Pornarium Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is this game about?

Mission Statement: 

I am currently working on a text game that features pictures as well as sound effects. It will be an erotic simulation game. There is no winning or losing, it is about exploring a fictional world where you will meet (and potentially fuck) various characters. Throughout the game, you will be able to transform parts of your body, learn how to make potions/items, improve your general skills as well as your sex skills, and so forth. My ultimate goal is for you to be able to make a character that will take you down whatever road your fantasies lead you toward (with a few exceptions, see below). 

My Game's goal:  

The aim of this game is for it to be about the adventure experience, as well the fun of experiencing transformation (or not, if that's not your thing)! Becoming a gigantic tentacle cock monsters with 10 prehensile cocks, or being a futanari with a lavish mansion filled with sex toys and your own laboratory is great, but it will take some effort to reach such a goal.

How does this game work exactly? 

Your attributes, skills, equipment, and body will dictate a variety of options available to you, and I hope people will have fun exploring the game to discover all of them. There will be all sorts of areas and environments to explore.

What is the game's setting?

The game takes place in a fantasy world called Pornarium, with a blended style of both fantasy and modern elements. For example, things like a shower exist, but cars do not.

2. What type of content can I NOT expect to see in Pornarium?

  • Bestiality aka Feral (This ban doesn't include anthro furry content or animal cocks on the PC/NPCs; this solely means no PC/NPC sex with animals.)
  • Loli/Shota
  • Scat /Watersports
  • Guro (Unless the community can submit these types of events to me and I will add them with a mandatory option to disable them)
  • Incest (Unless like Guro, there is a huge demand for this type of event and people really want them, and are willing to write such events.)
  • Vomiting (Note coughing up solely cum or something like milk is acceptable) 
  • Hard Vore (Soft vore is acceptable, but like Guro, will have a ­mandatory option to disable such events.)

3. What should I NOT expect about my game project?

  • Sexuality Preference or Fetish on/off switches. Events that involve sex or fetishes will marked or be of obvious nature or consequence, and thus avoidable.
  • Animated graphics.
  • The game to be finished anytime soon.
  • An award-winning soundtrack, with erotic voice acting.
  • 3D graphics engine or sprites, or anything fancy like that.
  • Unrivaled writing. I hope the writing will be enticing and fappable, but it will be mostly my writing and the community's generous submissions (when the time comes) that will make up this game.

4. Why does the game have two methods of creating a character?

Good question. Because in the past the old method was a simplified version with just a gender choice, our newest method has a character creation where you can pick you gender, your occupation, your upbringing, and other various tidbits.

5. What is the world of Pornarium like?

The game world, as mentioned above, is a made up fantasy setting with random modern elements thrown in. Sexuality is a common feature in this world and sexual encounters can all too frequent. Futanari are one of the three official genders (along with males and females, though it must be stressed that you can essentially "mix and match" body parts from various genders, or eventually, races in the game), though they only occur in roughly 1 in 100 births. Though you start as a human, there will be several other races to meet in the game, and it will be possible to become other races as well. Pornicle is a sort of central city but there will be other towns and cities for you to travel and explore. It will be possible to own different houses throughout Pornarium if you make enough money to buy them.

6. What are these "attribute" thingies I keep hearing about? 

There are the main attributes of the game, though there are many hidden (and somewhat hidden) attributes that affect your character. They are as follows...

  • Agility: How agile and flexible you are. Affects your defense skill, as well as other things related to agility and flexibility.
  • Appearance: How pleasant your character looks. Higher appearance means you can attract certain people better and seduce them through your looks.
  • Arousal: One of the attributes you are expected to micromanage, in a sense. Like other games of this type, your arousal could affect how others perceive you. If you are a futa with a massive 18" erection, it may be a bad idea to walk into a local temple.
  • Attack:  A numerical representation for your combat ability. It affects your chance to hit.
  • Defense: A numerical representation for combat, the higher your defense the less damage you take.
  • Fatigue Points (FP): This simple statistic is based off your stamina, though it can be increased by other ways too. Think of this as a measure of how tired you are. When the number reaches zero, you MUST sleep. If you sleep away from your home or out in the open, your FP are restored at a decreased rate. When sleeping at home, a full night's rest will get you back up and ready to roll.
  • Hit Points (HP): I think you all know what this means.
  • Intelligence: How much of a smartass you are
  • Lust: Similar to arousal, but less active in a sense. While your arousal is how you feel at that moment, your lust is more of how much of a nymphomaniac you are normally. If you have a high lust rating, it will be easy to fall prey to seduction. It also will boost how fast your arousal rate increases. Some players may want to be constantly aroused, but others may not. If your lust gets too high, you will constantly be aroused and frequently will have to "relieve" yourself which can actually really slow you down. It can be hard to get from one area to the next when every time you step out of the shower you are so horny it immobilizes you until you take care of your problem
  • Strength: How strong you are, it effects attack power and any actions that would normally require strength.
  • Stamina: measures your endurance.

