Older Build Update Notes

I will keep old update notes here solely for reference. For some reason I like looking at old update notes for any game so I figured I'd include them in my own game :D

Version 0.55a

Attribute and Skill Increases
-A message will pop-up alerting you to when you cannot raise an attribute or skill further from an event.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a combat but that resulted in confusion not working propperly (and essentially giving the player several extra random turns)
-Changed the save / load locations for quicksaves to match wherever you last saved a file instead of using another method which may be responsible for some

equipment errors.
-Added some extra redundancy checks to clear out equipment on quickloads to reduce the chance of a duplicate set of starting equipment.
-You can no longer be jailed for having a spontaneous orgasm in the sewers.

-You can no longer reset your weeks pregnant by becoming pregnant again.


-Added a new enemy: Be warned, this enemy will possibly strip you of some of your transformations if you aren't able to defeat it!
-Changed the base athletic skill on most enemies. This reduces the Athletics skill to run away, often by 50% for most enemies. Players attempting to flee should not have such difficulty anymore. In addition it will be easier for you to charge your foes. Some enemies are designed to be difficult to escape from so there were a few that were kept the same.

Nameless Inn
-It is now possible to rest at the Nameless Inn which functions similarly to your apartment.
-It is now possible to attempt to set up shelter in the sewers so that you can presumably get a good night's sleep once your survival skill gets up to the cap

in that area (20).

Random Loot
-Added the second tier of random loot. Only one enemy at the time uses this but more enemies will start to have this loot as content expands.
Sex System
-Added a new sex special for goo cunts (warning: likely to be bugged horribly).

Version 0.54a (experimental)
Bug Fixes

Character Creation
-Working on fixing a bug related to localization. Many of you from Europe are seeing a bug when making a character since you use a "," instead of a decimal point. I tried to fix this and it may work in this patch but it also may not as I didn't have a ton of time to test it. If you are having issues with this patch, hit "continue" when the error appears and simply change the text box to use a "." instead of a comma. It will work for now until I fix that localization issue.

-Fixed a combat but that resulted in confusion not working propperly (and essentially giving the player several extra random turns)

-You should now be able to exit the sewers via manhole or the normal exit, these events were mistakenly referencing the room descriptions instead of the proper event script.

-Changed the save / load locations for quicksaves to match wherever you last saved a file instead of using another method which may be responsible for some equipment errors.
-Added some extra redundancy checks to clear out equipment on quickloads to reduce the chance of a duplicate set of starting equipment.

-Attempted to fix the eq bug yet again for some users.
-Fixed a bug where equipment would display incorrectly in events. For example "chest equipment" will be replaced with what you are actually wearing on your chest!

-You can no longer be jailed for having a spontaneous orgasm in the sewers.

Northern Highway
-You should FINALLY be able to obtain coffee beans...I hope.
-The fountain event has been fixed.

                    Pornicle Park
-Fixed a bug where a certain event would not appear when skinny dipping.
-You can no longer reset your weeks pregnant by becoming pregnant again.

-Added a new enemy: Be warned, this enemy will possibly strip you of some of your transformations if you aren't able to defeat it!
-Changed the base athletic skill on most enemies. This reduces the Athletics skill to run away, often by 50% for most enemies. Players attempting to flee should not have such difficulty anymore. In addition it will be easier for you to charge your foes. Some enemies are designed to be difficult to escape from so there were a few that were kept the same.

Nameless Inn
-It is now possible to rest at the Nameless Inn which functions similarly to your apartment.

-It is now possible to attempt to set up shelter in the sewers so that you can presumably get a good night's sleep once your survival skill gets up to the cap

in that area (20).

Random Loot
-Added the second tier of random loot. Only one enemy at the time uses this but more enemies will start to have this loot as content expands.
Sex System
-Added a new sex special for goo cunts (warning: likely to be bugged horribly).

Pornarium Version 0.52a (experimental)

Bug Fixes
-You should now be able to exit the sewers via manhole or the normal exit, these events were mistakenly referencing the room descriptions instead of the proper event script.
Northern Highway
-You should FINALLY be able to obtain coffee beans...I hope.
-The fountain event has been fixed.

-Room descriptions have been updated to make them somewhat less confusing.

-Hawtstuff has editted many of the new events that were included in the last update, as well as several and countless others.

-Changed the probability to find random events here besides the "stock" marketplace events to 25% per event up from 10%.

-Greenfeline has written an event for you to find (hint, *meow*)

Pornarium Version 0.51a 

Bug Fixes
Attribute Window
-Fixed a bug that was causing the new attribute window to crash for some people.

-The defense training event has been changed to raise your dodge skill, which is far more useful then raising defense which is calculated from other sources

Skill Window
-Fixed typos in various skill bars. These bars were calcualted correctly, but some sloppy coding on my part resulted in their associated attributes being

tagged incorrectly.
-The fucking sex skill was incorrectly tagged to be calculated the same as the sex toys skill.
-The orgasm denial skill was not being calculated correctly in the skill window. This has been fixed.
Character Creation
-You can now select skin color on the character creation (spend points) screen.
-The attribute and skill windows will now display the new attribute and skill windows instead of the old.
-The old character creation window is now disabled.
-The game's first random dungeon, the sewers, have been added. You can enter via the marketplace.
-A new transformation has been added.
-Trap system makes it's buggy debut!

Pornarium Version 0.47a 

Attribute Window

-The attribute window has a revised format.
-Three new special attacks have been added: Double Strike, Crippling Shot, and Defensive Boost.
Difficulty Slider
-A new difficulty slider is now available in the options window.
-Four new events have been added at the North Pornicle Gate. These relate to training your character for combat and introduce a new NPC. If you guys would like to see more of her let me know.

-Though it doesn't really have a use yet, tinkering will now use agility and intelligence
Skill Window
-The skill window has a revised format.

Bug Fixes
Attribute Checks
-Attribute Checks were not properly accounting for all sorts of factors ><. They now do so.
-Chosing to fight the futabus should work now.
-Some measurements were automatically being rounded to the nearest whole number in cases where this should not be occuring.
-The strength and stamina contributions toward athletics were improperly being divided an additional time, causing them to actually be 25% of their intended values. (If you had 40 strength and 40 stamina, instead of receiving a +10 bonus from each attribute you were previously receiving only 2 points).
-The cooking skill will now use intelligence instead of a null value.
-The performance skill will now use appearance and stamina instead of a null value.
-Lust Penalties were not being correctly applied to skills.
Skill Checks and Sex Skill Checks
-Skill checks had for quite some time been using an ultra archaic formula that basically didn't take in account anything but your base skill and some modifiers from status effects...this thankfully has been fixed.

Pornarium Version 0.45a

Attributes and Skills
  • If you are more then 5 points off the current cap for a skill increase (dependant on the area you are in), you will have an additional chance to receive additional bonus attribute or skill points, making the game less grindy.

Bug Fixes
  • Character Creation
    • Sex Skill multipliers will no longer have a bearing on attributes and instead will have an effect on sex skills.
  • Combat
    • Defending will now actually yield a defense bonus instead of clearing the defense bonus before it is applied.
    • It should no longer be possible to crash in combat based on improper HP/FP values.
    • Fixed a bug where the ranged attack and melee attack buttons would become disabled when the player runs out of FP.
    • Fixed a bug where events following defeats / victories would not always spawn until well after combat had ended.
  • Equipment
    • Quick Saving / Quick Loading should now generate the .peqdb file in the correct application location, conversely it should not attempt to load it in the correct directory as well rather then searching in the My Documents folder (I hope).
    • Equipment Bonuses and Penalties should be a bit more clear now. You should no longer see for example --X on skills / attributes listed on new equipment pieces. It will simply list a number, or a negative number (rather then the occasional double negative)
  • Events
    • When in the restaurant, you can no longer eat unlimited free meals. They're cheap anyways!
    • Coffee Beans will now be propperly added to your inventory should you happen to find them.
  • Sex System
    • Added additional code to prevent crashes due to improper FP values.
  • Aiming
    • Aiming and firing weapons has become far more viable, these changes affect your opponents as well, make sure to fortify yourself against ranged attacks or you may get heavily damaged.
    • The attack bonus for aiming has been increased from 50% per round to 100% per round, essentially doubling your chance to hit each round you aim.
    • The damage bonus for aiming has been increased from 20% per round to 50% per round.
  • Descriptive text
    • The descriptive text will now display what status effects, if any, an enemy is currently affliced by.
    • The combat window will now display changes to your various attributes depending on status effects that are applied to you.
  • Enemies
    • Orcs have become slightly weaker.
  • Items
    • Items are now enabled in combat! Certain items will have a combat use though this does not apply to all items.
  • Running
    • When running away from an enemy (or vice versa) the FP penalty has been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Specials
    • Specials are now enabled in combat. Your various transformations should have some uses in combat.
  • Countless events have been edited by Hawtstuff.
  • Added a simple "equipment purchased" dialogue popup to let players know they've bought an item.
  • Existing Events
    • Added "plus" size support to the cock masturbation event(s) courtesy of GreenFeline!
  • New Events
    • Add additional events by Leroy in the Northern Highway area including a brief quest chain. Thanks Leroy! 
    • Added an additional brothel event thanks to Malkadrix!
  • Traveling in the Northern Highway Area has had it's FP cost reduced from 8 to 4. The time requirement is still 8 hours.
Sex System
  • The futabus is now 15% more likely to use her specials. This should increase the difficulty to defeat her somewhat significantly.

