Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doh, experimental build up at least :P

I made too many internal changes to the game's system (body parts / random equipment) which are causing a bunch of issues. Random equipment mostly works with the exception of some items not appearing in shops, the body part system is causing me some issues (stats aren't appearing / functioning), and the new combat defeats / victory events aren't spawning ><. ( I did upload the experimental build if you want to check out the new stuff I'm working on in all it's buggy glory.)

The good news is that these are all fixable and I'll definitely do so. I wanted to have the orc rape event I working for tonight but until I can get combat to work as planned I had to scrap that.

The experimental build included about four new potions, a new consumable item (if you like fox ears, eyes, tails, and whiskers you'll enjoy it ^_^), a new cooking recipe, and four new alchemy recipes tied to the potions.

Two of the potions will change your gender from male to female and vice versa so be careful when consuming them. Part of the new stuff that I'm going to be added will finally allow you to add more genitals but I didn't get around to it yet.

Check out the update notes page if you are insanely brave :P In the meantime I'm going to probably finish adding the new stuff I have planned as soon as I fix the combat bugs, following that I'll fix the rest of the bugs and upload a new official build. I'll try to post more experimental builds in the interim, I've been rather bad at posting those lately :3.


  1. Hold on... It been almost 1 month from previous update. Then when you release a public build new players simply can't play it because you didn't even test the Character Creation screen?...

    Seriously? 1 Month?... Before the release day you don't run a simple quick test? or in your computer everything is working good? Because in the chat, there are many people having the same thing.

  2. Yes, that is correct. I do this in my spare time ^_^ I can't find nor fix everything, if it weren't for a quick test though chances are I would have kept some other stuff in that was causing crashes. I'm working on this in my spare time so I can only do so much, I would recommend checking back on the game much further down the line as some pretty big changes went in like randomized equipment.

  3. bug
    it thinks you have a tail animal ears and animal nose when you don't it actually shows like this
    On the top of your head rests a pair of , you also possess nose.
    Aside from the previously mentioned body parts, right above your bum a tail about.

  4. another bug you have to talk to the people at the tower again after you gave them the item they wanted to get the spell


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