Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Experimental Build

Added another experimental build, fixed some important bugs and added a new sex system partner and alchemy recipe. This build can be found on the update notes page. I say this pretty much every week, but maybe I mean it this time. If this one works well enough, I may make it the official build (0.40a). I also repaired the old link (I hope) for the old 0.35a build.

Important: Give it until 2:30 - 3:00 am before attempting to DL just to give the file time to upload :P. If it's still listed as version 0.39a then it didn't finish yet.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Chat Tuesday instead, same time.

I'll be doing the chat Tuesday instead, same time. Something came up unfortunately. I'll try to get the 0.35a link fixed in the meantime however. Mediafire is being evil, does anyone else recommend a good means of sharing the file?

(in the meantime, you can use the experimental build if you wish to download the game located on the game update notes page)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Program and Chat tomorrow

I'll be doing another program and chat session tomorrow at 9pm EST time as I've done the past couple of weeks. I'll start of by doing bug fixes again and then work on some new stuff. This isn't as exciting as live streaming but if you would like to stop by and throw some ideas for bug fixes or just chat while I program I'd be happy to have you join. I'll post a new build or experimental build at the conclusion. I hope to get rid of the more annoying bugs related to equipment before I make it official.

I'll also work on fixing those download links as well tomorrow, until that time the experimental build is still up on the update notes section :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Due Date for Editorship Challenge

I know I sent you all an e-mail, but for those of you who have entered an application for the editor position, you must have your finalized version of the event submitted to me by this Sunday, 3/25 at Midnight.

Those who have not submitted by then will be disqualified.

I will only extend this if due to personal emergency, so contact me if something arises.

Good luck to those who entered, Taco and I will make our decision by next week!


Tick tock!

Experimental (?) Build 0.39a up

Check the downloads page for the link. This is mostly a bug fix build but it includes a couple new things like a random item merchant and spiky hair (available at the barber's).

If this build does successfully remove the annoying duplicate EQ bug, then I will make this the official build in a day or two.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Code & Chat Monday Night

I'll be coding while I chat tomorrow night at roughly 9pm EST time. I expect to do so for 4 - 5 hours. I did this last week and it worked for me so I've decided to do it again. It's not as exciting as live streaming naturally but it's something you can alt-tab to on occasion if you're interested in the game.

As I code, I will write in the upcoming patch notes to the next build in chat as I work, throwing in my comments as well. I'll be there to answer (non-spoiler) game questions and take your suggestions / bugs to fix. I plan to divide the time I spend as follows:

  • 2 Hours of bug fixes
    • I'll take community suggestions on bug fixes (one at a time) and fix them for this period. Some bugs may take longer to fix then others, and I rarely may pass over a bug if it's insanely complex.
  • 1 Hour of "quality of life" improvements*
    • I'll spend the next hour taking suggestions (again, one at a time) to improve the game's UI or take care of other general things that people may want to see in the game. These are not events rather little tweaks to make the overall game experience a bit better. 
    • * if this turns out to be popular, I may take a bit longer on this section.
  • 1 - 2 hours of new stuff. 
    • This is somewhat self explanatory :P

If people still seem to be interested in this format, I'll continue doing it when I'm able. I like the relative silence I get when I code (which is why I don't livestream) but I talking via text won't disrupt my thought processes. Stop by if you like this idea. I don't expect people to hang around in chat the entire time, but if you feel like checking it out every once and awhile and giving some feedback it should be interesting :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Experimental Build (0.38a)

I've uploaded an experimental build tonight, version 0.38a. It has a bunch of fixes and adds a few new things. Chances are it will still be buggy, but after these bugs are fixed I will likely make this the official build :)

New changes are in bold on the update notes page.

Warning: The new event at miles 15 and 45 of the Great Northern Highway is a bit unpolished .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doh, experimental build up at least :P

I made too many internal changes to the game's system (body parts / random equipment) which are causing a bunch of issues. Random equipment mostly works with the exception of some items not appearing in shops, the body part system is causing me some issues (stats aren't appearing / functioning), and the new combat defeats / victory events aren't spawning ><. ( I did upload the experimental build if you want to check out the new stuff I'm working on in all it's buggy glory.)

The good news is that these are all fixable and I'll definitely do so. I wanted to have the orc rape event I working for tonight but until I can get combat to work as planned I had to scrap that.

The experimental build included about four new potions, a new consumable item (if you like fox ears, eyes, tails, and whiskers you'll enjoy it ^_^), a new cooking recipe, and four new alchemy recipes tied to the potions.

Two of the potions will change your gender from male to female and vice versa so be careful when consuming them. Part of the new stuff that I'm going to be added will finally allow you to add more genitals but I didn't get around to it yet.

Check out the update notes page if you are insanely brave :P In the meantime I'm going to probably finish adding the new stuff I have planned as soon as I fix the combat bugs, following that I'll fix the rest of the bugs and upload a new official build. I'll try to post more experimental builds in the interim, I've been rather bad at posting those lately :3.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Editorship Opening!

Anyone interested in helping Hawtstuff edit some new events and locations? We could use another editor on the team if anyone has any spare time to do so. Send Hawtstuff an e-mail if you are interested.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you want a "Let's Play Pornarium" Video?

I Hawtstuff (edited to avoid confusion :P) would be willing to make a "Let's Play Pornarium Video" only under the following conditions:

  1. Commentary would be in written form, similar in execution to my "silent stream" a few weeks back.
  2. I get a minimum 20+ comments on this page from people requesting I do this video :)

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