Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pregnancy System!

Good news everyone! I've just finished writing all 40 pregnancy events, as well as a new item that will speed up gestation. All Taco has to do is to code it all in and it'll be ready to try out! Keep in mind we're starting with just human pregnancy, but after some script enhancing (mainly stomach size support) it'll be robust enough to support other types of pregnancies as well.

Taco Edit:

Just a quick overview for what's planned:

  • Characters will have two attributes Gestation and Fertility. Pregnancies will be based upon the rate of 9 in game months (270 in game days).
  •  A higher gestation will decrease the time between each pregnancy event (some may be skipped with higher attributes in this area, not sure yet). 
  • A higher fertility rate will increase the chance to get additional offspring and have an effect on stomach size.
  • I won't be detailing NORMAL birthing, sorry :P. Monster birth (like tentacle pregnancies) are a whole different story.
  • I'm not going to really focus on offspring that you may have, at least not at this time. Perhaps just a running tally or something.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thanks for the feedback guys, I won't be using upload mirrors any longer as it seems that it just tried to get you guys to install all sorts of nasty stuffs. I'll make torrents the official distribution source for the game and then for major builds (not experimentals) I'll probably use that crappy site (upload mirrors) with huge disclaimers about how it's not recommended and spyware filled for those that insist on not using torrents (for technical or personal reasons).

I am satisfied and pleased with the community's desire and ability to seed the game torrents (within only 2 - 3 hours, there are 20+seeders, after a day or two 40+) so availability is never an issue.

Just wanted you all to know that it was never my intention to offer such a crappy download. In the past this site had never such a plethora of issues but obviously things have changed. I appreciate all the bug reports as well, I've been looking at them but it's just a busy weekend so I haven't been able to poke at the game too much. Tomorrow and Tuesday evening should give me a bit more time to dive back into coding ^_^

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pornarium 0.52a [experimental] released (via patch)

You can download the patch here.

A big thanks to Joker who was a huge help in fixing a great many events this build :D

This is my first time using the patch maker, let me know how it works or if it doesn't.

The update is a rather small one and contains a few things:

  • A new event written by GreenFeline ^_^
  • Sewer bugfixes.
  • Coffee Beans should work...hopefully...
  • Tons of edits by Hawtstuff
  • A fixed fountain event.

This weekend coming up is going to be a bit busy for me, so I don't think I'll get to delve back into programming much until Monday or Tuesday. I hope to fix the EQ bug for everyone in the next update. Speaking of the EQ bug, can you let me know what version of windows you are using, and if you are getting the EQ bug or not? I was trying to ask this question via poll but annoyingly blogspot will not let me start a new poll. Anyways, enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patch coming soon (1 - 3 days)

I'll be unrolling a patch soon, perhaps as soon as tonight if I get a little extra time later this evening...though chances are it could be as long as Friday until it's released. This patch will do the following:

  • Add a new catgirl event.
  • Change the dungeon room descriptions so they aren't all the same when traveling.
  • Many edits by Hawtstuff
  • Investigate crashing reports
  • Fix the dungeon exits
  • Fix coffee beans...I hope :P

This patch, whenever it is released, will be the first test of the new patcher. You will need to have version 0.51a Experimental for this patcher to work, having the incorrect version will cause all sorts of fun bugs. I'll post this again when I release the patch but make sure to backup your files before attempting the patch...I've only tested it on my own computer so who knows if it'll delete or corrupt the game file or something like that.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Experimental Build 0.51a Released!

You can download the torrent for the experimental build here.

WARNING: This build has the potential to be very buggy!

With that out of the way, what exactly does this build do?

  • Fixes some major bugs (crashing) from the last experimental build.
  • Adds a new random dungeon which can be started in the marketplace.
  • Adds about 5 new enemies to the game.
  • Adds a new transformation.
  • Adds a sexual encounter
  • Trap System debuts, though it's broken right now (It says something like, "insert trap text here" even ><)

What is missing before the next actual build?
  • Pregnancy system
  • Tons of bug fixes for the new dungeon.
  • Tuning of monsters / encounter rate.
  • Special sex actions and attacks related to the new transformation
  • Fixed fucking coffee beans :P

I wanted to do a patch to test it out instead of a torrent, but due to the large changes in the game itself the patch was about 1/2 the size of the game anyways, so I just decided to do the torrent update. Thanks to all who test this, I hope to have a small bugfix patch at some point in the near future to fix some of the many bugs you are all regrettably going to encounter. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

New Experimental Build Soon

I may actually have the experimental build up later today. I had the day off and was far too bored and delved deep into the world of coding and was able to finish the Sewer Dungeon. It works albeit with a few bugs. I need to program some enemies for the dungeon after I go for a run (need some fresh airs ><). After that, which shouldn't take too long, I'm going to fix a few bugs and hopefully get the build up. If I can't get the build up today then it will likely be posted tomorrow instead.

