Monday, December 26, 2011

I had a little over two hours to work on the game tonight so I added what I've done to the in development build (the 0.33a updates list is starting to get very lengthy!). I added a few sex techniques related to Madame Mamrya's and made some minor tweaks to the UI. Nothing to exciting to really talk about game wise but if you want to see what's changed feel free to check out the update notes.

EDIT: I know a lot of people have sent bug reports and I haven't acted on them yet. Before updating the game on January 1st, I plan to fix as many bugs the day of the update. While adding new things I tend to focus on that and only fix bugs somehow related to the new stuff I'm adding.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday, Merry Christmas. To those who do not, I still hope that you will be merry today and enjoy the time off...or even if you don't have the time off I simply hope you enjoy the day.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the game, I didn't realize it until recently but this blog has gotten over 1,000,000 page views since it was opened here in Late May / Early June. I appreciate everyone who is following the game, it gives me motivation to keep making it and gives me a way to give back to the community. I've been a long time dweller of Futanari Palace and I've rarely contributed anything but have always downloaded an insane amount of images / videos...this I guess is my way of saying "Thanks!" to the community there.

I really appreciate that people have taken the time as well to submit images they've found, help me edit the text, write events, gave me advice, gave suggestions, voted on polls, gave me icons, helped make a wiki/edit the wiki, submitted bug reports, and anything else I've forgotten to thank you all for :).

I will continue working on this game for quite a long time for your enjoyment (and my own). Sometimes I won't update it as frequently as I would like, but life just can be busy at times. Even a spare hour here or there can do quite a bit (yesterday's hour added multiple item use functionality and about 5 events) so anytime am motivated to work on the game I will do so.

Today though, I will be spending with family and relaxing, but I just wanted to say thanks before I did all that. Have a happy holiday everyone :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Had a spare hour

Thankfully the busyness that follows the holiday season has begun to wane a bit. Amidst wrapping presents and other things I got a spare hour to work on the game  today and got a few things done including this neat addition:

You can now use the same item(s) up to five times provided you have the correct quantity. If you want to use 5 pink vials all at once you can do so, simply click "Multiple Item Use" on the item screen and type how many you'd like to use. You will then receive the item use events back to back until they are completed.

Aside from that I added some functionality to the dressing room though it's still not completed yet. Hopefully aside from Christmas tomorrow I will get at least an hour a day until I go away on vacation on January 2nd to work on Pornarium. If you want to test out the latest revisions it's linked on the Update Notes page.

Due to many new images the file size has increased to roughly 75MB up from 42MB.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for my silence as of late, life became busy (stupid work and wonderful family) due to the time of year. I just wanted to let people know I'm still here and dedicated to the project, I just haven't been able to work on it much due to real life getting in the way. While there may be development updates before the first of the year, I want to upload a non-development build on January 1st before I take a couple weeks off and go on vacation. Hopefully next year will prove kinder to my programming schedule :)

I didn't want anyone to think I had vanished or stopped working on this project (as I've received a couple e-mails of this nature), I don't think I'd ever do such a thing and if I did, I would post a message saying so instead of simply vanishing. Don't worry about that though, I like Pornarium immensely and enjoy programming it. Maybe if there were 30 hours a day this holiday season I could spend a bit more time on the game though :P

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

0.33a Revision 1 available via Update Notes

Version 0.33a Revision 1 is available on the update notes portion of the blog. It doesn't feature the last bits of Mamrya's establishment yet but it does include the completed combat / magic / equipment system. Although there are bound to be some bugs still (when aren't there any bugs) things should be working properly now. The next version will be 0.34a (or possibly 0.35, or 0.36a depending on how fast I can get things done) and will be available when I get a chance to work on the game next. 0.34a will feature Mamrya's establishment's completion. 0.35a will feature the Great Northern Highway and associated events (things like random encounters, though not always combat related). 0.36a will feature the Southern gate opening and possibly one more area associated with it. 0.35 and 0.36 will not feature the transportation system as of yet, that will be a bit further on, but once that is implemented it will be possible to take a train to various stations around the continent.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still going well!

