Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pornarium .58.2Dev1 is up.

-----Get it here hot off the press.

The md5 for the latest developer build exe file (not the archive) is: fb37bfda77a82e72054400242682c018

Bug Level:
Fair number of bugs possible.

Fixed Link error to bug tracking form

Fixed a few bugs.

Check out the latest update notes page to see some of the bugs that have been fixed.

Teraunce may upload my developer builds at anytime so check the downloads page (though it's not guaranteed he will) :)

The md5 for the latest developer build exe file (not the archive) is: fb37bfda77a82e72054400242682c018

Info about the next build

The next build shouldn't be too far away, my main focus is going to be fixing as many bugs as possible (I believe there were roughly 16 or so bugs reported with this last build). While I'll never be able to quash every bug squashing 15 or 16 is still good in my book. As long as time permits, I also plan to look at the suggestions page again and implement some of them :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I edited the original post with a link to a new torrent (0.58.1a). It disables the combat label to fix those who are getting crashes. My apologies!

Version 0.58.1a Bug List

Please post 0.58.1a's bugs in this post.

Fix that didn't make it in 0.58a : Better localization for Switzerland / Austrian German (sorry ><, I didn't forget though)

Stats on Version 058a reported bugs:

4 / 10 Fixed Bugs

10 / 16 Bugs Verified

0 Non-Reproducible Bug(s)

0 "Not-A-Bug"

16 Reported Bugs

Future Plans (October 2012 Version)

Just a quick highlight of the future plans for the game:

The main purpose of this alpha is to build the features of the game far more then content. It's why it can take awhile for stuffs to appear (a lot of what I work on is boring behind the scenes crap like equipment or traps :P). I generally will make content around these devices but my main focus is getting them to work. As you may have noticed, the alpha has almost hit version 0.60a, which means it's roughly 60% complete. What major features are needed to finish the alpha and move on to beta?

  • The ability to modify one's apartment.
  • The ability to buy a new home. 
  • The ability to form relationships (positive or negative) with select NPCs and organizations.
  • The ability to have an NPC move in with you.
  • Tinkering!
  • A sort of "transformation achievement" system, where if you unlock a complete set of transformations you can pay a small fee to transform any body part to match that particular transformation.

  I'm sure I'm missing some things, but after all that is added we'll move on to beta which is almost all content.  I'm not going to avoid adding new content however so expect to see the following area(s) fleshed out in this order:

  1. Remaining North Highway Events (there are a few left)
  2. Nameless Inn Events completed.
  3. South of Pornicle and the road to Drillhur (Skill and Attribute caps will be raised again starrting here)
  4. The Town of Drillhur
  5. A deep forest
  6. A secret location ;)

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I'm going to be working on.

Pornarium Version 0.58.1a

Release Highlights
(this assumes you haven't played since the last official build, which I believe was 0.45a. If you have played builds past that point, not all of these highlights will be new. View the old updates page to get a full update history)

  • Added a dungeon: The sewers of Pornicle (added in experimental version 0.51a)
  • Added four new spells, three combat and one out-of-combat.
  • Added several new events in the Northern Highway.
  • Edits by Hawtstuff
  • Tons of bug fixes (27 of them)
  • 32 images added from across the interwebs and from things people have sent me.
  • Increased Keyboard support (for now, those with numpads may be happier. If you guys want an alternative non-numpad scheme as I know many have laptops w/o them, please suggest one so I can add it for you. Custom keybinds are a possibility, but a very distant one).
  • Pregnancy Implemented, though it's rather barebones at the moment, it works. Remember: Birth itself is not really described in the game, it's pretty much stated that it occurred and the game moves on :P The focus is the changes to your body due to pregnancy. Also added a chance to get pregnant slider in the options menu. NOTE: You must disable contraceptives in the Pornicle Hospital to get pregnant.
  • A difficulty slider is available in the options menu. This will make your game harder / easier depending on how you want to play. 
  • Reworked sleeping slightly so it heals more hit points.

Click "Read More" to view the full notes and for download links. If you haven't played before make sure to go to the download page and download / install VB Powerpacks 10 and .NET 10.

A separate post will be made for bug reports shortly.

The game's official download method is going to always be torrents as it's the easiest way for the majority of us to share the game since bandwidth is pricey :P That said, alternative links will be provided but they will only last as long as the kind hosts allow us to post it there :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Next Build Wednesday

  Wednesday, October 24th will be the next official build.I think this will be the first non-experimental build since 0.43a or 0.45a, it's been awhile so I don't remember what the last "mostly stable" build was. If you want to take a peak at the update notes feel free, note that these changes are since the last experimental build.

