Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rough Timetable

Because people asked, here is a rough timeline for what I hope to do with Pornarium:

1st : Fix the sex system & alchemy (getting pretty close)
2nd : Add performance job to Madame Mamrya's
3rd : Add the Northern Highway
-3 stretches of highway.
-Northern Gate Area
        -Train Station
        -"Nameless Inn" (which features a sub-area or two)
        -Stuff to Fight!
        -New Items and Potions
4th : Pregnancy will be implemented in at least a basic form.
5th : Lucid Dreaming will be expanded further.


Somewhere in the mix above, Hawtstuff is working on the Adult Education Center.

Features like having a partner move in with you and stuff like improving your apartment are all planned further on down the road.


  1. Could you please date all future update notes so we know when each version is released if we don't remember what version we last played?

  2. On the "Search Blog Posts by Tag" section, simply click on the Game Updates tag. If you do, it will list the date each version is uploaded and give a brief synopsis of the major changes.

    I did move this section up and put it under the game pages list as it was buried waaaay down at the bottom. Hope this helps :)

  3. I'm still having issues with the character creation not working as far as Sex Skills are concerned, or at least not quite as it should,
    Then again, I don't remember much of anyone reporting that particular issue, so maybe it's on my end ? Which would be weird, but who knows.

    While I'm here, on a very, very minor side note : I'm not convinced the formula for the volume of the various bodily fluids works all that well either. As in, not only does doubling the number of "producers" not double the final volume, it barely does anything. The most recent numbers I encountered & remember were : going from 56ml with 2 balls to 60ml with 4.
    Surprisingly sensible and could be what is intended, but in contradiction with what our favorite ghost states when she gifts you with the new ones. If that's indeed the way it is supposed to be, I'd touch up the ghost's speech.

    Neither of those are huge pbs though, obviously. Merely petty annoyances :p
    Anyways. Looking good, as always.

  4. Hey, since I've been having some issues with opening this game for quite some time, I was wondering if you'd ever make an In-Browser version of this game?

  5. @Khef: Here is the the formula for cum volume (which I've tested quite a bit). It does seem to work for me but if you are noting and irregularities then I'll check into it

    (CumPotencyMod * (2+(# of testicles + # of cocks + testicle size)) / 1000

    Here is a spreadsheet to mess with the values :

    @HotPocket: Unfortunately the game is not easily portable to a web environment :(

  6. Aw dang! Well, it's just I've been hearing a lot of good things about this game. And a futanari/transformation RPG? Psshh. It already sounds great to me. I just have Linux, and every time you download something it asks what you want to open it with. The file for Pornarium--as you probably know--is a .rar file. And I checked THOROUGHLY, and there's no .rar opening software on my computer. And downloading the software to open .rar files . . .Somehow causes some problems to my computer. So I finally gave up. So if and when I ever find an alternative for this, I'll just have to lust after something I can never achieve. :( Still, I hope everything works out for you and your game, Mr.Tacoking.

  7. The game is in Visual Basic anyways HotPocket so I'm not sure how well it would work in Linux anyways :( The game is still in alpha stages so it's got a lot work left anyways so who knows what could happen in the future :P

  8. Thanks for the clarification.
    In that case, the formula does indeed seem to work as intended, it's just not the way I expected it to - or the way other games linking ballsize to cum production handle it :]
    Designer's choices and all, I guess, and a change of pace is not a bad thing.

  9. Just one questions about upcoming content: is the breast expansion / cowgirl content Echorid was working on fit into that timeline, or if not is there still intent to add it?
    Asking for a friend. Who is "BIG" on breast expansion. Who is actually me. :D

    And I don't think I've actually said it yet: Thank you for this awesome game!


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