My Skyrim addiction has pretty much cleared up and I'm back to working on the game. I am still putting the finishing touches on magic right now but I've made a decent bit of progress. I've added five spells to the game and the events associated with obtaining them. This isn't an official build yet but you can check out what I've done so far on the Update Notes page (a link to download this is available BUT it's experimental, you may want to hold off for now). I haven't really added much in the form of sexual content so those seeking that should hold off, this is mainly just a finalization of magic / combat / equipment. I've added a to-do list in order of completion below as well.

Important: Due to the fact that equipment and magic add quite a bit to your save files the initial loading of an old character will cause the game to freeze shortly upon loading. This is because your old saves lack the magic / equipment objects used by Pornarium and must build them. Loading a save after this should be quicker.

To-Do List:

  • Finish up implementing magic in combat (almost done, spells do not yet work here yet).
  • Finish up Madame Mamrya's events.
  • Add some new images I've gotten from a couple image hunters :)
  • Add some new enemies.
  • Add a couple new pieces of equipment.
  • Add some new transformations and raise the caps on skills / attributes once the outside of Pornicle is explored.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skyrim obsession begining to fade :P

My obsession with Skyrim is starting to dwindle finally. I recently got back from a mini-vacation and got some well deserved rest. While I still dedicated some of my spare time to Skyrim, my attention span is now able to focus on other things a bit :P

I don't have an actual update yet but if anyone is really brave and wants to simply test out the Equipment system / magic system / combat system feel free to check out the development build on the update notes page. I don't really encourage or expect anyone to look at it, as it's still lacking content / is  slightly buggy (except the EQ system which does actually have all of it's items added). I'll continue to trickle in new notes / dev builds over the coming days until I feel I've finished up a sufficient amount of content involving these new systems (as well as the remaining Mamrya events), after that I will finally post an "official" new build. I just wanted to post this so that those following the blog know that I didn't vanish into an abyss somewhere :P

Equipment was a rather tedious thing to implement (once the system to process equipment had been completed) as I had roughly 20 pieces of equipment to add. While adding an individual piece is not that bad, I had to first transfer their stats from my notes to the game, then write an event for them, and then write a button for 90% of them (since they are obtainable in the new weapon shop and armor shops).

I'm not sure how exciting this news may be to those of you following the game, but to me as the game's programmer / designer it makes me incredibly happy to have finished these systems. They  consist of a rather huge chunk of the game's alpha phase (this game will shift to a beta phase in the distant future after a few other game system additions) and with them out of the way I can start adding more fun ways to change your character :).

EDIT: I should also mention I've got a metric shit ton of images to start adding to the game as well, thanks to those who have sent me them :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Stuffs Done and Skyrim

So Skyrim came out on Friday...that was bad for this game and good for me :P

I have been utterly hooked and have been unable to tear myself away. This week is a rather light week for me work-wise so I've had a lot of time off (I am also taking the weekend off to take a trip with some friends). Sadly most of this time has been spent in Skyrim but today I've decided to spend several hours before work dedicated to programming. I've finished combat, equipment, AND magic. I'm working on the finishing touches (things like cooldowns / uses on magic)  and adding some basic stuff (a few weapons, a fight or two, a few spells) and then I will post a build. Whether or not that will be today or not I'm not sure.

I've been rather quiet lately but that has been due to Skyrim. It's best I get that soul-devouring game out of my system so I can continue living my normal existence again :P

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just another update

Just thought I would give an update on what I'm working on:
(these status numbers reflect the systems themselves being functional. The equipment for example is done, but other then some standard items I haven't really added equipment. Luckily it's easy to add equipment! I just have to type a few lines of what it does and a description and *poof* it's in the equipment DB. After that, I just need to put a line of code in an event and it will add it to your list ;) )
  • Equipment: 100% Done
  • Combat: 100% Done (player side is done, working on NPC AI Scripts now. 1 / 4 basic scripts done.)
  • Magic: 100% Done (this part is actually really easy, I'm saving it for last. Will take maybe one or two hours tops)

I have to work on these to satisfy this insane programming itch I have but they are going along very well. If any of you have any questions as to how these systems work feel free to ask in the comment section :) Should be ready to put in a build soon, though I can't give an exact timeframe.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting stuffs

Thought I'd report that things are going quite well now that I have power again. I spent a lot of time bored without power trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do to entertain myself so I did a lot of code planning. I thoroughly mapped out the design concepts required to make magic, equipment, and combat all in one go.