Version 0.43a(no experimental build at this time)
  • Alchemy
    • Several new potions have been added (Orchish potions, Gynecomorphous Potions, Small Healing, and Small Energy Potions).
  • Arousal
    • For the time being, male characters will not have an arousal image rather then a futanari image.
  • Body Part Transformations
    • Body part transformations have totally been redone. The following body parts / fluids can be transformed into different types in the future (some are already in game): breasts, breast milk, clitoris, cock, cum, ears, eyes, pussy, nose/whiskers, skin color, skin type, tails, and vaginal lubrication.
    • You can now see what your various body parts do to your attributes, skills, and abilities. Each type of transformation has different bonuses, for example cat transformations boost perception mostly, fox transformations make you wiser, and orc/ogre transformations make you an ugly brute.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Alchemy
        • All recipes should now display a popup recipe when learned.
      • Attribute Window
        • Skin Color will now display properly on the attribute screen.
        • Fixed the weight descriptor so it actually calculates your BMI correctly instead of using numbers that made little if any sense.
        • Your height will now correctly display in the attribute screen.
      • Character Creation
        • Fixed a bug where the incorrect multipliers for sex skills would be calculated.
        • You can now only set your height in inches to be from 0 to 11 inches. An issue with height displaying incorrectly *may* also be fixed.
        • Combat
          • If a fight would send you to the hospital, it shouldn't cause strange errors with the travel button.
          • Previous Enemy names should no longer appear in combat log.
          • Combat Introduction Events should now work correctly.
          • Combat victory / Defeat Events should now work correctly.
          • Ranged Attacks in combat no longer cost any FP to use.
          • Equipment System
            • Fixed an error which resulted in seduction not appearing on equipment, resulting in "Error + X" messages. This will likely not fix  old equipment sadly.
            • Loading a saved game from within the game will no longer create duplicate sets of equipment.
            • Pants, shirts, rocks, and boots are droppable.
            • Weapons and armor are now available again at shops!
            • Equipment now properly loads.
              • Events
                • Gathering at the Northern Highway will now properly trigger gathering skill increases.
                • Futabus Cum / Priapis Shroom Victim hospital events should work again.
                • The Orc Rape event now works correctly.
                • Hospital
                  • The Breast Type window will no longer be blank...even though no alternate titties are available yet.
                  • Items
                    • Effects that change your hip or shoulder ratio should no longer cause a popup window to spawn.
                    • Foxglove should now properly trigger fox transformations.
                        • Foxglove should now properly add fox ears when it says it is.
                        • Fixed an issue with Neko Fruit and cat eyes / tails not appearing.
                      • Loading Saved Games
                        • Hitting Cancel will now just display a general error message instead of loading a saved game anywhere and deleting all of your spells. This is a temporary fix for now as TK hates messing with file loading /saving since he breaks it 100% of the time when doing so.
                        • Attempting to load a game on the main screen and hitting cancel will no longer load the game anyways. 
                        • The game should no longer autosave when you hit cancel upon saving.
                        • Fixed multiple occurances of errors that would crop up when attempting to save / load.
                      • Lust
                        • Fixed the lust formula slight when lust would reach levels around 400 - 500. Though no player has this much lust yet, it's nice to fix it before it becomes an issue.
                      • Magic
                        • Fixed an error with the way magic is handled, it should no longer be possible to suddenly unlearn spells. Unfortunately, past characters are likely unable to benefit from this change if spells are missing.
                        • Fixed an error which would cause players to magically learn all spells upon loading for some reason.
                      • Quitting
                        • Quitting the game from the main screen and the introduction screen should now properly close the game out regardless of whether you returned to the main screen or not.
                        • Sex System
                          • Pronouns and names should appear correctly for partners.
                          • Whenever a sex encounter ends, the continue button should appear on the main window.
                          • If a partner does not have a special, the sex system will not bug out attempting to use a non-existent one.
                          • Status effects (such as the pre-cum boost) will now hopefully trigger properly.
                          • Fixed a bug where the skill difficulty would always be set at 40 (average difficulty in Pornicle) regardless of how hard or easy your partner was to please.
                          • Fixed a bug where Pornarium would stay open when closing out the sex system.
                        • Spells
                          • Although it may not work for past spells, new spells should be less buggy and prone to deletion.
                      • Character Creation
                        • An optional new character creation method has been created. This will be the default character creation in the future. 
                        • Hair
                          • A new hair type (spiky) has been added!
                      • Conversions
                        • Height
                          • Height is being converted to a new format in this update. It will be measured in inches rather then in feet. If your character somehow is over 12 feet tall at the start of this update, you'll find your character to be shrunken considerably (perhaps you'll only be 1 foot and 1 inch if you're 13 feet for example :P). 
                      • Equipment
                        • Equipment is now randomly generated! As a result all old equipment has been lost :(. You can receive 3 pieces of random loot at the government office. Save your game before hand just in case you get something you don't want :P
                        • Weapon and armor prices have had their costs adjusted to properly match their stats
                      • Events
                        • Added a new random item merchant to the Northern Highway!
                        • A new random event written by Leroy has been added to the river!
                        • Two new events on the Highway, written by Leroy, have been added to the game!
                        • Playing certain sports, like specifically soccer, will have a chance to raise agility if played well.
                        • Added new Gather Events to the river / forest. This will make finding items easier.
                        • Gather event added to the Northern Highway.
                        • Several new events in general added to the Northern Highway!
                        • Shelter Event
                          • When traveling outside in dangerous areas, you can attempt to make shelters at night. In the future, failure will make you vulnerable to enemies and spawn random events at night. A successful shelter will make these optional. Also, when you are successful at building a shelter, it will count as if you slept in a comfy bed.
                        • Leroy has kindly written a new event for bookworms.
                      • Items
                        • Neko Fruit
                          • Chance to trigger transformation effects has been slightly increased.
                        • Orcish Potions
                          • Max height is now 9 feet (reduced from 108), height is gained at a rate of 4 inches instead of four feet. Orcish potions now add a small amount of weight to reduce the "skeleton effect".
                      • Lactation
                        • Lactation effects are now displayed properly, previously they were not only incorrectly updating but displaying incorrect values but they weren't even working correctly.
                      • Locations
                        • North Pornicle and the 15th, 30th, and 45th miles of the Great Northern Highway were added to the game.
                        • Midpoint station was added.
                      • Loot
                        • Low level fights will reward more EP if the foe doesn't drop any items.
                      • Sex System
                        • Partner Preferences
                          • Partners will react a little more variably to certain sex acts. Previously for example, if a partner disliked anal strongly, they would not do it ever until their arousal reached perhaps 60 or 80. While this is still the case, these numbers can vary each turn by +/- 15 (so sometimes you can get them to go along with it at potentially at low as 45 or as high as 75 if the previous number was a flat 60).
                        • New Partner!
                          • A futabus can now sometimes appear as a sex partner.
                        • User Interface
                          • UI for the sex system has been redone to allow for a larger text box. All the previous buttons were eliminated and replaced in favor of a drop down menu that can be accessed by right clicking or by clicking on the menu button.

