Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poll Time (The Pornarium Points Idea)

   I figured I'd weigh in here in regards to the Pornarium Points issue. I figure it would to some good to explain my stance on it and explain a bit on where Hawtstuff is coming form with this idea.

   As time has passed and we've continued to work on the project, I've found that my time has been somewhat torn. I've been doing a lot of writing, but I've also been doing a lot of programming. To remedy this, Hawtstuff sought the assistance from some volunteers. Hawtstuff has been our editor since near the very start of the project and has been doing a lot of work trying to get the community more involved to assist with the project. We've received many fan submissions that have / are going to make great additions to game, but we could always use more help. Hawtstuff thought of this idea as a way to encourage community involvement with the project  as a way of giving back to people who have spent time finding bugs, finding images, writing content, submitting art, etc. Pornarium from the very start has never been a game created with donations in mind, I was always a lurker on the Futanari Palace boards and I wanted to finally give back to the community with a game, this is that project. Since we don't accept donations, we are always looking for ways to say "thank you" to our fans who have contributed their time to make the game better.

   Hawtstuff ran the idea by me, and to be honest I'm completely neutral in regards to the idea. If it works as intended I'm all for it, but if it's not something the community wants I also am not for it. After reading the idea and talking to Hawtstuff, posting the concept on the blog seemed to be a good idea. After reading the comments for a day or so I think it was best that I ask you all how you felt about the idea as I'm truly in the middle with this one. I figured the best thing to do from my standpoint would be to create a poll in regards to this issue with three options:

  • Do you want to keep the system as is?
  • Do you want the system to be revised?
  • Do you want the system to be removed?

   The poll will run for approximately a week, let us know what you feel via comments too :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Probably One of the Most Important Posts You Will See on this Blog


Hawtstuff devised a way to reach out the the community and also allow the community to influence the game as a way of saying thank you for all of your help. You can read more by clicking read more :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steps to reduce "grindyness"

I did a quick play through last night and I noticed that raising stats and skills can really take awhile. While it shouldn't be ultra quick, I also don't think it should take forever either if you are really far from the cap (example, raising your charisma / etiquette can take a sometimes more then 10 - 15 times each working at the restaurant / odd job if you have the skill at one).  What I'm thinking of doing is adding additional code to the attribute and skill increase portions to give you an increased chance of getting an additional point(s) depending on how far you are from the cap.

This will likely not exceed 2 additional points as I don't want people to just blitz higher level areas (even though there's just one higher level area at the moment :P) but it it should make getting some point increases right off the start a bit easier. Any thoughts?

Friday, May 25, 2012


Thanks for voting guys &gals! Tonight you have all decided that we will play TF2! See you there 8pm -06:00 UTC! 

DONE unless you got here late and want to play (which in that case say so in chat)

(The dead sniper is me after writing and editing events for 12 hours :P)

New Version soon?!

Yes it's true, we're actually working on yet ANOTHER stable build :P I'll be leaving for vacation in early June and wanted to get as much done with the game as possible before I depart. Aside from bug fixes, we have some new events to add (more from Leroy :) ) and some features like enabling items and specials in combat. I don't know when it will be out yet, but it's going well so far.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 Livestream (Female + Futa!)

Doubt it, but just MIGHT finish the spear sisters stuff tonight ;)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Final?) Livestream for Highway Events [SEX INCLUDED!] 5/22/12

*Stream over, see you later space cowboys*

Pornarium Friday Night Live Fan Pick 5/25/12

Same time same place, but this week YOU get to decide what game we're going to pick! Please vote on the poll on the right side. 8PM CST -06:00 UTC!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Version 0.43a released

Version 0.43a has been released and you can find the link on the download page as well as a link for a torrent to download the latest version.

You can find the update notes for the game on the update notes page. Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you have been following the experimental builds (as in downloading each one) you won't find that much new depending on the last version you've downloaded. 
  • For those that haven't downloaded the game since 0.35a, there's been quite a few changes including:
    • A new character creation system.
    • New locations.
    • Many new events.
    • A new sexual encounter
    • New potions and recipes
    • Redone body transformations
    • Gathering events to get items rather then mixing them in with random events.
    • A TON of bug fixes (even though there are still bound to be bugs)

If your spells are broken, which they are very likely to be, right click on the game window while in game to bring up the menu (or click on the --> arrow). Scroll to the bottom of the menu and you will see DEBUG, it's sadly obscured in black until you mouse over it. Once you mouse over it, select FIX SPELLS. This will reset all of the spell related quests you've done sadly, but it should delete the old broken spell data from your character.

Highway Events

The new highway events are approximately 50% done. All that's left is for us to finish editing the rather large Spear Sisters Sidequest. Hawtstuff away!

Torrent as a main source of Downloading

I'm going to make a torrent our official means of distributing the game since download services are being irritating right now. I will still post builds this way for those who can't use torrents, but it's starting to get annoying how often the DL links have been disappearing. I'm guessing that the name of the executable within the rar as well as the name (pornarium) are flagging it for deletion (at least that's my theory). I apologize for any DL issues people have been having.

EDIT: I'll make sure a torrent for the new version is available when I post it :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More experimenting

Still working on churning out then next build. Hawtstuff is actively editing some events for the next build on the livestream (which were kindly written by Leroy). I've bumped up the experimental version to 0.43a (it's located on the game updates page).

