Game Suggestion Box

I am going to place a list of game suggestions on this page. If you wish to add your own, please comment here. I have no idea how many people will become interested in the game or how popular or unpopular it will be, but in the event the blog gets busy and you want to suggest an improvement to the game  try to do on this page.

Here is how it will work:
  • If someone posts a comment and I like your suggestions, I will place your suggestions under the "Suggestions to be implemented" section. Over time I will start incorporating these suggestions into the game. If I use your suggestion, I will delete your comment from below and place your suggestion in the aforementioned section with your name adjacent to it so that you receive credit for your ideas.
  • Implemented ideas will go in the "implemented suggestions" section below as a sort of suggestions hall of fame section so that others can see who was responsible for the idea behind a certain suggestion.
  • Some suggestions I may not like and may not place in any of the sections placed above. I won't delete your comments however. If more and more people like this idea, they are free to "second" your suggestion. Perhaps at this time I will change my mind (I'm actually a really open person, so I will sometimes admit I'm wrong or even implement things I particularly am not a huge fan of). If it seems a lot of people still like your idea and I'm being a stubborn mule about it I will eventually put the idea up to a vote. If people like your idea more then dislike it, I will add it to the game. Hope that sounds fair, I want you all to be involved with the shaping of this game but I am the one who is programming it so I do have to be on board with a suggestion :D. That said, since I do want the game to be better if it seems like I'm the only one dead set against a particular idea then it probably is in t he game's best interest to implement it.
    • EXCEPTION: Anything in the FAQ covered under the stuff I won't implement will NEVER be considered. Example: If everyone posts here that they want tons of scat content I will never add that. Sorry. Comments posting for stuff on the "never to be implemented" list will be deleted. I'm not doing it out of malice, I simply don't want that type of content in the game.

Suggestions to be Implemented

  • The following were suggestions from the Futanaripalace boards when that was my primary development outlet for the game:
    • {075%} Add more male sex partners / npcs! (Angelmouyou3356) I consider this half done because I expanded on one and will add another at some point ;)
    • {075%} More cum inflation! (Diablos97)
    • {050%} Make the various adjectives for body part sizes somewhat random. This is actually 1/2 implemented, I just need adjectives! (tinybob)
    • {025%} Ability to gain promotions, perhaps eventually own businesses. Note: Gaining a better relationship within a job is already in place but it's very limited. I hope to expand on this in the  future (Risax).
    • {075%} Add the ability to store or consume breast milk. (Chris21)
    • {000%} Second City Idea. I have some great ideas about the city proposed by (Feldo)
    • {000%} Upgrade system for apartment/future houses. I don't see why it couldn't be done, though I may have to make separate upgrades for each place that are unique to it. (Voxination)
    • {000%} Ability to have people move into your homes with you. Shouldn't be too hard to do, but it isn't a priority yet sadly. (Risax and I believe Voxination both suggested this)
    • {000%} Make the magnum cum bubble event somewhat like milk injection event when the player OD's (Telocus)
    • {050%} Make a character's weight more dynamic (TickTock)
    • {000%} Make a sleeping bag item with a % chance to have a well rested sleep. (dcb42)
    • {000%} Add a fishing skill (dcb42)
    • {000%} Perhaps add a gambling skill OR just a gambling game (Hedrax).
    • {000%} Add an event that would require some skill for puzzle solving. (Hedrax)
    • {000%} Perhaps allow the hospital to give all of the experiments regardless of body parts. (/'Skav)
    • {000%} Make a 'return home' option when the player is tired. This is already planned in some ways, but has not really been implemented to any degree yet. (Echorid / Mayflower)
    • {000%} Allow you to turn the tables on  the man in the pool while skinny dipping. I really like this one! It's just a matter of getting to it. (c41864b6-98e7-11e0-8ed2-000bcdcb8a73)
    • {000%} Make the passage of time more important. Add seasons, weather, etc. These are all planned but much further down the road! (Hedrax) 
    • {000%} Item Storage in Apartment (Nazca)
    • {000%} Items appear on the screen when you receive them. (Seip)
    • {000%} Butt / Belly Details (Diablos97)
    • {000%} Make sports decrease arousal. (PrimalFear)
    • {000%} Add Pubic Hair color and style (Seand, FP Boards) 
    • {000%} Add an option to be a virgin at character creation, removing all sex bonuses / penalties but masturbation. (Seand).
    • {000%} Add anal masturbation options. (Seand)
    • {000%} Make the game text highlightable as an option. (Tesla)
    • {000%} Improve the status screen or attribute screen in such a way that it becomes more apparent when arousal levels or milk levels are reached. (Chris21)
    • {000%} Additional brothel options (00101)
    • {000%} Make sex toys usable at any time (Hedrax)
    • {000%} Add a job that allows your tits to be milked. (Burken)
    • {000%} Add an autosave feature upon sleeping. (Spacemonk TFGames forums)
    • {000%} Add a job to the university and/or government district to give knowledge skill some additional uses. (Milten)
    • {000%} Add additional functionality for lactation (D'Orc)
    • {000%} Add support in events for the PC getting leaner / more plump based on activity levels. (NekoVoix)
    • {000%} Add more support for the size of one's tits. (I.e. have their size have actually ramification on certain actions.) (Grateful_Player)
    • {000%} Add a breast sensitivity attribute, and an action if sensitivity is high enough to actually masturbate one's breast to orgasm. Add greater support for breasts in sexual situations. (Grateful_Player)
    • {000%} Add ways, via some sort of transformation, curse, etc. to orgasm through deepthroating. At this time I'm not sure how I'd implement it, but I definitely like the idea. (Grateful_Player)
    • {000%} Add a stress system (and possibly a humiliation system) to the game. Items like comfortable beds for example would help alleviate stress. (Grateful_Player)
    • {000%} Add support for smaller resolutions. (Mudsnail & TimandhisBurntFingers)
    • {000%} Add a self-fuck option if your dick is large enough and you have a vag. (Orgeston)
    • {000%} Add a bank to store money / items in. (Sassie)
    • {000%} Add penile girth as an attribute (Anon)
    • {000%} Add some form of achievements possibly.