                            Version 0.35a
                            • Alchemy
                              • The brew potion button will now become disabled if a potion cannot be brewed instead of telling you such an action is impossible. This will hopefully alleviate any confusion.
                            • Bug Fixes
                              • Character Creation
                                • When creating a new character, the date / time should now display correctly.
                              • Combat
                                • Fixed a an script error preventing foes that prefer melee combat from attacking when they were in range for melee attacks.
                              • Events
                                • Brothel
                                  • Typing in an invalid value for a tip will simply result in the game registering a tip of "0" rather then crashing the game. (An example of an invalid result would be typing a word in instead of a number).
                                  • Fixed a bug in which the player would not be credited with successfully pleasing a male client.
                                • Madame Mamrya's
                                  • The event to tip the waitress will not spawn if you lack a cock.
                                  • Trying to handle the drunken patron will now actually work correctly.
                                • Restaurant
                                  • The kitchen event will now only spawn if the player has a cock.
                              • Game System
                                • Fixed a major bug in which skills and sex skills may have ignored attributes that they depend on in certain situations, particularly combat.
                                • Hospital
                                  • Fixed a bug when attempting to revert your skin to a normal color.
                                • Items
                                  • Fixed a bug where items could be sold infinitely. 
                                • Sex System
                                  • Corrected an issue which causes the sex system to constantly end upon starting a subsequent encounter.
                                  • You can no longer give potions of swelling to partners that lack a cock.
                                • States
                                  • Wearing makeup and casting the breast growth spell no longer provide permanent effects. Makeup will last 24 hours or until you shower and the breast growth spell should last 8.
                                  •  A bug was fixed relating to the display of certain effects such as the breast growth spell, they should now properly appear in the message box.
                                • User Interface
                                  • Right clicking on the text box will now correctly spawn the menu in the main game window.
                              • Character Creation
                                • Removed the old character creation option as it is now obsolete.
                              • Combat
                                • Enemies are now capable of using special attacks.
                                • Added a new enemy.
                                • Attacking no longer costs any fatigue points.
                              • Edits
                                • Over 150 events edited by Hawtstuff!
                              • Events
                                • Madame Mamrya's
                                  • Added 12 new events to Madame Mamrya's.
                                • Restaurant
                                  • The kitchen event should appear at a rate of 1 out of every 4 shifts instead of 1 out of 5 shifts for those who have yet to see the event. 
                              • Jobs
                                • Added a new job associated with Madame Mamrya's.
                                • Lactation
                                  • The lactation system was reworked so it works a bit better.
                                  • Instead of having your tits dry up instantly once you've waited a few days to milk yourself, you will now receive messages indicating that you are starting to dry up, which will happen at a rate of about 200mL per 24 hours once you've stopped milking yourself.
                                • Movement
                                  • It is now possible to move to a location if you have 0FP if that location costs 0FP to move to.
                                • Sex System
                                  • Shandia should work properly now.
                                  • Added a new partner for those who enjoy male on male OR futanari on male. Those that do not should find it fairly obvious how to start this encounter and should be able to do the new events without starting this encounter.
                                • User Interface
                                  • Message Box Popups
                                    • Reduced the time the popups stick to the screen for six seconds down from some insanely high number around twenty seconds.
                                  • Options
                                    • Added an option to disable images in the game, this may not have an effect until you move once or activate an event (unless you enable it at the start screen).
                                  • You can now return to the main window by clicking the "-->" arrow or by right clicking anywhere on the screen to bring you back to the main screen.

                                  Version 0.23.1a
                                  • Bug Fixes & Code Tweaks
                                    • Events
                                      • Park
                                        • The flee from ghost event should work, but if it still does not let me know.
                                    • Masturbation
                                      • Female Masturbation should work correctly again.
                                    • Sex System Tweaks & Fixes
                                      • The sex system will no longer clear images. Previously it attempted to use an image for each NPC's turn, when they had none it substituted a blank image.
                                      • Only one encounter ending will trigger instead of potentially all three. Until this change, if you had 0FP, 100%+ arousal, and your partner had 100%+ arousal all of three of these endings would fire simultaneously. Since that is not such a good idea, the sex system will apply only one ending based on the following order: NPC arousal 100%+, Player Arousal 100%+, and out of FP. EX: If a player runs out of FP right as they get their partner to 100% arousal, only the success event will play. If a player is out of FP with 100% arousal, only the 100% arousal event will play.
                                      • Orgasm Denial (kinda wonky right now, may not be working 100% properly)
                                        • There was a bug in the way arousal was being calculated when the player used this action.
                                        • NEW: When successful, if you pushed your partner over 100% arousal with this ability, they will not orgasm for a very short duration (sometimes just for 1 round even). Performing this action again can refresh the timer. NPC's can do the same to the player.
                                      • When your partner performs oral on you, it will no longer increase both your arousal and their arousal for no reason without any message under certain circumstances.
                                      • When your partner tries to jack you off or finger you, it will no longer increase both your arousal and their arousal for no reason without any message under certain circumstances.
                                      • The Seduction: Oral Sex technique will now actually work. In addition to working, it's chance of making your partner want to go down on you has increased to 40% up from 25% (though I may lower it slightly).
                                  • Images
                                    • Marketplace
                                      • Images added for the marketplace orgy and a catgirl encounter at night.

                                  Version 0.23a
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Events
                                      • Milking yourself no longer reduces your FP by an extra 1FP and no longer takes an additional hour beyond the mentioned time.
                                    • Images
                                      • Location Images will stay displayed if no image exists. For now, the image label has temporarily been disabled until an option is created to display it (i.e. temporary fix). 
                                    • Items
                                      • Items can no longer trigger odd errors by reducing certain attributes below 1. Examples of this include items that lower hip / shoulder ratio.
                                  • Changes
                                    • Alchemy
                                      • Lowered the skill requirement to make abrasive gel soap by 5.
                                    • Masturbation
                                      • Since the sex system uses the masturbation skill for any digital stimulation action, the skill cap in Pornicle for masturbation has been set at 20. Those with more then 20 skill will not be affected.
                                  • New Stuff
                                    • Actions
                                      • Added an option to look around the backwater district streets, the actions differ by day and night.
                                        • 9 new events based on these actions.
                                    • Alchemy
                                      • One new recipe added.
                                    • Interface
                                      • A popup window will appear in the upper left corner of the screen with things like arousal change, skillups, etc. instead of the main chat window.
                                    • Items
                                      • Three new items added.
                                    • Status Effects
                                      • Three new status effects added.

                                  Version 0.21.4a
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Event System
                                      • The event system now properly registers triggers so events that you do not qualify for should no longer appear. (Hedrax, you can get your lust up by letting your arousal hit 100 ;) )
                                    • Item Window
                                      • The item window should no longer glitch when overburdened.
                                  •  Engine Improvements
                                    • Items
                                      • The way at which items are registered has been optimized, eliminating 200 lines of poorly written code.
                                    • Sex System Specials
                                      • The way at which sex system specials are registered has been optimized, eliminating about 50 lines of poorly written code.
                                  Version 0.21.3a
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Attribute Window
                                      • The player's cock size should now format correctly when giving flaccid measurements.
                                    • Character Creation
                                      • Hitting Cancel no longer crashes the game.
                                      • Character Creation text has been updated so that it reflects the correct +10% bonuses instead of the old +5% bonuses.
                                    • Events
                                      • Apartment
                                        • Sex toy event is now back in the game.
                                        • Waking masturbation event is now back in the game.
                                      • Marketplace
                                        • Orgasming in the marketplace should now reduce your arousal by 25 not 50.
                                        • Drinking milk in the marketplace at night will now actually increase your FP slightly.
                                        • The marketplace orgy should now reduce your arousal by 25.
                                        • Encountering the orgy in the marketplace and failing your skill roll now displays the correct text.
                                        • Marketplace Orgy image removed as it made little sense.
                                      • Jail
                                        • You will no longer be told you are free after failing to seduce the police officer.
                                      • Park
                                        • Once you've "completed" the ghost quest, it will be possible to encounter her again correctly with the correct text instead of the original encounter text.
                                        • Fucking the man in t he park at night will now increase your fucking skill again (or at least have a chance to).
                                      • Restaurant
                                        • No longer takes 2FP and 2 hours of time when hitting "Visit Restaurant". See Event Engine bug fix notes for more information.
                                      • University
                                        • The Learn Alchemy Event now properly subtracts 500EP.
                                        • The survival skill bonus should be correctly applied. 
                                    • Event Engine
                                      • For most buttons (except for 1, 7, and 12 for some reason) a subroutine was used to progress the passage of time. This was applied for 9 out of 12 buttons AFTER an event had occurred already making the game subtract the FP / Time of an event that occurred after the action you just clicked. For example, since the #2 button was tied to visiting the restaurant, instead of using 0FP/0 time it would use the "work in restaurant" FP / Time values.
                                    • Images
                                      • Images restored for shower event for male, futa, and females.'
                                      • Self-suck image added for futa.
                                      • Orgasm Image added once again for futa / females.
                                    • Items
                                      • The cliterian potion now increases clit size by 0.1 inches. It previously did so by 0.0 inches.
                                    • Lactation
                                      • Being engorged with milk will once again affect your character. These changes have been modified slightly:
                                      • +25% Milk Volume, +1 Cup Size, +5 Lust
                                      • +50% Milk Volume, +2 Cup Size, +10 Lust
                                      • +100% Milk Volume, +4 Cup Size, +15 Lust
                                    • Lucid Dreaming
                                      • When failing a lucid dream check, you will get a less restful night's sleep, even if you sleep at home.
                                    • Sex System
                                      • Sex System texts should now reset after each encounter.
                                      • The sex system should no longer exit when using items. 
                                      • Though there are still some strange color issues with the buttons when using sex toys (they often will remain highlighted), it will no longer be possible to use sex toys on locations that they are not programmed for.
                                      • Exiting the game through the sex system no longer causes Pornarium.exe to exist as a shadow, forever floating in your task manager until you close it.
                                      • The game should display orgasm texts once again f or NPCs if they don't have a specific predefined text. 
                                      • The sex system now properly updates your FP and arousal following completion of sex system events.
                                  • Edits
                                    • Hawtstuff has edited over 70 game texts (a huge chunk of them relate to the waking masturbation events)
                                  • Sex System
                                    • Partner Special Abilities
                                      • Many special abilities of partners have been "buffed" so that they actually raise your arousal beyond a negligible rate. This is done because the player is supposed to have to cum at least once before bringing their partner to orgasm (unless you get lucky). This should make it a bit more likely they will have to do this.
                                        • Examples...
                                        • Titfucking increased from 5 - 10 to 8 - 14.
                                        • Titfuck Blowjob increased from 8 - 17 to 14 - 23.
                                        • Erotic Pose increased from 3 - 6 to 5 - 8.
                                        • Bell's Whip has increased in effectiveness by 67%.
                                      • Partners
                                        • Tessy
                                          • Tessy's skill success rate was pretty terrible. It's still bad, but it's only half as bad as before.
                                          • Tessy is 10% more likely to use her specials.
                                        • Bell
                                          • Bell is 5% more likely to use her specials.
                                        • Miss Purcella
                                          • Miss Purcella is 2% more likely to use her specials.