The height issue should be fixed now for new characters and I've also added an event by Leroy in the river area in this experimental build.

Please note that spells are still borked for existing characters as is height. You may notice your old character has an odd height of perhaps 1/2 a foot even zero feet. I highly recommend you do not load any old characters if you want to try this build if such issues will bother you. Due to a change in the way spells are handled, the next official build will offer you the ability to reset all of your spells and magic related quests in order to allow you to learn them again. I'll also attempt to upgrade everyone's height for their old characters if it's extremely small. The height conversion in the next build won't be perfect but it should get you back close to your old height.

If you are brave enough to download this build, let me know if spells work on any new characters (I'll be testing this myself before the next build so if you don't feel like doing so no worries, though any help is always appreciated).  

Live stream tonight, 5/19/12


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Introducing Pornarium Friday Night Live! 5/18!

Starting 5/18, Pornarium Friday Night Live!

During each week, a randomly selected person from the project will choose an online multi-player game that all of us, including you the fans, will play together! Every other week, our blog will feature a poll where you, the fans, will vote on a game for that week to play.

On each Friday Night, using Hakker's AJAX chat room located here, we will select a server to play on, and any other details involved, as needed.

For this week, on 5/18/2012, Team Fortress 2!

The festivities begin 8 PM CST, UTC -06:00

See you there!

Picture Related =]

Experimental Build up (0.42a), actual build shortly.

While I'm not quite ready to upload the next public build yet (I have a few more bugs to fix) I decided to at least give you guys a sneak peak at the next build. Character Creation has been redone (few minor bugs still left) and a bunch of bugs related to saving / loading have been fixed.

Just wanted to poke my head in and give you guys a peak so far. I'm not posting the update notes just yet as I'm going to compile all of them from all of the experimental builds when I post the next official build.

Let me know if items are still being a bit glitchy though, as that's is something that should be fixed.

Check the update notes page for a link to this build.

Link is fixed (click here)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Group Chat & Livestreaming Requests

I know a lot of you are familiar with Taco's programming chats, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in a set a time in which Taco, I, and perhaps Nabiki would talk with you, the fans. Answer questions, have fun, the usual stuff :P We would use the group chat system that hakker has so graciously created for our use!

In addition, I haven't done a livestream in a long while. Does anyone have any requests or need a video demonstration of how to fix a problem or do something specific in the Event Creator? I'll even do a "just for fun" stream if anyone's inclined to watch.

Leave your thoughts, requests, and most importantly suggestions for the time designated in the comments!


Last night Taco and I were talking. Ever since the start of the project, Taco has been adamant that the game's play style would be continuous, the events "repeatable," and there would never be any "endings," good or bad. Taco's philosophy is that you as the player sets a goal and works toward it while exploring our game word. After much debate, we have come to a mutual agreement. There will be an optional button, which will allow you to retire your character and see an epilogue.

Taco has agreed to this because it is optional; you do not have to see an epilogue if you do not wish to do so. The exact epilogue will differ depending on what quests you complete, NPCs you have slept with, Player attributes, and possibly more later down the line. There will even be location specific epilogues for those of you who want to see unique epilogues.

This will be a feature added in later, since there are other priorities right now. As an editor and writer for the project, I will be happy to work on these epilogues, but if any of you, undeclared writers want to jump in, feel free to talk to me about it! The epilogues won't require ANY knowledge of our game's scripts, so if that was what was scaring you guys away, you don't have to worry :P

I would also now like to pay tribute to Valente's Project, Flexible Survival. His excellent erotic game inspired me to include the concept of epilogues in our project.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, concerns, etcetera in the comments!

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Build after a few more bugs fixed

Just wanted to let you all know that a new build is going to be posted in the next few days or so. I redid character creation (yet again) so it's a bit more...well less horrible looking. It has all the features of the previous character creation schema (backgrounds, selecting body parts, etc.) but all of the information is easily selected from various boxes, sliders, and buttons.

I've put in the ability on the final page the option to select your starting attribute points. While in the grand scheme of things this doesn't really matter all that much, for those of you that favor stamina for example, you can put all your points into stamina and very little into other attributes to make the start a little easier if you'd like.

I need to fix a few more bugs before it's posted, namely an item bug, but I wanted to let you all know what I was working on for now :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

TK's about ready to come out of his shell :P

I'm pretty much done with my little hiatus. Truth be told doing the writing and programming became a bit of a challenge for me and quickly got overwhelming, I eventually started to lose steam and was forced to take a break. I mulled over some dark things like potentially stopping the project...

...but much to my surprise while I was off doing other things and relaxing there were some people (Hawtstuff, Leroy, and many others including one writer who I haven't met yet) who have been kindly working hard on various events and other things. I must say that I'm immensely grateful for the help you guys have given despite my quiet absence. I was a bit touched (pardon me for sounding a bit corny :P) that people are interested enough in this game to help out so much, it really means a lot.

I have a lot of material to look over but I think I'll start a bit easy by wading in and doing some bug fixes this week. I have a lot of written material to review and implement and will gladly begin doing so shortly there after. I will be going away for roughly three weeks in June so I want to get a nice big update out before then ^_^. Thanks for your continued interest in the project, just letting you all know my interest is returning as well.

And another big thank you to everyone who's been helping out both before, after, and during my hiatus. You guys are all awesome :3

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