Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick UI Retooling update

Just a quick picture of the new buttons:

I didn't include the bevel effect in this image but you can see the highlight effect here. Nothing too fancy but I think it's starting to look a bit better. The UI will be arranged as follows:

The Left

The Upper left corner of the screen will feature your HP, FP, and Arousal bars in addition to mentioning how much money you have and how tired or rested you are.

The middle left portion of the screen will have that old irritating popup box but instead of popping up and disappearing, it will simply have a log of all of your stat increases and decreases. You can clear it out if you want and I'll include an option to hide it for those that don't want to see the log.

Under that will be the date / time.

Finally, in the bottom left corner will be the travel buttons orientated like they were on a compass (North is the middle top, Southeast is in the bottom right portion of that area).

The Middle

The top middle 60% of the screen contains the image box.

The bottom middle 40% of the screen contains the text box.

The Right

  The top right portion of the screen will feature the buttons for stuff like EQ, Status, Skills, etc.

The bottom right will contain the new action buttons you see here.

Political sounding descriptions aside, it's actually pretty resizable this time around. It seems like it can be shrunken to just over 640 x 480 and still be playable, albeit very tiny. I'd say those playing on netbooks now should be able to handle these sizes without issue now :)

This new stuff is very tedious to program, I can't relay on the built in size / location features as they suck, I needed to create functions to resize and relocate all the controls but it's pretty easy and almost mindless, so whenever I get a moment I try to upgrade a few buttons at a time so I'm always making a little progress. The layout is all set, just not everything is yet implemented so I don't want to show a total picture just yet :P (new shiny buttons below ugly black / white buttons looks far too odd :P)


  1. I like it so, when will the next build or test be released?

    1. I've told Teraunce to hold off on uploading any test builds (3 - 4 days). After that point he's free to upload whatever he deems worthy of a test build :P

      The next official build however is likely a week or two away though with my time estimates I'd say it'll be longer then I expect. There will definitely be at least a few developer builds b/w then.

  2. Especially pleased that the pop-up will no longer be popping up. I have two displays, you see, and while I prefer playing on one, the pop-ups would insist on popping onto the other. Quite annoying. =\

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. no more pop ups? YES!!


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