Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing too exciting yet :P

I've been working on the inner workings of the event parser as well as the sex system's code. Things are going along nicely but I don't have anything exciting to upload yet. I've added two new attributes to the game: Vaginal Depth & Anal Depth, these are essentially how far you can...erm...well take it :P

I've also added some additional functionality to the event editor (which I will release before or shortly after Hawtstuff does his stream) which includes the ability to parse chunks of text based upon a cock size range, pussy depth, anal depth, and breast size.


  1. Found an odd bug when hiring the futa prostitute in the brothel as a male character. She seems to assume that my character has a vagina, and often fucks something that I simply don't have.

  2. Just want to know...

    When we update from an older, previous version to the new one... Are the saves still compatible ?
    And even if Yes... Is it preferable to create a new game, just in case ?

  3. The old saves should be compatible, but I'd recommend keeping your old version just in case. There is a fountain of youth in the park to restart your character (but keep all of your progress) as well as a action in the government building to reset you hair so it doesn't appear as nothing :P


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