                                  Version 0.21.2a
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Attributes Screen
                                      • Metric System
                                        • Greater support for the metric system on the attributes screen. May not be perfect yet but it should be near perfect :P
                                    • Decimals
                                        • Decimals are only used when they make sense, and usually to only 1 decimal place. Let me know if you experience any irregularities aside from this.
                                    • Events
                                      • Bell Encounter
                                        • A fix in the sex system SHOULD remedy the bug with getting stuck at Bell's.
                                      • Marketplace
                                        • At night, the catgirl encounter will now properly encounter female characters. No longer will she pants you and vanish into the night.
                                        • The orgy event at night no longer can give a skill up of 3, and no longer at at a 100% rate. (Nerfed down to 2 at a 50% chance like most other skills)/
                                        • Marketplace Orgy event no longer will give you the option to enter the orgy if you fail your roll.
                                      • Park
                                        • The orgy event no longer cause you to lose FP twice.
                                      • Restaurant
                                        • Once you successfully give the chef a BJ, this event will no longer spawn.
                                        • The kitchen event will no longer give double EP for one particular outcome, though others should be working as normally. 
                                        • Speaking of the above, the restaurant event should actually pay you again.
                                        • Working in the restaurant should no longer display game script.
                                    • Saving / Loading
                                      • The game should load older saves properly. The fix in 0.20.1a broke the way older saves load as they would reference an object that didn't always exist prior to 0.20.1a. This object will be generated now if it does not exist.
                                    •  Sex System
                                      • Certain NPCs have failure and success messages...apparently they never were triggering, or at least rarely. This has  been fixed.
                                      • Fixed yet another crash.
                                    • Status Effects
                                      • There will no longer be a status effect #23 message. Instead you will get a message letting you know when your hair will grow or stop.
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • Bonuses
                                      • Bonuses have been doubled.
                                    • Fountain of Youth
                                      • Enabled (yet again) to allow for a respec based on these changes.
                                    • Penalties
                                      • These have stayed the same.
                                  • Event Engine
                                    • The Event Engine will now display a missing image code for easy identification of images that are lacking.
                                    • Several strings that were incorrectly spaced should be fixed now.
                                  • Item System
                                    • You can no longer use items when your inventory is full, and it should no longer allow the item screen to be closed.
                                  • System
                                    • Help
                                      • Pressing F1 will display a list of hotkeys available for the game.
                                    • Save / Load
                                      • It is now possible to quick save by pressing F5 and quick load by pressing F9. 

                                  Version 0.21.1a
                                  • Arousal
                                    • Endless Continue Loops have been removed.
                                    • Arousal Messages will now display correctly
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • Fountain of Youth use is enabled once again to relfect these changes.
                                    • Physical Attributes
                                      • Adding a vagina will now set your clit size correctly to 0.2 inches.
                                      • Milk Volume will correctly be set to 0L.
                                      • Nipple Size is set to 0.1 inches.
                                      • Starting Pussies are now normal and no longer eerie.
                                  • Cum Volume
                                    • A conversion from a decimal to an integer was added along some point and thus it reduced all cum volumes to 0 if they were less than 1L.
                                  • Events
                                    • Marketplace
                                      • Fixed a reference to stealth, which should have been listed as subterfuge.
                                      • Fixed a typo in the orgy event tied to the marketplace.
                                    • Pronman's Pub
                                      • You will now actually learn the "read partner" ability instead of learning it over and over, only to realize that in your drunken stupor you have forgotten it.
                                    • Residential Streets
                                      • Fixed the double FP / time cost of walking around on the streets.
                                      • Fixed the encounter with the busty woman so you will get a message when she is not present any longer once again.
                                    • Restaurant
                                      • Working in the kitchen should now pay once again.
                                    • University Library
                                      • The book on survival now actually raises your survival skill.
                                  • Saving / Loading
                                    • Now properly saves attribute, skill, and sex skill modifiers. 
                                    • Now will properly save the player's state information so saving will no longer cause the following to be lost in an abyss:
                                      • Time remaining in jail.
                                      • Endless Continue Loop w/ black screen. 
                                      • Rested Level
                                      • Event Queue

                                  Version 0.21
                                  • Arousal
                                    • The level 3 arousal image for females has been changed.
                                    • Arousal Messages now work correctly.
                                  • Bug FIxes
                                    •  Attributes
                                      • Height now will display in ft. as a decimal. I've noticed it isn't displaying in the metric system, that will be fixed later.
                                    • Events
                                      • Giving tips at the Brothel should now work properly.
                                    • Locations
                                      • It should be possible to leave Bell's apartment once you gain the ability to travel there.
                                      • It should be possible to initiate a sex encounter will Bell again once certain conditions are met.
                                      • The direction to leave the Brothel is now Northeast, not Northwest.
                                    • Tradeskills
                                      • Alchemy
                                        • It should be possible to brew a potion more then once now.
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • Character Creation has been redone! 
                                      •  Attribute, Skill, and Sex Skill Modifiers
                                        • Depending on what choices you make, you will get % modifiers (positive and or negative) to attributes, skills, and sex skills. Usually these are minor, +/- 5%, as the skill caps begin to go up (which will hopefully start happening somewhat soon :P) it will make a difference. Right now, most players will only gain a few points beyond the cap of 20 with these changes.
                                  • Edits
                                    • Hawtstuff has edited the text many more events (over 20 this time I believe).
                                  • Locations
                                    • Barber Shop
                                      • A barber shop has been added to the Pornicle Marketplace. It is fairly simple, but allows you to do what you'd likely expect :P
                                    • Park
                                      • For existing characters, a "fountain of youth" has been added to allow you to respec your character once.
                                  • Skills
                                    • Dancing has been renamed performance. It doesn't really do anything yet anyways so I decided to redo the skill in such a way that it's far more broadly applicable. While dancing sounded good, I feel that it limits it's use. Performance will encompass anything that involves your character doing something for an audience, whether it be singing, dancing, or telling jokes. Performance's attributes will be appearance and stamina.

