out a chat box for the blog on the right. Let us know if you guys like it or not :)

Alchemy on the way...

Assuming that the revision to the sex system did in fact fix the freezing bug, I'm happy to report that the alchemy revision is almost finished, in fact I should be done with it tonight. If the alchemy revision works, then I can once again start working on new stuffs.

Experimental Build

This is purely an experimental build for changes with the sex system. I cannot guarantee it will work the freezing issues yet but the way the code is handled is much...well cleaner and less headache / vomit inducing for me. If you have been experiencing issues with freezes and you are willing to give me a shot let me know / have the following if possible:

1. Let me know where it freezes, did you succeed, fail, or run out of FP in the sex system?

2. If the brothel tip window did not pop up, did the continue button appear? If so, did clicking it succeed at making the tip window appear?

3. Which partner(s) did this occur with?

4. If you could link of e-mail your save to me, that would be awesome so I can test it out myself with your save :)

Also, you'll notice I'm rearranging the sex system screen a bit. It's still a work in progress (I am not the best with UI's :P). I expanded the text window drastically but perhaps I've done so a bit much. You'll notice most of the buttons are gone now permanently, right clicking should cause a dropdown menu to appear OR you can click on the menu to perform the actions.

Finally, some changes you will see to the sex system based on feedback during the livestream:

  • Actions like kissing or fingering will not require FP.
  • Specials may cost an extra FP or two.
  • Using the ghost's gift for stronger orgasms will actually have an effect in the future, reducing your arousal further in the sex system AND out of it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rough Timetable

Because people asked, here is a rough timeline for what I hope to do with Pornarium:

1st : Fix the sex system & alchemy (getting pretty close)
2nd : Add performance job to Madame Mamrya's
3rd : Add the Northern Highway
-3 stretches of highway.
-Northern Gate Area
        -Train Station
        -"Nameless Inn" (which features a sub-area or two)
        -Stuff to Fight!
        -New Items and Potions
4th : Pregnancy will be implemented in at least a basic form.
5th : Lucid Dreaming will be expanded further.


Somewhere in the mix above, Hawtstuff is working on the Adult Education Center.

Features like having a partner move in with you and stuff like improving your apartment are all planned further on down the road.

Event Editor Version 2.00 Uploaded

I figured I'd upload the latest version of the event editor since Hawtstuff is doing a stream using it. You can find it on the download page if you want to take a look at it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confirmed: Livestream 8PM CST -6:00GMT on Saturday 2/11


Things I will be doing.

1) Me showing you how I use the Event Creator!
2) Creator commentary!
3) Behind the scenes on how I write stuff
4) Taking personal requests to show/do stuff (just nothing too crazy k? ;P)
5) Taco will be in chat!
6) Some sneak peeks at new content
7) Secret Surprise!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing too exciting yet :P

I've been working on the inner workings of the event parser as well as the sex system's code. Things are going along nicely but I don't have anything exciting to upload yet. I've added two new attributes to the game: Vaginal Depth & Anal Depth, these are essentially how far you can...erm...well take it :P

I've also added some additional functionality to the event editor (which I will release before or shortly after Hawtstuff does his stream) which includes the ability to parse chunks of text based upon a cock size range, pussy depth, anal depth, and breast size.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sex System and Alchemy Rewrites

I must post my personal frustrations at the sex system and alchemy. I feel conceptually they are a great idea but they simply DO NOT function as intended. The combat system, magic, and equipment all work great however, and the primary reason for this is that I accumulated more (and proper) knowledge on how to program.

I've decided to rewrite the sex system and alchemy for the next update, it shouldn't take too long (I know, I say that a lot sometimes :P) but it really has to be done. I'm really frustrated that people are having the sex system pretty much lock up the game on them, that's unacceptable in my book as it pretty much disrupts the entire flow of the game. The good news is that since the UI is done for both systems, I just have to rewrite the parts of the code that are mind boggling stupid. For example, I rewrote this part of the sex system last night:


Click on a button, game tells sex system what button you pressed via a string (it basically sends a word that I typed manually to the code that handles what you pressed), then goes through a loop in which it checks the string it sent, then sees how an NPC will react, then it fires the action and each action individually tells the continue button to appear and then disables all the buttons so the NPC can act.

What the?!


You right click anywhere on the screen to pull up a menu and enjoy the larger text box and it then simply runs each action. Each action calls a function to check how an NPC would react (so it's not being calculated separately for each action) and then runs a subroutine to simply turn the action over to the NPC.

The best way I can explain it is that now the logic behind this process is a straight line instead of some weird highway that makes you get off one exit, go into rotary only to get back on the same highway and then exit off into another rotary, and then drive 10 miles before getting back on the same highway before arriving at your destination.

