Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hibernation Mode Engaged

Good News: Taco has gotten a job promotion & is making lots more $

Bad News: He's totally had to re-work his sleep schedule so expect at MOST a month of inactivity build wise.

Addendum: Hawtstuff is still working with & accepting new writers. There is much to be done content wise, so if you see this post be sure to contact Hawtstuff. This inactivity only applies to updates to the EC & main game, so we're still working on stuff behind the scenes. Leeroy's events are 1/2 done now, and the cat girl sisters are in editing phase.


  1. Congratulations on your promotion, don't spend all that extra money in one place.

  2. Thanks. I talk with Hawtstuff a lot so I tend to let him know how things are going in life. I try to be rather quiet about it though but I guess he felt the need to post this :P That's kinda the reason why I've been a bit slow, basically going from a predominently second shift job to a first shift job so it's been a bit of an adjustment (not to mention bonus OT).

    While I've been working on the game, it hasn't been with a ton of fervor as of late...but I haven't lost interest.

  3. Congrats!! But, I'm sad to hear that this games gonna be put on hold for longer.. :(

  4. not good, not good.

    wake up man we need you!

  5. It's not as bad as it sounds :P I'm getting into the swing of things pretty nicely. I appreciate the grats though, it's been about a month and I've normalized my free-time a bit.

    Perhaps the biggest issue for me was the drastic change in sleep schedules, going from second to first shift basically sucked.

    I've gotten used to the changes, have fixed normal social life stuffs (made changes in plans with friends so I can see them and stuff with my new hours:P), etc.

  6. This is my favorite game, take your time, I know you do not have a big company backing your game

  7. Seriously? Almost three weeks with nothing not event writing/content updates? Did Hawtstuff and the writers go into hibernation, too?

    1. For some unknown reason, every-time one of the members [Tacoking] has real life issues the whole project is put down into "hibernate" mode.

      No user submissions, no writing events, no website updates, everything is put on indefinite halt because someone stubbed his toe again.

    2. Eh, what can you do :P Such is life. To my favorite anon posters though, I'm officially ending hibernation mode now that my toe has healed ;)


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