                                  Version 0.20.4a
                                  • Alchemy
                                    • A potion of swelling no longer requires a brutanion bulb, but in fact correctly requires a jizz leaf.
                                    • When experimenting with Alchemy, you will no longer learn EVERY recipe all at once.
                                    • Brewing potions now brews potions instead of not brewing potions.
                                  • Cooking
                                    • Bar food now requires 10 cooking skill down from 20.
                                    • It is now possible to learn cooking recipes again.
                                  • Event Parser
                                    • The event parser will try to fix things that read like this: "cock s." and change them to "cocks.". It is experimental so this may cause more bugs...unless it works right.
                                  • Events 
                                    • Brothel
                                      • A new NPC has been added here for you to have sex with, though you must figure out how to trigger this NPC first.
                                    • Jail
                                      • Attempting to seduce a police officer will now have a chance to increase your seduction skill to a maximum of 20 as with other Pornicle events.
                                      • Seducing a police officer successfully should no longer  yield jail time. 
                                      • Jail dialogue removes mention of a fine.
                                    • Pornicle Item Shop
                                      • The cooking ingredients and alchemy ingredients have been swapped back so you should be buying the correct one now.
                                      • The "Leave Restaurant" button text should now read, "Exit to Streets"
                                    • Restaurant
                                      • The kitchen event should now appear once more.
                                      • The chef event should now work correctly. 
                                    • University
                                      • It is no longer possible to take a cooking class if you have less than 500EP.
                                      • It is no longer possible to take the Saturday morning exam more then once in one day.
                                  • Event System
                                    • When prompting you for things like a name change, EP expenditures, and brothel donations, the main window will be disabled so you can't click through events with it open (thus you can no longer interrupt the game flow).
                                  • Items
                                    • Magnum Bubble
                                      • Now gives correct text if your character lacks a cock.
                                      • Now works again.
                                      • Once again it is possible to OD on this item.
                                    • Potion of Swelling
                                      • Added some additional effects, also is now usable on self.
                                  • Lactation
                                    • Getting a milk injection will now work again.
                                    • The number of days you lactate has been increased from 4 to 8. Similarly, you will get a message every two days informing you about your milk status rather than every day. 
                                    • Three images have been added for lactation, though none for "drying up". 
                                  • Sex System
                                    • Fixed yet another sex system crash involving your FP going over the maximum. 
                                    • Potion of swelling should now work with sexual encounters. 
                                    • Pussies should no longer exist on NPCs who shouldn't have them. 
                                    • While the new image is only temporary (perhaps), I did not like Ellara's image so I replaced it with a new one.
                                  • Skills
                                    • Skills that reference "stealth" should be changed to subterfuge. If you notice a skill that still says "stealth" please let me know. It still works the same, the change is only semantic, but the stealth skill no longer exists. 

                                  Version 0.20.3a
                                  • Arousal Bar / HP Bar / FP Bar
                                    • Color errors that resulted in crashes should no longer occur.
                                    • Fixed an error that prevented the 100%+ arousal event from occurring.
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • Players should no longer be stuck in limbo.
                                    • The character creation dialog now properly cancels instead of creating a character anyways. <--Unfortunately not quite yet =\
                                  • Editing:
                                    •  Roughly 40 game event texts have been edited by Hawtstuff.
                                  • Events
                                    • Jail
                                      • It is now possible to bribe your way out of jail...hopefully you bring enough money or things may simply get worse for you!
                                      • It is now possible to attempt and seduce your arresting officer in an attempt to remain free. This is a USC event from Kreeves.
                                    • Marketplace
                                      • The Trinket job should now work correctly (there was a bug preventing the acquisition of a certain key item)
                                      • Fixed a USC marketplace event's choices to actually make sense.
                                    • Park
                                      • The ghost should now properly recognize the trinket item.
                                      • Resting on the bench should now properly restore 2FP in most cases. 
                                    • Research Ward
                                      • Various Injections should no longer be infinite.
                                  • Event System
                                    • Skill Checks involving perception will no longer display "ranged combat".
                                    • Fixed a typo in the jail message.
                                  • Interface
                                    • Action Buttons will no longer display 10, 11, and 12 but rather 0, -, and + respectively.
                                    • The amount of time in hours you must spend in jail will be displayed the tooltip that pops up when hovering over any action button (if it is equal to 0 then it will not display)
                                  • Sex System
                                    • It is no longer possible to fuck non-existent cunts on males.
                                    • It is no longer possible to fuck or perform anal without a cock.
                                    • Sex specials should no longer be bugged horribly.
                                    • Gyro should no longer be finished with a sexual encounter in only two turns.
                                    • Orgasm Denial Events triggered by your partner should no longer store up arousal gains up to an infinite number of times (theoretically) before performing a different sex action. 
                                    • Sex system encounters that feature your partner acting first should no longer result in a blank screen.
                                    • When your HP drops below 0 in the sex system, it should no longer crash.

                                  Version 0.20.2a | Character Creation Fix
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • The game will now correctly apply your hip / shoulder ratios for your chosen gender.
                                    • The game should no longer give an error and fail to load on character creation.
                                    • The game should no longer get stuck after making a new character.
                                    • NOTE: If you made a character and save it (right after character creation) it is likely to get stuck and cause a crash. If you made a character, saved a file, but were unable to play due to a previous character creation bug you must remake.
                                  Version 0.20.2a
                                  • Arousal Bar
                                    • The arousal bar can no longer have invalid values for it's colors, which should no longer cause the game to crash.
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • The "Begin Game" button will no longer be invisible. Instead it will say "SELECTION MISSING" and will not work until all selections have been met.
                                    • In addition, a tooltip message will pop up if you hover your cursor over "selection missing" letting you know what options you must select for the game to begin.
                                    • The game now actually says "Save File" instead of open file finally!
                                    • Saving your character name should not include text about system windows and such.
                                      • NOTE: You must change your name in the government district if you were previously effected by this bug.
                                  • Events
                                    • Lucid Dream Events
                                      • Now work properly.
                                  • Event System
                                    • Event Queue now works properly!
                                      • This fixes the jail event!
                                      • Basically I have an internal queue that allows events to stack up so that if an event is currently occurring, a new event won't simply overwrite it until it's time comes.
                                    • Some new pictures were added for some events.
                                    • Many events have images reinserted. Many still do not though.
                                    • Time / FP is now carried out as an action is implemented. This was previously done exclusively through scripting. The is a high chance that many events will take twice as much as the listed FP. This is not intended so let me know where it occurs.
                                  • Interface
                                    • The attribute, item, skill, and status windows now properly update when being opened or closed.
                                    • The attribute window now properly displays cock size and clit size. Nipple size is still not displayed correctly.
                                    • Skill ups now appear correctly.
                                  • Items
                                    • Neko Fruits will no longer think they are jizz leaves.
                                    • You can no longer use the sell button if an item is triggered as "unsellable"
                                    • You can no longer use the use button if an item is triggered as "unusable" (this is to prevent the loss of items like glow gems)
                                  • Locations
                                    • Brothel
                                      • Working in the brothel should now work a bit more regularly and actually pay you now.
                                    • River
                                      • Walking along the river will no longer make you trigger the spoogenesis serum event.
                                  • Lucid Dreaming
                                    • Lucid Dreaming is, for the time being, becoming a bit more simplified until something like a dream world exists. This subsection of the update notes will explain the changes in more detail.
                                    • Lucid Dreaming is now capped at 100.
                                    • Lucid Dreaming now has a difficulty modifier of 0 (this means that a player has a % chance to succeed equal to their skill level).
                                  • Metric System Support
                                    • Units in cm are displayed on the attribute page for cock size and clit size. These numbers are subject to rounding so they will be slightly off almost all the time.
                                      • Example: If a player has an erect cock size of 9 inches, it will be displayed as 23cm (rounded up from 22.86cm).
                                  • Save System
                                    • Games will show a "Save File" option instead of an "Open File" option.
                                    • Stamina debuffs should not have an effect on saved games any longer.
                                  • Sex System
                                    • Bug Fixes
                                      • Feeding your partner a pink vial should now properly consume a pink vial.
                                      • The read partner special should now actually work.
                                    • New Player Specials
                                      • You can now feed your partner a priapis shroom.
                                  Version 0.20.1a (includes hotfix 1 notes)
                                  • Alchemy
                                    • Shop owners longer mistake basic cooking ingredients for basic alchemy ingredients. Thankfully it wasn't the other way around or someone may have gotten poisoned.
                                    • The brew potion button will no longer crash the game if nothing is selected.
                                    • The brew potion button should make the main window come into focus again.
                                    • Alchemy Experiments actually yield results now.
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • Character Creation no longer crashes.
                                  • Cooking
                                    • The cook food button will no longer crash the game if nothing is selected.
                                    • The cook food button should make the main window come into focus again.
                                  • Controls
                                    • Pressing page up or page down will now correctly scroll the text box.
                                  • Events
                                    • Many events (internally) are no longer indexed incorrectly. Example: Hospital serum events will no longer make walk by the river. 
                                  • Hangovers
                                    • Hangovers are no longer forever like diamonds.
                                  • Hospital Checkups
                                    • When you have the option to prompt you before removing the selected body part, taunts you with a message that says, "Are you sure you want to remove this body part?" with OK as the only option.
                                    • Hospital checks now work again.
                                  • Interface
                                    • Choosing not to exit the game will no longer cause the game to close.
                                    • The game menu no longer tells you that it doesn't work when it reality it does! 
                                    • Game should no longer crash due to hp / fp bar calculation.
                                  • Jobs
                                    • Working an odd job will...produce money again!
                                    • Working as a nurse will now produce money again!
                                    • Working in the restaurant will now produce money again!
                                    • All jobs have been given some degree of variability to make them slightly different from one another.
                                  • Locations
                                    • Apartment
                                      • Showering no longer consumes an FP.
                                    • Government Offices
                                      • Name Change Should be fixed.
                                      • You can get information on what the government offices actually do.
                                    • Hospital
                                      • The hospital is no longer strangely empty of events.
                                    • Hospital Research Ward
                                      • The research ward is no longer strangely empty of events.
                                    • Hospital Solutions Ward
                                      • No longer references the "visit odd shop" action.
                                      • The solutions ward is no longer strangely empty of events.
                                    • Jail
                                      • Imprisonment is no longer eternal.
                                    •  Market Place
                                      • You can now buy items again at the odd shop. (wow, what a pain this bug was)
                                    • Park
                                      • Skinny Dipping should no longer cause text to bleed.
                                      • Walking in  the woods actually does something.
                                    • Restaurant
                                      • Now provides the proper image instead of an unused catgirl waitress image.
                                    • River
                                      • Walking at the river no longer tries to make events that relied on the old event code spawn, eliminating the lame "You walk along the river" texts with no description.
                                      • Failing to pick a lactin lily gives a failure message should you fail.
                                    • University
                                      • Cooking classes now advance time.
                                      • Time required to go to class is properly reported.
                                    • University Library
                                      • Reading books now causes time to pass.
                                      • If you have an unfortunate accident, you may actually be out of it for more then an hour.
                                  Version 0.20a