Assuming you haven't played since the last stable build, here are the highlights:

  • Several new North Highway events including a new and dangerous foe.
  • Four new spells (three combat and one field spell)
  • Two new sex techniques.
  • A few new items.
  • Basic Support for pregnancy has been added (needs a lot of fleshing out, but it's there)
  • A few new images (only 6 or so, but I may add more before Wednesday based on what I randomly find on the nets)
  • A ton of bug fixes.
  • New location: Nameless Inn (though there are few events for it yet)
  • Any edits performed by Hawtstuff.

   Chances are this will occur later in the evening on Wednesday. I haven't attached a version number yet because based upon whatever amount of free time I feel like spending toward the project before Wednesday there could potentially be some bonus stuff. After I post it, I'll make note of what I'm planning to program next in the game.

(Note: Hawtstuff has let me know he's working on some events as well so if that can be squeezed in too it will :P)

Monday, October 15, 2012

0.57a Preview?

I mentioned I would post a new build tonight regardless of how much I finished. As promised I did so but didn't finish totally.

It's really buggy as all hell and I recommend holding off for a day or two. If you don't care about bugs and all sorts of strange issues feel free to download it by clicking on read more below, (hell I haven't even self-edited my own events).
Please post any bugs in the previous post (0.55.1a bugs) as I'm still fixing those bugs at the moment :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

0.55.1a Bug Post / 0.57a Preview Bugs

Bugs for 0.55.1a and Preview Version 0.57a will be posted here.

Stats on Version 0.55.1a / Version 0.57a bugs:

17.5 / 18 Fixed Bugs

18 / 24 Bugs Verified

6 Non-Reproducible Bug(s)

3 "Not-A-Bug"

33 Reported Bugs

Bugs are currently being fixed and verified. The next step is adding additional content before a new build.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Experimental Build (0.55.1a)

I've been a bit busy with work so I haven't been able to post as much new stuffs as I want yet, but here's a new build for now. This build includes a few bugfixes and a few new things, like an enemy that will reverse a bulk of your transformations (I do not recommend trying to fight this foe yet, many special attacks and other items that may make the fight easier are not in game yet).

I've also been debating on releasing a new feature, perhaps in the hospital, that will allow you to recall any transformations you've fully unlocked through game play  For example: If you unlock all of the fox transformations, you'll be able to return to the hospital revert any body part to a certain type for a fee. Basically as long as you "collect" all of the aspects of a transformations you can call it back in part or in full at any time. Let me know what you think about this idea :)

Also, in regards to pregnancy, though the system is in-game and available via the debug menu, you must enable it in the hospital. More support for it (such as it being triggered through normal gameplay) will come in the next build or two.

Expanding this post will reveal the download link and update notes :)

(note, 0.55a was never released so I've included that build's notes as well)

Torrent link is up.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Progress Update Build (Experimental 0.54a)

You can download 0.54a here.

I'm getting quite close to releasing the next build so I thought I'd start adding the scripts to the game :P I spent roughly one hour working on some new things and some bug fixes, and another hour adding some of the new stuff in the game. There isn't a whole lot of new stuff but it's starting to trickle in:

  • Added the Nameless Inn, it's REALLY basic. I don't recommend even going there yet as you can't rent a room yet. That will come in another build in a day or two.
  • Added a self-titfuck event in your apartment (it hasn't been edited really yet, warning!)
  • Worked on some internal stuff related to pregnancy.
Something important to note:

Players from Europe that use a "," in lieu of a decimal point will get an error in previous builds. I made a quick change to fix this for this build but it still may cause a half-crash. If an error pops up, select "continue" and use a decimal point "." instead of a comma and let me know this is still occurring  Players who use Austrian German as a language setting may still have this issue even if others aren't for some reason that I can't figure out because I'm not the best at this localization thing :P

I also posted the 0.54a notes in the update notes section. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Direct Download Link Test! (Not really a new build yet, calm down)

Uploading version 0.53a as we speak to a site provided by a kind (yet anonymous) friend. The link is here(a newer build was posted, thus this link was removed). This build doesn't contain much new because everything I'm working on is still stored locally and hasn't been integrated into the game (it's script & images without code pointing to it yet).

I left the pregnancy system debug code in, but I don't recommend accessing it as it just contains the text with no real context (you  can't get pregnant via in-game events / sex system yet). You're free to test it yourselves but it's rather pointless right now. The main point of this post was to get a direct download link to everyone who's been asking for quite some time.

Oh, and the EQ fix may be in this version...I hope. NOTE: You may have to save the game and load it once for that file to work if you have had issues in the past with equipment. Those who haven't had issues shouldn't see any difference.

There may also be some random new stuff I added in that I may not have realized I integrated in the game, so if you randomly stumble upon some new stuff I'm working on consider it a bonus...just don't waste your time looking for it :P

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