Fan Voted Suggestions

Fans of Pornarium have helped me decided on some issues that I can't make my mind up on

Fan Implemented Suggestions 

  • The following were suggestions from the Futanaripalace boards when that was my primary development outlet for the game: 
  • {100%} Thanks to Risax cunning suggestion, a stealth skill was added to the game. During the first alpha the first use for the stealth skill and a means of raising it was implemented. 
  • {100%} Thanks to Alugere's wise suggestion, an option to sleep until night or morning was added. 
  • {100%} Allow a player to have a name of only 1 letter (down from 3) (Alugere) 
  • {100%} Have the game memorize your "wakeup" time. (Seip) 
  • {100%} Swimming was folded into athletics and was replaced by a survial. {Hedrax} 
  • {100%} Plugs implemented for Dev Team ; (Nazca and many others) 
  • {100%} Weight Gain (Diablos97. This was actually implemented in the dev build before requested, but I thought I'd put Diablos' name here anyways :D )  
  • {100%} Orgasm Denial Sex skill, in game but not yet implemented (chessdemon) 
  • {100%} Add a traveling merchant (Hedrax)
  • {090%} Have hair grow with time and add a barber to restyle hair and cut it. (Telocus). I still am not completely satisfied with this, expect future changes. 
  • {100%} Make it so status changes appear in the event text window much like other character changes. (Seip) 
  • {100%} Provide more details about the character's body. This will include hip ratio and shoulder descriptions in response to the suggestion (Skav) 
  • {100%} Add Eye Color (Hedrax) 
  • {100%} Add option to seduce police. (Pollux) ***Fan implemented, give a special thanks to Kreeves for implementing this event *** 
  • {100%} Prostitution relying on your sex skills. (Pollux) 
  • {100%} Quicksave Hotkey (Yannie) 
  • {100%} Add a metric system option to the main screen (fdgdfgrtt d)
  • {100%} Bribe government officials for things like lessened jail time. (dcb42)
  • {100%} Make it so you can still move if you run out of FP if the move would cost 0FP (motai)
  • {100%} Make it so lactation doesn't instantly dry up your entire supply of breast milk in one day. {Eianna @ TFGames Forums}
  • {100%} Make a button to return to the main screen. (Loeri). This one is easy, it's just a matter of me not being lazy when I'm working on other things in the game :p
  • {100%} Option to Disable pictures.{hewholikespie -- TF Games Board }
  • {100%} Two eye colors please! (Nazca)
  • {100%} Implemented some combat changes based on Qosnew's suggestions!
  • {100%} Implemented a self titfuck option.
  • {100%} Implemented some UI improvements. (Lorei)
  • {100%} Pregnancy.(Silmarion)
  • {100%} Locked doors, locked chests, and dungeon crawling (Hedrax)  <-- Added the first dungeon to the game, more to come naturally.
  • {100%} Make it so the game informs you when you  no longer can receive skillups from cooking or alchemy. (Tantor)
  • {100%} Added a quick message when defeated letting you know you can practice your combat ability at the Northern gates for new players. (Lavish Inferno)


