Monday, February 13, 2012

Experimental Build

This is purely an experimental build for changes with the sex system. I cannot guarantee it will work the freezing issues yet but the way the code is handled is much...well cleaner and less headache / vomit inducing for me. If you have been experiencing issues with freezes and you are willing to give me a shot let me know / have the following if possible:

1. Let me know where it freezes, did you succeed, fail, or run out of FP in the sex system?

2. If the brothel tip window did not pop up, did the continue button appear? If so, did clicking it succeed at making the tip window appear?

3. Which partner(s) did this occur with?

4. If you could link of e-mail your save to me, that would be awesome so I can test it out myself with your save :)

Also, you'll notice I'm rearranging the sex system screen a bit. It's still a work in progress (I am not the best with UI's :P). I expanded the text window drastically but perhaps I've done so a bit much. You'll notice most of the buttons are gone now permanently, right clicking should cause a dropdown menu to appear OR you can click on the menu to perform the actions.

Finally, some changes you will see to the sex system based on feedback during the livestream:

  • Actions like kissing or fingering will not require FP.
  • Specials may cost an extra FP or two.
  • Using the ghost's gift for stronger orgasms will actually have an effect in the future, reducing your arousal further in the sex system AND out of it.


  1. Hello i got a little 'big' list bugs and other stuff for the game, looked all around but couldn't find a bug/suggestion submission so i am asking here.
    Sorry in advance.
    About the event writes i just got started so i don't really know exactly what to expect.

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  4. sorry the character creator has an unhandled exception
    not sure what to do about this seeing as i have no idea why i got it

  5. @Calypso: The download page has two links (.NET 4.0) and VB Powerpacks. Both are required software packs to play the game. I'll try to figure out some way to bundle them in the future to avoid issues.

  6. Well. It's not all fixed.

    I downloaded the new build and the last save I had was just before sex with Shandia. When I got her off, and exited the sex system, the game locked.

    It could be a problem with the saved game. I didn't start afresh. IIRC the sequence I used was "Kiss", "Special Ability - Burst out of your garments", "Kiss", "Special Ability - Oral Sex", "Digital Stimulation", "Special Ability - Cast Erotic Visions". But I just tried to re-create it, and as her actions were different I ended up doing a little more "Digital Stimulation" and it locked when I left the sex system again.

    And the same thing just happened with Bell.

    Several trials later and I've narrowed it down somewhat. If at any point during the sex system I cast "Erotic Visions" the system locks when it exits. I haven't found any other sex act which does this.

    Again, this could be a problem with the saved game, which I would be happy to send to you if you like.

    I'm not certain the I like the drop down menu as much as the previous design, but that could be because I play at a really high resolution and there is a lot of empty space. I imagine that if I played on my laptop I might like the new menu system better. Not that my opinion matters all that much.

    Thanks for all the hard work, and I'm looking forward to trying to break more things.

  7. Your opinion certainly matters :) I did make sure I backed up the old layout and I will continue to make adjustments if needed (or if there is a large demand for them).

    Interesting if erotic visions is the cause, I'll have to test it out.

  8. That's what it was flex:

    I have a little subroutine that's called when I need to disable all the buttons. This is done when you cast a spell out of combat / the sex system because the new event will adjust the buttons displayed accordingly. Unfortunately I forgot to turn it off for all other spells, so for the erotic visions it would disable every button following the sex system. It should finally work now :P

  9. I saw a few people post that the freezing problem still persists when having sex with Bell. Flex reported problems with her above as well. I checked it out and confirmed that I did not receive the continue button after going to her place and having sex with her again.

    However I went back to the pub and picked her up there. I think fucked her and lost and received the continue button. I recalled back to my appartment, slept, masturbated, and went back to her place. I fucked her and won and still received the continue button.

    Assuming the issue with Bell is the new version is having a conflict with not seeing the pub event. I also just saved my game, closed Pornarium, re-opened, and fucked her again. Was able to continue w/o problems.


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