Monday, July 16, 2012

Progress Update: 7/16/2012 (Still Alive, Yes Still Alive ♪)

No progress to report this week ;_;
(You Must Construct Additional Volunteers!)

In a nutshell, this was my entire past week……..



Today: Goliath ONLINE!

This was partly due to the fact that on 7/11/12 my desktop, Shadownexus I, experienced cascading drive failures. There were massive casualties, both RAID 0 Array HDs (WD Caviar Blue) were irrevocably lost as well as my Crucial M4 SSD cache. Currently in process of obtaining RMAs for all of these, since they did not last even a whole year (WTF??!)

Now Running Shadownexus II, which will hopefully last a good deal longer. Totally not regretting now that I spent that extra cash for a 3Tb HD (was a lifesaver!). Currently in process of trying to restore backups I created using Acronis True Image (which is awesome since it bypasses the retarded RAID/Non-RAID backup incompatibility issues when there is a difference between drive geometries in Windows 7).

Fairly soon, I should be back in the game, and progress will resume as normal

tl;dr NEVER, EVER USE RAID 0!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Ugh, RAID0. I used to use that, and yeah, it's a nightmare :\

    And thanks for the System is Down video, lol, haven't heard this in years ^_^

  2. Learned this lession years ago.

    Today, i use a small SSD exclusivly for Windows and the most vital programs, a 10k RPM HDD for programs i use, and a large drive for storage.

    All of them get backed up nightly to an external unit, used to be a RAID5 cabinett, swiching to a Drobo this month.

    Expensive to set up, but i am never loosing 2TB of data because of bad luck again. I refuse.

  3. Consider buying some online disk-space. It's easy as hell to use once you get a hang of it.
    Most importantly, it's fucking cheap.

  4. I use raid but a different kind. Raidz2 in other words ZFS filesystem.

    There all the important stuff is one as in long term storage. Short term are just loose drives with a map synchronization with AllwaySync to another drive for my documents and images these are synced between 2 SSDs.

    So far ZFS rules as I've only recently went to it but it's easy to set up, quite fast and doesn't require expensive discs to keep an array working as you have to with hardware raid.


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