  1. JesterXII, you are not the first one to note that Porarium and small screens do not go together. Tacoking is aware of the difficulty, and may or may not fix it. Until then, there is a workaround that involves editing the Registry:
    -- Open up the Registry Editor.
    -- Tell it to Find "downscaling".
    -- This should bring up a Registry item with a name like "Display1_DownscalingSupported", whose value is 0.
    -- Change its value to 1.
    -- Keep on Find-ing "downscaling" in the Registry; if "Display1_DownscalingSupported" appears more than once in your Registry, make sure to change the value to 1 in all of the instances you find.
    -- Restart your netbook.
    At this point, your netbook's display will still have its former resolution, 1,024 x 600 or whatever. But! If you try to change the screen resolution, *now* you'll get some options you didn't used to have before, including some whose vertical resolution is greater than 600.
    Yes, this is a bit of a bandaid, and yes, it has some unavoidable side-effect. But it *will* work, and it *does* let you play Pornarium.

  2. I cleaned up the suggestions page to reflect various suggestions people have made. If you don't see one you've previously posted, ask again. If it disappears again ask again and eventually I may make a poll for it to see if others really want it :)

  3. Man, the university needs campuses. Booze, sex, drugs, idiots etc. can all be seen here! Also I think NPCs can be also placed here.

    Also, we need more items, like a cup of coffee for boosting fatigue and also makes you too energetic

  4. I thought it was worth mentioning that in the most recent version of the game, the Change Positions option with prostitutes is broken for me. I don't know if this is a persistent problem, but I was completely unable to switch positions during sex, or use the character's vagina.

    As well, I thought it was also worth mentioning that perhaps consideration might be given to making player-prostitution work like paying a prostitute for sex, where you can control the encounter via selection of individual acts, with arousal rates being tracked, and the like.

    As well, I think it would be nice if the energy drain weren't so substantial during the prostitution scenes, so that you don't end up exhausted so quickly, possibly adding the use of inventory items to rejuvenate energy levels during sex.

    Also, it would be nice if there were an gear-crafting system, like the alchemy system, perhaps initiated through training at the college campus, or through apprenticeships with the vendors who own the relevant shops.

    I hope that these suggestions are helpful, and look forward to the continuing development of the game.

  5. This may be negligence on my part for not thoroughly checking to see if you already plan on doing this, but I may as well put this here.

    I like the idea that the sex system allows you to, say, feed a woman a Priapus Shroom to give her a penis, or feed a man a Small Pink Vial to give him breasts (not that there are a wealth of sex-able males to try this on right now). What disappoints me is that, currently, your partner's image is unaffected by doing so. I mean, it's not terrible as is, but your sexual partner's image changing to reflect their acquisition of any new parts is something I'd like to see implemented sooner rather than later.


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