                                  • Events
                                    • The equivalent to a metric fuckton of events have been added. Some are easy to find, some are more difficult.
                                    • USC
                                      • Kreeves has submitted a few events. They are out there if you wish to find them. I'll add where exactly they are in these notes if Kreeves wishes for me to reveal where his events are located ;)
                                  • Interface Changes
                                    • All of the action buttons have been tied into the new event system. This means that some of them may get cut off but moving the mouse cursor over them will instantly yield some useful information including...
                                      • The full caption for the event
                                      • The amount of FP / Time required to complete the event
                                      • Buttons can and usually will make more logical sense...though not always. Example: If there are 5 choices, they will typically be actions 1 - 5, not actions 1 and 2, then action 5, then action 9. Some situations do warrant this however if you lack certain prerequisites. 
                                    • Menu Arrow
                                      • A small arrow button ( --> ) is located on the bottom portion of the screen when the menu is normally available. Clicking on this will display a menu instead of old clunky menu screen.
                                    • Options
                                      • There is now an option to display the results of some skill checks. This is a new feature and therefore doesn't work for everything...yet.
                                      • There is now an option to display some units in Kg / cm instead of pounds and inches. It's somewhat buggy so keep me informed how poorly or wonderfully this works.
                                  • Locations
                                    • Pronman's Pub
                                      • Events added to this location.
                                    • Backwater District
                                      • Events added to this location.
                                      • New Sub Location
                                        • Brothel added!
                                    • Pornicle University
                                      • Events added to this location.
                                      • New Sub locations
                                        • University Library added!
                                        • University Laboratory added!
                                    • Government District
                                      • Events added to this location.
                                  • Sex System
                                    • The sex system has been added to allow for various sexual encounters. This system is very much still in it's infancy though structurally it is completed. It is going to be bug ridden and quite possibly not fun for awhile yet as the kinks are worked out. Think of this as a sex combat system so to speak
                                      • Objective
                                        • The player has two resources they must manage, their fatigue points (FP) and their arousal level. If the player becomes too aroused (100%) they will have a powerful climax and the encounter will end. If the player exhausts their FP, they will not be able to continue and the encounter will end.
                                        • The player's partner has one resource: arousal. The player must get the partner's arousal to 100% to win the encounter.
                                      • Sexual Techniques
                                        • A limited number of sexual techniques have been added. These allow the player to perform various actions that go beyond the typical list of sexual actions.
                                      • Victory
                                        • Successfully pleasing your partner will cause various things to happen, including progressing your relationship with a particular NPC further.
                                  • Trade Skills
                                    • Alchemy
                                      • Alchemy has been added, it is now possible to make several potions with varying effects! In order to make potions, the player must first study alchemy in the university. After a few lessons, experimentation will be possible. By experimenting, the player has a chance to learn new recipes! Using basic alchemy ingredients and various other items it is possible to make new potions.
                                    • Cooking
                                      • Cooking has been added, it is now possible to make various meals. which usually restore FP (and later HP) as well as altering the player's weight. Cooking is much easier than alchemy, the player must simply have the correct tier of cooking ingredients and must be at home to cook. In order to learn recipes, a player must first take classes at the university.
                                  Version 0.10.13a
                                  More bug fixes.
                                  • Icon
                                    • Nazca for making a new icon file! Thanks!
                                  • Interface
                                    •  Attribute and Skill Screen slightly updated (particularly the attribute screen). Future improvements, such as a graphical character sheet superimposed on the image, will be applied further on down the road.
                                    •  Arousal, EP, FP, and HP bars / text will no longer vanish when clicking on travel or menu.
                                    •  Continue button moved to bottom right corner of image box to avoid confusion with the sleep button.
                                  • Traveling
                                    •  The amount of "steps" it takes to lose 1FP when walking around town has been increased to 4 from the previous value of 2.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Character Creation
                                      •  Cock Size will now display as "n/a" if you select the female gender.
                                      •  Though I cannot retroactively fix it, all new characters who select skinny will now properly recieve +1AGI instead of -1AGI.
                                    • Eunuchs and the Hospital
                                      •  The way attributes are handled on the attribute screen at least, it should properly recognize your body parts a bit better.Eunuchs may not have an easier time yet, but it will steadily improve for them hopefully with every update.
                                    • Events
                                      •  You should now be kicked out of the restaurant at 8PM (closing time) instead of after 8PM. The Pornicle government has been enforcing their business curfew!
                                      •  In the future I'm going to split up more complicated events to make them a bit easier. Sadly the mutli-page orgy event is complex and prone to being utlra buggy. I've made yet more improvements to fix errenous body parts (that the player never had) from exploding in orgasm.
                                      •  Fixed the typo in the new sex toy event, "nal" becomes "anal"!
                                      •  The sex toy event includes chances for skill ups now.
                                    • Interface
                                      •  Several labels are now properly transparent on the menu screen.
                                    • Locations
                                      • The Restaurant will now display the correct image instead of the marketplace's image.
                                    • Options
                                      • Made it so transparent action panel works as intended
                                    • Sleeping
                                      • Sleeping will not force you to wake up an hour earlier then intended.
                                  Version 0.10.12a (final public release until 0.30a)
                                  Huge User Interface Reconfiguration (not finished by any means but a good start imo) and Bug Fixes
                                  • Interface
                                    • Event Text
                                      • The event text will now notify you when the game notices you have a status change.
                                    • Options
                                      • Due to a large number of changes in the options menu your talent points have been reset.
                                      • All rejoice! Flat buttons have been killed.
                                      • You can now select from one of six themes, or simply select none to customize the UI your way.
                                      • Several new background images have been added for you to toy around with
                                      • HP/FP/Arousal level bars have taken the place of the former text displays. These bars will change color based on their values. For HP, the more full your HP is the greener the bar will be. For FP, the more full your bar the more yellow it will be. For Arousal, the less aroused the more purple it will appear until it starts become a red color.
                                        • Don't worry, your current numbers (except for arousal because it's a percentage from 0 to 100) will be visible next to each bar.
                                        • Hovering over each bar displays their values in a tooltip
                                      • Hovering over the day / week / month / year text will display the day / week / month / year in an unabbreviated state.
                                      • You can change the main game panel transparency to off if you wish. I think it looks bad off personally.
                                  • Save / Load Screen
                                    • The saving / loading system has been significantly modified to be more efficient (not to mention faster). Instead of having about 11 files associated with your character you have one.
                                    • A "Load OLD Save" file has been added to the game and will likely remain indefinitely. Use this option to load your old characters. The method to save old characters is gone forever so you will have to save your character as the new file type (though your old save files will not be deleted)
                                  •  Bug Fixes
                                    • Data
                                      • Several redundant images were removed. Several more were also added (thanks Combo!) so it's unknown if the game size will increase or decrease by any measurable percentage as a result of these changes.
                                    • Events
                                      • Working at the trinket shop will now actually give you money. Previously I forgot code to include your money increasing...doh.
                                    • Items Window
                                      • The sell button should now only appear in the shop. It should also work correctly.
                                    • Milk Volume
                                      • Is milk volume FINALLY fixed?! I truly hope so. I rewrote the formula from scratch in an attempt to fix it.
                                    • Options Window
                                      • The Option window will no longer have black buttons that are hardly visible. The ugly flat buttons appear for this window! Beware!
                                    • Skills
                                      • Sex Skills no longer use skill modifier penalties/bonuses but instead use sex skill penalties/bonuses. What a novel concept!
                                    • Skill Window
                                      • When computing your skill levels for skills that use two attributes, the game will no longer subtract the second attribute bonus from the first. The game was calculating skills correctly, just displaying them wrong.
                                      • Masturbation and Bondage skills now appear again. 
                                    • Space and Time
                                      • Midnight should exist again. An error in the space time continuum has been corrected (previously, Pornarium had 23 hour days)