I haven't looked at alchemy but it's really simple to rewrite for me (at least conceptually). I simply will make a dictionary which contains each alchemy recipe and the ingredients required rather then what it is now:


Hope this made sense, I'm just venting a bit about how stupid I used to code some things :P I know there are probably still better ways to do what I'm doing now, but this is also paradoxically part of the fun for me. I enjoy learning from some of my horrid mistakes because not only does it make me laugh a bit at myself, but I learn quite a bit which is one of the reasons I'm undertaking this project.

I won't have a preview build for a bit as I totally screwed up the UI for the sex system (to the point where it's unplayable) but in case I really screw it up I backed up everything before I began reworking this so nothing will be lost :P I'll post the update notes for the next version as I work on them and also will put a post up here when a preview is available so those that want to get a jump on testing the new stuff will be able to.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Possible Livestreaming?

I've been thinking over the possibility of doing some livestreaming sessions for the sake of teaching people how to use the event creator to write events.

My question is if anyone would be interested in this?

If I got a few people interested, I would do some live demonstrations of me doing practical applications with the Event Creator. I would also take personal demonstration requests if anyone was wondering how to do such and such with the Event Creator.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Version 0.35a

Version 0.35a has been posted!

If you had a previous development version of 0.35a you won't see too many changes, but if your last version was 0.34a you'll see these changes among other things:

  • A slew of bug fixes
  • New events outside of Madame Mamrya's
  • A new enemy
  • Two new sex NPCs (Shandia and Fiks) for the Sex System
  • Five Implemented user suggestions:
    • Slightly retooled lactation
    • Movement is still possible when FP is 0 if the area you are moving into does not require it.
    • You can (finally) go to the main screen from the game.
    • It is possible to disable images.
    • Attacking now costs 0FP.
  • A new job
Next I'll be adding the last job in Pornicle (performing at Madame Mamrya's) and then the gates will open to the Northern Highway. This will include a new [partial] fox transformation item and the raising of the skill / attribute caps to 50.

You can find the update on the download page.

Suggestions List

I've noticed the suggestions list has grown rather...well large and is one-sided in favor of those that are 0% implemented. I am going to do my best to implement your suggestions as they are important to me, I'll try at a minimum to implement at least one suggestion each update (provided the ones left aren't ultra complex) to make the game better. The one's I'm looking at for 0.35a will be:

  • Option to disable pictures.
  • Ability to return to main screen.
  • Lactation will no longer abruptly end after 4 days and reset in value, rather it will start to decline after 4 days each day until you stop producing.
  • Make it so you can still move when your FP are reduced to 0 if the movement doesn't cost any FP.
  • (possible but not likely this go around due to time) Add some sort of indicator displaying how aroused you are / how long it's been since you milked in lieu of popups.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll keep working to make the game better!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Die bugs!

I'll be compiling a huge list of bugs the game currently has and plan to fix them tomorrow. That will be version 0.35 and will be listed on the actual download page. That version will also hold over 150+ edits made by Hawtstuff to correct my horrendous typos and grammar errors :P

I hope to have that available as soon as possible, hopefully I'll be able to throw the last performance job in at Madame Mamrya's as well.

I also plan to make a revision in combat based upon an excellent suggestion:

Attack will, for the time being, cost 0FP in the next version. Specials and other abilities like charge / run will use it but the basic attack will not so the player can at least continue to defend themselves. I may add a "surrender" option but am not entirely sure I will do that yet due to time constraints (finishing the performance job is more important to me then that at the moment, but surrender could have some interesting outcomes if events can be tied to it).

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Note From The Editor

Long time since I've posted, but I wanted to share something that I think is important!

Due to the fact that I am not omniscient and all-knowing I would greatly appreciate if you guys would post either in this thread, or by e-mailing me at, any and all inconsistencies you see in the game's text spacing (which is fixable by adding in "^"), or any other things you might notice (especially sex-system events.)

Due to the fact that because of the game's scripting it makes it quite difficult sometimes (again mostly in sex-system events) to logically follow grammar and sentence coherence from point A to point B in some of the event's sections, I would find it tremendously helpful!

Here's what I need to fix pretty much anything:

A:) Description of what looks "odd." You can be vague if necessary.

B:) Tell me exactly where the event took place at, i.e. "marketplace night random event."

C:) Tell me exactly what type of character you used, e.g. "Futanari, one cock that is >12 inches, has balls, and is lactating."

Again, thanks guys, your continued enthusiasm for our game will continue to inspire us! Anyone who helps will receive credit in the update notes, but be sure to tell me what name to use :)

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