*With the exception of lust and arousal, attributes are much more difficult to raise than skills.*

7. What are the skills, and what do they do?

 8. What are the sex skills? *drools*

 9. How is the game structured?

The game is primarily event driven. You do things and they trigger events! Events can be GOOD, BAD, or NEUTRAL. I don't want to give any spoilers away, but sometimes an event will trigger and you will have to find a way to "fix" your problem...or live with it if you so choose .

 10. What is the future development cycle of this game?

I will be releasing the game in steps so to speak. I will first be developing the game in the following cycle: 

Alpha (versions 0.01a to 0.99a): This alpha is mainly about getting the game into a working state and adding the game's mechanics. This phase will be full of bugs, crashes, and will lack refinements, such as a dialogue box solely for save files. The GUI may constantly change and could be very different from one major release to the next. There will be tons of grammar errors, spelling errors, and weird bugs...such as playing with your pussy only to have a non-existent cock explode with cum all over yourself, then get thrown into jail (don't ask, I had that bug when testing it earlier...though I fixed it). The reason this disclaimer exists is that I don't want anyone to get "turned off" (bad pun) by a buggy unfinished game.
That said, don't look to the alpha as a rewarding game experience, and instead view it as a preview that is subject to change, and as a benchmarking tool for helping me improve the game. It is great for getting an idea of where I want to take this game, but avoid these builds if you absolutely cannot tolerate buggy games...

Beta (versions 0.01b to 0.99b): After alpha comes beta. This version will be all about adding more content into the game. The interface will be mostly finalized with a few improvements every now and then. Bugs will still exist everywhere and so will humorous typos. That said the game will be more playable and there should be an adequate amount to do without getting too frustrated. If this sounds more appealing then alpha did, then I suggest jumping in the game at this point. 

Stable (version 1.00+): The game should be mostly bug free, typos at a minimum, and there should be an abundant amount of things to do. New content will be added periodically.

Every 0.X0a or 0.X0b version that is of an odd number will be public released builds (i.e. 0.10a, 0.30a, 0.50a, 0.70a, 0.90a, etc.). There will be large gaps of time between playable versions in order to keep the game "fresh." I don't want to post every little update simply because there won't be a major increase in stuff to do between say, version 0.10a and 0.11a. I will still frequently post my progress in this thread though 

Every 0.X0a or 0.X0b version that is of an even number will be sent to those who have graciously volunteered their time towards improving the game. I want to give those kind people opportunity to test out their events. They will get a special text box to enter codes to trigger their events for testing purposes.

Once the game is stable, I will post EVERY update (except for internal ones that need testing) here.

10. Why are you making this game anyway?

I am a simple, yet horny, individual. I am making this game for myself to enjoy...as well as the rest of this awesome community. You guys all rock, and I thought I would give back in this way. I apologize if I come off as a bit arrogant in this FAQ thing, it's just a labor of lust that I've poured many hours into already. I don't know how some folks even make those fancy smancy games that you see nowadays with the 3D graphics and stuff, it's got to be way more of a nightmare to make then this (this is a good nightmare though). 

11. Can I help you in making the game?

Yes! Please contact Hawtstuff, my editor, but please read the event submission guidelines beforehand. His contact information can be found here: http://pornarium.blogspot.com/p/tacokings-contact-info.html.

12. What are these sex-system events?

When you have found someone and have established a positive relationship with him or her, in such a way that sex becomes possible, you will eventually have a chance to trigger a sex mini-game event. During this mini-game, you will perform various (text based) sex based actions on your partner(s). Your objective is to get your partner's arousal level to 100% (causing them to orgasm) while trying to in manage your arousal level. Because you are the main player, you can orgasm multiple times in these encounters (because it's more fun that way) but each time you do you will lose FP and get more tired. Should you however, get your arousal level to 100% (much like what will happen outside of these events) you will lose control and let loose with a incredible orgasm, ending the encounter. You'll have to balance your foreplay (which results in an arousal increases) with your orgasms (which lower arousal and fatigue). Oh, to make things more complicated you must not let your arousal get to low either...otherwise, you're spent and you won't get to have any further fun with your partner(s).

13. What are the minimum system requirements to run the game?

  • .NET Framework Version 4
  • VB Powerpack 10
  • At least 100MB of hard-drive space
  • 1024x768 Resolution

14. Can I play this game on Linux or OSX?


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