Monday, August 13, 2012

Experimental Build Later Today

I've been toying a lot with the inner workings of the game, trying to make things a bit more straightforward from a quality of life perspective. Here are some changes that I've made:

  • Attribute Window now displays things in nice little bars and descriptive labels instead of a wall of text.
  • Skills and Sex Skills now displays things in nice little bars.
  • You can hover over these bars for a breakdown on your attributes, skills, and sex skills.
  • When moving you'll now be able to see what actions are available to you, though they will be grayed out until you exit travel mode. 
  • EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot about the difficulty slider :P

While these may not seem like huge changes (I guess they really aren't from a player's perspective) the attribute bars and skill bars were a bitch to implement. It was pretty tedious to code but I'm very happy they are done. As long as time permits today, I'll work on throwing in other stuffs in the game too, mostly minor things right now (like the ability to train your combat skills). This I guess officially ends my hibernation mode, sorry it took awhile but life has just been a combination of wonderful, busy, and horrible lately :P

Traveling now shows you what actions are available, though for the time being they are disabled until you disable travel mode. (Hitting "T" will accomplish this)

The new skill window will display your skills as bars instead of text. Hovering over a skill bar will give you a breakdown on where your bonuses are coming from.

The new attribute window will still yield the old description (upper right) but will now more easily break down everything so it hopefully won't be as confusing as fuck.
There is now a difficulty slider in the options menu. If you want an easier time slide this to the left. It will make skill rolls far easier and enemies significantly weaker in combat, but your loot and EP earned will be reduced. If you slide it to the right the opposite will be true.


  1. WoW! I though this one is Dead Yet ... Glad i wasnt right :)

  2. I've said it a lot, and I mean it, if I ever decide to end this project I'll simply say so. I have no reason not to :P I'm honest when I say things like life is distracting me. I refuse to let this project get in the way of my personal life but at the same time, I really like working on it so when I can I absolutely will.

    I've gotten adjusted to the new job, dealt with some personal bullshit that put me in a temporary depression, and am ready to move forward with the project again :)

    1. You Stopped mine hea... oh , nevermind its just hole in chest :D

      ... Depression is bitch bro :/

      Anyway , i hope this game gets as far as it can before you end it ! :D

  3. gorgeous new look, and having the actions and the travel options visible is a great thing

  4. Awesome game, and i love that you keep it updated!
    I do however want to know what time zone you are in tho, as i am in Norway with GMT+1 timezone.
    Also, how long is it till you release the new update?

  5. I am in the Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4 I believe it is with Day Light Savings), so I'm 5 hours behind Norwegian time.

    1. Oh, and the update (remember it's an experimental build right now) should be in a few hours, likely via torrent at first. You may want to hang on until tomorrow.

    2. Alright, thanks for the quick answer. Now i can really pay attention to your next updates :D

    3. Sounds good, I have a lot of exciting things planned :)


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