Saturday, April 14, 2012

Break time, Sorry

I'm taking a break for a week or two longer from the game, possibly slightly longer if I need it. I have to do this or I'll get burned out. I haven't had a real drive to program lately, doesn't mean I've lost interest but if I force myself to do so I will lose interest if that makes sense. I appreciate everyone's interest and I'll become more active and start posting more when I've decided to start working on the game a bit more again :)


  1. Totally understandable! Rather you take some time off than loose interest :)

    Have fun! ;)

  2. Sorry to hear, but if it helps you keep this project afloat good luck :)

  3. Yeah its good to just take a break once in a while. Hell, I'm never more productive at work then when I come back from my two weeks of vacation (and I like my work).

  4. Project isn't dead, I'm just on a rather long break. I've gotten an incredible amount of submissions which have kind of struck me with a bit of awe. I've been increasingly torn by the programming and writing, it was getting a bit overwhelming and I needed a break, that said I've been in contact with Hawtstuff and am amazed at how helpful people interested in this game have been.

    Don't worry, I'm not quitting but the break is needed. If I ever quit I would never disappear, I'd announce it :P I do admit the though crossed my mind but I can't turn my back on this project nor all the people who have helped after all this time (over a year of work on this). That all said, I won't force myself to start working on it again until I'm ready, which is hopefully soon ^_^

  5. Don't worry broski, we're kinda used to your extended 'NO ETA' breaks by now.

  6. @Anon: Then you'll be delighted to know I'm going on vacation in June for a few weeks ^_^


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