EDIT: It's likely going to be tomorrow, I don't feel like programming anymore today :P

Potential New Patching Program

I have found a potential new patcher to use with Pornarium. This will allow me to release smaller updates between experimental versions or even larger versions. Though I likely won't be finished with the experimental build, I plan to release a small patch later today at some point just to test this program. It will fix things (hopefully) like the crash on the new attribute window.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dungeon Crawling

While I am still working on the Pregnancy system, I'm also getting into my random dungeon groove for whatever reason. The next build will likely be experimental again, but will feature a random sewer under Pornicle. This dungeon isn't really huge (about 8 - 11 rooms depending on the randomziation or lack of that you get) but it will feature the chance to find loot, a sexual encounter (a certain type of monster like NPC), traps, and will serve as a means of leveling up combat skills from the 10 skill point level to about 35 or 40 points.
   Due to the fact that there will be a new feature (trap window, which will allow you to use tinkering to disable said traps) as well as a bunch of bug fixes related to the last experimental build, this build will also be an experimental build. I'll make another post regarding this build a day or so in advance of it's posting.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Experimental Build (0.47a Released)

I've posted a link to the experimental build torrent here.

The experimental build doesn't add a ton of stuff yet (I just have awoken from my hibernation Rwaaaaaar!) but I'm back to working on the game. Here's the focus of this update:

  • Attribute Window Redone!
  • Skill Window Redone!
  • Difficulty Slider added to options window!
  • Added an NPC that will train you in melee, ranged, and defense while boosting some of your attributes. This is a good way to get your character a bit more combat ready (500EP a lesson). 
If you want a lot of new stuffs I'm afraid you'll be sad for now, but once again I'm back to working on the game ^_^

Let me know how they all work and feel free to give me feedback on them.

Here's what I'm working on in the immediate future:

  • Pregnancy System (may not have much content, but I want the system working finally)
  • Reputation System (doesn't have to have much content, but I want it to be working)
  • Rework Lucid Dreaming

Here's what I want to work on in the more distant future:

  • Tinkering
  • Ability to modify your house, have NPCs move in with you, etc.
  • Finally add Olivia's awesome map to the game!
After the "distant future" stuff is done, there will be a couple more things before the "alpha" of the game is done. What does that mean exactly? It means that I'll be shifting the game to beta which is mostly the content generation phase of the game's development. This doesn't mean I won't be adding content between alpha and beta, I'm just primarily focused on the game system at this point. If you have any events you'd like to submit, you can send me an e-mail and discuss it with me if you want to help flesh out some of the content during this phase as well :)

Experimental Build Later Today

I've been toying a lot with the inner workings of the game, trying to make things a bit more straightforward from a quality of life perspective. Here are some changes that I've made:

  • Attribute Window now displays things in nice little bars and descriptive labels instead of a wall of text.
  • Skills and Sex Skills now displays things in nice little bars.
  • You can hover over these bars for a breakdown on your attributes, skills, and sex skills.
  • When moving you'll now be able to see what actions are available to you, though they will be grayed out until you exit travel mode. 
  • EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot about the difficulty slider :P

While these may not seem like huge changes (I guess they really aren't from a player's perspective) the attribute bars and skill bars were a bitch to implement. It was pretty tedious to code but I'm very happy they are done. As long as time permits today, I'll work on throwing in other stuffs in the game too, mostly minor things right now (like the ability to train your combat skills). This I guess officially ends my hibernation mode, sorry it took awhile but life has just been a combination of wonderful, busy, and horrible lately :P

Traveling now shows you what actions are available, though for the time being they are disabled until you disable travel mode. (Hitting "T" will accomplish this)

The new skill window will display your skills as bars instead of text. Hovering over a skill bar will give you a breakdown on where your bonuses are coming from.

The new attribute window will still yield the old description (upper right) but will now more easily break down everything so it hopefully won't be as confusing as fuck.
There is now a difficulty slider in the options menu. If you want an easier time slide this to the left. It will make skill rolls far easier and enemies significantly weaker in combat, but your loot and EP earned will be reduced. If you slide it to the right the opposite will be true.

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