Combat is the hardest to implement, and it's currently 50% finished. I have the UI done and the basic code behind it. I just need to implement the AI (mapped out already) and do the rudimentary text for simple stuff like,

"A grass snake kicks you for 8 damage!"

Equipment is 95% done and will be done as soon as I figure out how to make / utilize a copy constructor for VB I'll be finished with it.

Finally, magic is the easiest. That will take me maybe one hour to do a UI and another to code it.

I know I seem to be getting a bit side-tracked but I really feel that these need to be done already. I'm getting annoyed as I add the new content at not having say the magic system available for the Madame Mamrya events (or even the other secret area that many people have stated is inaccessible ;).

This shouldn't take too much longer as I'm mostly done. I'll also post bug fixes, make some new stuff, etc. in between so this doesn't become like the last dreaded two months where I made new stuffs in secrecy :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm back!

I lost power Saturday night which obviously put a stop to what I was working on. As of roughly 6pm today I was delighted to find power was restored. Once I've taken about 2 or 3 more hot showers and had a day to recuperate, I expect to resume programming as usual :P

Monday, October 31, 2011

Slightly Bad News

Starting from last weekend, and going on still today, Taco is experiencing a total power outtage from where he lives due to storms and he has asked me to inform you all of this. Hopefully his power will be restored shortly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Future Builds

Based on the poll, it seems like unless there is something horribly game breaking people would like updates around once a week. That sounds reasonable to me and I shall try to post one weekly as I make progress on the game. That said, I will post a link on the Update Notes page via the "(in development)" portion so you can check out what I'm working on if you feel so inclined. This is accessed through dropbox so if you want a more advanced copy that is where you will be able to it, which includes bug fixes as I go along. The link will just bring you to the current version for now, but as the notes get update so will the file contained in the link.

As with any build, always overwrite your old files!

Pornarium 0.23.3a

I've released Pornarium 0.23.3a. The new area I've introduced last time is almost complete (sigh, seems like I never can finish what I plan in time ><) but I've still added everything new I've done so far in that area. I've also made the area a bit more easier to access (previously you needed to fulfill two conditions that didn't really make sense, though independently they make perfect sense). There were a variety of important bug fixes that made the game a bit more stable:

  • The sex system AI has been tweaked.
  • The sex system will not simultaneously trigger up to 3 endings causing nothing to happen.
  • The sex system will not display text prior to special encounters after the encounter has been completed.
I've also added a few new things including:

  • Some new events building up to the new area being finished. Some of the events are building to a couple new encounters (one is a new job, one is a new specific partner) that are all breast expansion themed. 
  • Three new sexual techniques for the player to learn.
    • One is breast expansion related.
    • Two are catgirl related.
  • A new location may appear for some players (a dressing room). I know it's empty right now, there are events coded for it but without the option to perform there really are no point to implement them yet. They will be included in the next build and consist of:
    • Putting on makeup
    • Talking to fellow performers
    • Obtaining Large Blue Flasks
  • Since many have been asking for it, the character description will once again appear in the attribute window. Currently you should recieve three short paragraphs describing your characters appearance. This description took a bit of time to code, but it's very modular and I'll be able to expand on it further. The metric system is not working 100% for this description sadly.
Here are things planned for the near future (I'll stop attaching any dates since I stink at sticking to them, just know I'm working on them):
  • Two new jobs, the final two for Pornicle.
  • Three new sex system partners*
    • There are actually five planned, but I'll put the last two on the back burner so I can expand outside of Pornicle finally. Two are more "instructional".
  • Three new sex system techniques, two are breast expansion related and one is going to be a multiple tit-fuck technique (i.e. if you have more then one row of breasts, you can tit-fuck your partner with each pair).
    • I also will start filling in any item I feel should have a technique.
  • Areas outside of Pornicle will begin to be added, I'll also add the expanded lucid dream area.