                                  Version 0.10.11a 
                                  Now with more bug fixes!
                                  • Character Creation
                                    • You should be able to make characters with only 1 letter in their name now.
                                  • Interface
                                    • Main Screen
                                      • Instead of wasting space saying, "Item Buttons", that text will now display the game's currency (EP) so you know how much money you have with you.
                                    • Skill Window
                                      • The Skill window will now tell you what your attributes do for each skill.
                                    • Travel / Sleep Window
                                      • The game will now remember your sleep choice now. This resets each time you load the game.
                                      • Images now actually change as you travel so it looks like you are traveling, not teleporting.
                                  • Quality of Life Improvements
                                    • Doing things in the restaurant will no longer fling you to the streets unless it's past a certain time (closing time).
                                    • Buying things at the odd shop no longer will make you leave and go to the marketplace any longer.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Events
                                      • Ghost should now recognize if you've  given her a trinket earlier.
                                      • I gave some more leeway at the park for getting thrown in jail. If an event caused you  to orgasm but also increased the time to say 9 / 10 AM. you previously had a chance to get sent to jail. I've tweaked this value some. Let me know if you still experience the harsh cold jail cell from park night events. 
                                      • The lactation messages should no longer override arousal messages. 
                                      • The Orgy event has been tweaked further. Sorry this particular event is so buggy, it's perhaps the most complicated of all the events and pushes my text parser to the limit each time. I constantly a making tweaks to the event and the game's text parser engine so this event is going to be buggy until I get everything right. When I DO get everything right however, it should be near perfect. 
                                    • Interface
                                      • Item window will now update with your item's information when you hit the "I" button. This is increased from the previous value of not updating the item window.
                                      •  Increased the frequency the skill window would calculate changes to your skills by 100%. 
                                      • Exiting the options menu should no longer cause action buttons to appear.
                                    • Items
                                      • The delusting gel now only will effect you once. They have stopped providing 50% more free!
                                    • Item Window
                                      • Fixed the buttons on this screen to match the style of the other buttons.
                                    • Jobs
                                      • Trinket Shop and Restaurant Jobs should no longer reward "0" EP. This was due to certain effects (such as lust or being covered in nymph cum) lowering your charisma or etiquette skill to zero. As a result I've simply added a "1" to each equation to make up for this. As a result pay has also been tweaked slightly.
                                    • Lactation
                                      • Milk Volume when displayed in event should not have any trailing zeros.
                                    • Location
                                      • Pronman's Pub is no longer identical to the University, though there still isn't anything to do there...yet ;)
                                      • If you know the path through the hedges...well you can go through it...even if it doesn't lead to anything yet ;)
                                    • Skill Window
                                      • Should auto-update now when pressing "k"
                                    • Status Window
                                      • Should auto-update now when pressing "u"
                                  Version 0.10.10a
                                  More images, bugfixes, and even a new event
                                  • Cum Volume
                                    •  A lot of people have been reporting errors of all kinds with this event. I have rewritten the forumla in the code so that it doesn't use the "old code" from liberty basic just slapped into the VB code. I've written the new code to take advantage of the new attribute functions I've written in VB. You all should notice more differing volumes now but please keep me appraised to how these are working out. I will probably continue tweaking the formula. I already am thinking of dividing the volume you produced by the # of cocks you have (instead of multiplying it).
                                  • Events
                                    • A new event has been hidden somewhere. I expect people to find it very quickly
                                  • Images
                                    • Several new (and old) images have been added to the game
                                  • Hotkeys
                                    • The I hotkey will bring up the item menu now. It will also close it.
                                    • The M hotkey will bring up the menu screen. Unfortunately the M key will not also close it. I can fix this but my time is limited today so I will have to address this at a later time.
                                    • A note about hotkeys in general: I will eventually fix this, but if they don't seem to be working click on the "textbox" / text of the window that's open to be able to use the hotkey again.
                                  • Interface
                                    •  I have disabled XP visual Themes so that I could have more control over the colors of things in Pornarium. While you won't see any immediate effects (except for the save bar) future frames such as the sex system frame and the combat frame will utilize bars  for things like FP or arousal. I really disliked a generic green XP progress bar so I replaced them with my colors. This may also cause your custom colors to display much better (they will no longer have the possibility of being overwritten automatically by windows)
                                  • Locations
                                    • Marketplace
                                      • The odd peddler has been replaced by an odd shop and is now stocked.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Events
                                      • The orgy event was fixed a bit to prevent a cock only event from spilling into the rest of the orgy events. There still may be further errors. If you encounter one let me know.
                                      • Masturbating your cock no longer lowers arousal by 50%, only 25% as intended.
                                    • Interface
                                      • The missing skills (orgies & karma sutra) have been added once again.
                                      •  The orgy skill was correctly calculated, it was just being erroneously added to orgasm denial.
                                    • Locations
                                      • Entering / Exiting the restaurant or shop no longer will cost a FP, much like the enter / leave buttons already present.
                                    •  Typos
                                      • A typo in the hospital futabus victim event has been corrected. 

                                  Version 0.10.9a
                                  Bugfixes and 5 new images (2 placeholders)
                                  • Attributes
                                    • The maximum testicle size has been increased to an 8 inch diameter up from 6 (as unrealistic as that is :p. I may reduce testicle size increase increments to 1/2 inches instead of inches but I'm undecided)
                                    • The maximum cum multiplier has been increased to 8 up from 5.
                                  • Images
                                    • 5 new images have been added. Two are placeholders for female arousal (I figured it's better than looking at a Futanari if you are not playing a Futanari).
                                  • Map Tweaks
                                    • The restaurant now has an option to travel "SE" if you are inside the restaurant.
                                    • The shop can now be accessed by traveling west from the marketplace.
                                    • The Cumin Restaurant can now be accessed by traveling North West from the marketplace.
                                  • Sleeping
                                    • You now have an option to sleep for 8 hours (default), sleep until night (8PM) or to sleep until morning (8AM). If you end up sleeping for less then eight hours, you will recover a smaller amount of your HP/FP based on the simple formula of (Hours of Sleep / 8). If you sleep longer then 8 hours, you will not gain any additional effects.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Events / Actions
                                      • The skinny dipping event with the male now points to the correct version of the event. Since in the past I've been editing the correct version (not realizing I left the incorrect version) I couldn't figure out for the life of me why everyone else wasn't seeing the changes :p
                                      • The game should be a bit more selective of your body parts. If you don't have a cock, events requiring a cock should not spawn. 
                                      • When you produce milk at a volume of 1.000L or more, it will now correctly read 1.000L instead of 1000L.
                                      • If you gained a cock, it would not be able to cum. This has been fixed.
                                      • When selecting "Good Terms" for the female introduction event, you will no longer be mistakenly called a Futanari.
                                      • It is no longer possible to fuck the elf in the pool if you don't possess the necessary body parts. 
                                      • Removed old code ("+milkvolume$+") from the elf encounter @ the River.
                                      •  Text should fit better for the lucid dream event buttons.
                                      • Hospital events shouldn't cause any more lockups. 
                                      • You no longer can masturbate even if you aren't aroused in the jail cell. 
                                      • You will no longer get a message stating that you drank the nymph's "gift" regardless of whether you actually wanted to drink her gift or not.
                                    •  Interface
                                      • Pressing "A" to bring up the attributes window should now calculate the window once more right as you press "A". 
                                      • If you have more items then you can hold, you can no longer use items. You must drop or sell an item prior to being able to exit the item screen. This was intended to be designed this way.
                                    • Regions
                                      • The game should now recognize different regions better. I apologize for such a mishap, but I didn't take into account that other countries use a comma instead of a decimal point. This caused some embarrassing issues with the milk volume event.
                                   Sadly versions 0.10.7a and 0.10.8a notes were lost in oblivion. Such a sad day that was.

