Monday, June 18, 2012

Progress Update 6/18/12

Current Completion Status

Catgirl sisters encounter - 70%

Foxgirl encounter - 50%

Streaker Sidequest - 20%

Pregnancy Support - 5%

Focus Priority For This Week

Pregnancy Support (AKA rubbing big tummies :3)


  1. This is the image:

    Also, catgirls AND foxgirls incoming? Me like.

  2. Nice to see an update. Keep them coming

  3. Yay, news of updates!

    Looking forward to all of these things, especially pregnancy support!

  4. Wait who getting preggers?
    Us the Players or the NPCs? Would be nice if it goes both ways


    Sweet image! ;) Was getting an extra / in there.

  6. I just hope we got some way to prevent pregnancy.
    Giving birth a half-orc (no racism intended) won't be an option for me :P

  7. I'm pretty sure orc procreate from tainting other species, like with the ORC potion forced consumption in the loss scene.

    That said, I hope there's a pill or spell or feat to prevent for people to choose as they wish. Personally, I'm hoping that there's a chance to become an orc breeding toy or join the orc tribe as a raider and eventually chieftan or chieftess. Maybe I need to find the time to volunteer...


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