You can find the link on the downloads page :). I'll update the bug page tomorrow, but for now I need some sleep.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update by 1am, Character Descriptions Return!

I will have the update released by 1am tonight (or I guess tomorrow technically). Since so many people seem to lement it's disappearance, I've decided to work on adding the character description once again to your character attribute page. This description is slightly improved from the old. It will take into account several attributes to give you a more detailed description of your character. Besides the normal stuff (breast size/number, cock size/number, etc.) it will give you additional information based on the following factors:

  • Accounts for Hip / Shoulder Ratio
  • Tells a (hopefully) correct hair description.
  • The way other people percieve you (how attractive you are and your outward demeanor) is based on appearance / charisma.
  • Your eyes can be more seductive and can betray how lustful you are based on the attribute / skill.
  • How muscular your upper body is based upon strength.
  • How toned / muscular your legs are is based upon your agility.

Hopefully you all will like these updated descriptions :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dungeon Defenders is evil!

Hey all, I'll have a new build up soon...I don't mean to have been so delayed. I got introduced to a game called Dungeon Defenders right as my week started freeing up time-wise and was forced (forced as in I really freaking love the game :P) to delve into the realm of playing games for the weekend. I spend a lot of time making this game and sometimes forget how fun it can be to actually play a I let myself get distracted.Sometime Tuesday (noon) OR Wednesday (by 2am) depending on how far I get prior to work will feature a new build finally. I've gotten my compulsive gaming phase out of the way for Dungeon Defenders and can resume a more normal level of gaming that enables me to do other things. Sorry about losing my focus but these things simply happen sometimes ><.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blogger Comments Fixed

My Bug / Suggestion pages should now have comments enabled once more. Google fixed the error(s), yay :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pornarium Event Creator Update

Updated after quite a long time...

   I realized I have not updated the event creator in quite a long time! If you'd like a tutorial you can read one here. The creator is on the downloads page. You cannot integrate this with the game yet sadly, but if you wish to toy with the idea of writing your own events this will give you some tools to get it to display to your liking in game :) The downloads page has a link to the event creator if you wish to take a look.

0.23.1a Released


   I've updated the game as promised, though it's really only a half-update so to speak. It fixes the bugs but the bulk of the new things I wanted to add will not make it until later on this week due to the evils of work. That said, the masturbation bug should be fixed as should the ghost event. This version makes several tweaks to the sex systems code so it should be significantly less broken as well as random. 

   Also, based on a fan's suggestion, the new area I included last update features the "Gossip" action. If anyone has found it let me know what you think of this concept (keep in mind that virtually everything in the gossip action for this location isn't available yet). For those who may not have found it, I'll explain some of my future plans below for new areas (and eventually retooling of older areas)

Gather, Gossip, Research, and Look

   I plan to use these four actions when applicable in most locations as I have done with look. Looking around will be based upon your perception and will be used to find random events and various things occurring at a location like it currently does in game (minus the perception requirement part).
   Gathering will be used to find tradeskill items and other random things scattered about in certain areas. Imagine the river for example, but instead of simply just walking around and hoping to randomly get items you can choose an action specifically to gather them (though which you find will be subject to chance still). 
   Gossip will allow you to converse with NPCs which will give brief little tidbits of information about the immediate area or surrounding area(s). After a successful Charisma check, you will learn about what types of items may appear in an area or hear rumors about what types of NPCs you will meet or what skills you may be able to learn. 
   Finally, research which will be based upon the knowledge skill, will be used at places like the Library or other fonts of information to learn about more secretive things (such as what exactly is following you on the dark streets at night).
   Let me know what you all think, personally I'm quite keen on the idea :)

   If you find a bug, throw them in this post for now. Sadly blogger has a known issue with comments disappearing on pages so I am forced to use this post for such things until it's fixed. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

1/2 Update Tonight

My work schedule has been a bit scrambled this week leaving me far busier early on in the week then I normally am. I'll be posting an update which will include some bug fixes and a few new things but a larger update won't be posted until later this week....stupid real life :P

While I don't anticipate this later update finishing Pornicle totally, it should completely finish the new area that was introduced last Monday. After that, there was one more hidden area that will be added and then it will be done finally and I can move on to areas outside of Pornicle and things like magic.

