Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hibernation Mode Engaged

Good News: Taco has gotten a job promotion & is making lots more $

Bad News: He's totally had to re-work his sleep schedule so expect at MOST a month of inactivity build wise.

Addendum: Hawtstuff is still working with & accepting new writers. There is much to be done content wise, so if you see this post be sure to contact Hawtstuff. This inactivity only applies to updates to the EC & main game, so we're still working on stuff behind the scenes. Leeroy's events are 1/2 done now, and the cat girl sisters are in editing phase.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Progress Update: 7/16/2012 (Still Alive, Yes Still Alive ♪)

No progress to report this week ;_;
(You Must Construct Additional Volunteers!)

In a nutshell, this was my entire past week……..



Today: Goliath ONLINE!

This was partly due to the fact that on 7/11/12 my desktop, Shadownexus I, experienced cascading drive failures. There were massive casualties, both RAID 0 Array HDs (WD Caviar Blue) were irrevocably lost as well as my Crucial M4 SSD cache. Currently in process of obtaining RMAs for all of these, since they did not last even a whole year (WTF??!)

Now Running Shadownexus II, which will hopefully last a good deal longer. Totally not regretting now that I spent that extra cash for a 3Tb HD (was a lifesaver!). Currently in process of trying to restore backups I created using Acronis True Image (which is awesome since it bypasses the retarded RAID/Non-RAID backup incompatibility issues when there is a difference between drive geometries in Windows 7).

Fairly soon, I should be back in the game, and progress will resume as normal

tl;dr NEVER, EVER USE RAID 0!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Slowly but still working ^_^

Just giving another update on my end of things. I rewrote the attribute screen, you can take a peak at a draft I did before vacation if you click on the debug and then the new attribute screen ;)

The internal build features a completed rewrite of this, I think skills will be next. I'm also slowly fixing some bugs (like the stupid Futabus bug) as well as working on a dungeon and a way to improve combat skills a bit faster.

I know, nothing exciting yet sorry, stupid RL being busy :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still here :P

I'm also still around, don't want anyone to think I've vanished. Just working very slowly. I need(ed) to reformat my computer and reinstall windows but I am meticulous with backups so nothing was lost :) I'll continue to keep you informed, though sorry nothing exciting is happening.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Progress Update 7/2/12

Bad News
No progress :(
It was finals week and everyone was very busy with IRL stuff.

Good News
Two new prospective writers!
All of this week is open for me to do writing!

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