                                  Version 0.10.6a
                                  These notes are a work in progress, and will be updated as I make changes to the game. I am simply typing them up as a I go so that when I do release the update I'll already have the notes ready without a need to back track.

                                  • New / Changed Events
                                    • Lucid Dreaming
                                      • The old lucid dreaming events have been replaced with three new ones by Echorid.
                                    • New Apartment Event (you'll have to discover this one)
                                    • Residential Streets
                                      • Events have been edited by Echorid and myself.
                                      • The police officer has some additional random events associated with him for flavor purposes.
                                      • There are several new sub events from looking around, mostly for flavor purposes.
                                    • Marketplace
                                      • Events redone, some additional event text has been added in places.
                                      • Working at the Restaurant has gotten a bit of an overhaul
                                    • Hospital
                                      • Although I liked the "nurse hewer" events in 0.10.5a and earlier, I feel the new hospital interface is much better. Now you simply pick and choose what you would like to remove.
                                  • Items
                                    • All old items have been redone. Their events and effects have been placed in the game.
                                  • System Changes
                                    • Arousal System
                                      • Lust now has a direct effect on how much arousal you gain from various events. Roughly every 10 points of lust will increase the amount of arousal you gain by 1 point. This relationship is not directly linear however, as you reach 100+ lust it's roughly 1 point per every 20 points, at 200+ 1 point for every 30 points at 300+, 1 point for every 40 at 400+, and 1 point for every 50 points after 500+. It eventually caps out at 25. Note: It's not possible to go above 100 yet, but if you somehow got 600+ Lust you really are going to have trouble doing anything. This is by design but it's not like you won't see it cumming. It will take a long time to reach these numbers but it will eventually be possible.
                                    • Sleep System
                                      • When sleeping away from home or a comfy bed, the first night will yield no penalties. The second night sleeping away from home or a comfy bed will result in a 25% FP penalty when you wake up. The third (or more) time away from home or a comfy bed will result in a 50% FP penalty. As the game world expands, there will be more homes to buy / find and comfy beds in places such as inns so you won't have to run all the way  home.  
                                    • Item System
                                      • Players now have carrying capacity. This is tied directly to your strength. It is measured at 1.5 x your strength rating.For most players just starting the game, this will range from 12 - 18 and can be increased to a maximum of 30 during game play. I'm still evaluating carrying capacity as it is in it's earliest stages. I probably will decide to lower it but I haven't made up my mind yet.
                                  • Interface Changes
                                    • Hotkeys
                                      • Item Window
                                        • "U" will use a selected item
                                        • "D" will drop a selected item
                                        • "S" will sell a selected item,
                                        • NOTES: I plan to make it so that there will be a confirmation box to sell / drop an item, though it hasn't been implemented yet.
                                      • Main Window
                                        • Hitting Enter will function the same as clicking continue. 
                                          • And space too :p 
                                        • Travel Hotkeys
                                          • Numpad 7(NW), Numpad 8(N), Numpad 9(NE)
                                          • Numpad 4 (W), Numpad 5 (Open/Close Travel WIndow), Numpad 6 (E)
                                            • Pressing "T" will open the travel window now.
                                            • Pressing "S" will make the player sleep when the travel window is open.
                                          • Numpad 1 (SW), Numpad 2 (S), Numpad 3 (SE)
                                        • Action Hotkeys
                                          • I understand this isn't the best system, but it's better then nothing for the time being. By holding the alt key, you will see numbers associated with each action (numpad 1 for example). If you let go of alt and press numpad 1, you will perform that action. I know this isn't great, and will eventually make it better.
                                            • I've just added numbers 1 - 0, -, and = keys to function the same way as well.
                                          • If you are holding alt and click something, it will likely mess the buttons up. Don't click stuff when you press alt. This will also be fixed soon. It won't actually break anything, but may temporarily replace your action button texts with stuff like "numpad 1"
                                        • Window Hotkeys (hotkeys only really work with one window at a time, so if you make a ton of windows open they will stop working well until you close some windows :p)
                                          • Pressing "A" will toggle the attributes window
                                          • Pressing "K" will toggle the skills window.
                                          • Pressing "U" will toggle the status effects window
                                    • Items
                                      • You can now equip up to two consumable items. When equipped, you can use an item multiple times in a row without leaving the main screen. When the item runs out, it is simply removed from the main screen. You can also choose to unequip an item from the item screen if you no longer want it there. 
                                    • Options
                                      • The option menu has been added giving you some customization options for the game These include:
                                        • Changing the event text font to any font between 8 and 72...though playing at either of those extremes seems rather impossible. 
                                        •  Changing the text alignment between left, center, and right. Due to some odd formatting issues in events, I recommend that center (the default) be left checked but if it bugs you, feel free to experiment.
                                        • You can chose to place a border around the event and picture windows or turn it off.
                                        • You can chose not to shrink images to fit the image box (not recommended)
                                        • You can chose whether or not to maximize the game window on launch
                                        • You can change the following colors: window background color, event text color, event text background color, main window text color, picture window background color, action button text color, action button background color, continue text color, continue button background color, menu button color, menu button background color, item button text color, item button background color, travel/sleep button text color, and finally travel/sleep background color. 

                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.52(not yet released, available on request)
                                  • New Features
                                    • Better Debuging Tools: You can now edit orgasm durations and clit-size.  
                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.48(not yet released, available on request)
                                  • New Features
                                  •  A "colorize text" button was added to assist in event creation. It will flag event text code in either red or green to make it easier to find.
                                  • Breast number and breast number only commands were added to the game.
                                  • The text, in addition to scrolling to the location of inserted game commands, will now highlight the first few characters of the said game command.

                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.44 
                                  • New Features
                                    • Better Debugging Tools: You now can set values easily which include: cock number, pussy number, testicle size, and testicle number.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Fixed the ball adjective description typo.
                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.39
                                  • New Features
                                    • Not Milking Command added.
                                    • No Balls Command added.
                                    • No Pussy command added.
                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.36 (not yet released)
                                  • New Features
                                    • Option to display target's name for the new sex system
                                    • Option to display he/she/it pronoun for the new sex system
                                    • Option to display his/her/it pronoun for the new sex system 
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • [charname] now displays a placeholder for testing purposes.

                                  Pornarium Event Creator Version 1.32
                                    Simple typo fix
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Typos
                                      • When saving / opening a file, you will no longer see the version # reverted to 1.26 on the titlebar of the event creator.
                                   Pornarium Event Editor
                                  Version 1.26 

                                  • New Stuff
                                    • State Change button added in debug window.
                                    • Variable Change button added in debug window. 
                                  Version 1.24
                                  • New Stuff
                                    • (should have been here since version 1.00) The Event Editor will give you a file name you are working on the titlebar.
                                    • New Option: Reset Variables. This will allow the testing of things such as incremental variables.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • When saving / loading an event, the dialogs will now properly give you the same file name instead of totally independent ones.
                                  Version 1.21
                                  • New Stuff
                                    • Added character name option.
                                    • Added the Character Name command.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Editor will now refocus on where you added a game command instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom.
                                    • Fixed errors with loadpic.

                                  Version 1.18 (Not Yet Uploaded)
                                  • New Stuff
                                    • Added an option to perform an attribute comparison

                                  Version 1.17
                                  • New Stuff
                                    • Added an option flag to display if the player has does NOT have a cock. This is useful for female only events.
                                    • Added a  version number at the top of the event editor.
                                  • Bug Fixes
                                    • Fixed the variable change command so it now adds the initial " [ " bracket.
                                    • Fixed a bug where the multicock flag would not appear.

                                  Version 1.10
                                  • Added the ability to save debug information so you don't need to manually edit it each time you open the program.
                                  Version 1.00
                                  • Initial Release of the Utility.

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