Also, Hawtstuff's event is coming along nicely :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sex System Bugs

Bugs galore, surprise!
   I sat down and looked at the code for the sex system tonight as I wanted to add some new specials in and admittedly got side-tracked. Perhaps it was good that I did because there were a whole plethora of errors I noticed after reading through what I had done. I'll hold off on an update until Monday as usual instead of posting a fix build due to the fact that these changes may make things a bit unstable..I'd rather test them out a bit on my end first.

 Here are some things that were horribly wrong:
  • If a player had 100%+ arousal, your partner had 100% arousal, and you were out of FP, all three events would fire simultaneously causing who knows what to happen.
  • Orgasm Denial actions by the player were being interpreted (game mechanic wise) as oral sex actions due to a typo o.O
  • Sometimes when an NPC tried to perform oral sex or finger / jack-off your character they would instead simply add random amounts of arousal to both you and themselves with no message detailing this or why it occurred (it may also explain the occasional double messages that appeared).

Thankfully the above was fixed. I tested things out on my end a bit and it actually worked quite well. I also changed orgasm denial slightly as it was a quick but perhaps better 5 - minute coding addition that may make the skill a bit more usable. Now whenever you use this skill (or your partner does) for a set amount of rounds (usually 1 - 3) it will prevent you / your partner from orgasming. Previously it either did nothing (yet another bug fixed :P) or simply set the target's arousal to 99%...which isn't that useful.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Contact Info

I've had a lot of people, especially recently, tell me they cannot find my contact information and have resorted to finding out my various forum names (or have found my e-mail through some other means). I've made a contact page to allieviate any confusion. Feel free to send me a message through any of these mediums.

The contact page is listed in the tab  to the right, but you can also click here to bring it up.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I got most of the comments from the bug page, but it itself has become bugged hilariously :P

I cannot turn on comments and for some reason they are set to off permanently ><

I am planning a small bug fix build to address the masturbation issues and will fix the page for after that. Until then it will hang in limbo. The small update is likely to be released around the usual 2:00AM EST time.

EDIT: I've made a new bug pages just because I'd feel weird without one :P
EDIT2: I didn't get a chance to fix the ghost event yet, so I haven't posted an update yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update Frequencies?

Figured I'd ask an odd question.

Do you prefer larger (say once a week updates) in regards to bug fixes or do you all prefer bug fixes to be uploaded when they are completed?

The reason I ask this is because the game is slowly growing larger. More images are being included in the project bumping it's download-size from 25MB in version 0.10a to 40MB now, and it likely will keep increasing.

Feel free to comment and vote on the poll to give me an idea on what you all prefer.

Pornarium 0.23a Released


   0.23a is finally out. 0.22a was an internal build and was not released here (it just added the backwater district "look" action). 0.23a is not really complete yet, but I stated I would release what I had on Monday (well Tuesday :P) so that you could at least get a preview on some of the stuff that will be added.

 There is a new area but it must be discovered first, I'll give an easy hint for this one: It's related to someone you meet and then don't meet outside of your apartment.

This area is not really fleshed out yet but there are a couple of things to do there. By next Monday, I should hopefully have that entire area completed. While I still plan to add a more content, I think it's getting near the point where magic is going to have to be introduced to the game, it's starting to slowly creep it's way in and players have no way of actually utilizing it yet (though this version does add the ability to raise the magic skill through a new item).

The new secret area is just the tip of the iceburg, it will feature two new jobs, at least two more sex techniques, and also a new sex partner in the coming week or two. If you are hoping for a lot more stuff to do, I would hold off for now, but if you are interested in previewing the theme of the new stuff or want to help bug test I'd be happy to have you test the game :)


 Don't worry, it's not some sort of ad window :P. Gone from the game are the old cheesy:

Your X skill has increased by 2!

At the bottom of events. Instead, you will see a popup window in the upper left corner (it can be cleared by hitting the X or hitting escape, and should disappear after several seconds). This popup window will contain all the new info, and does not interfere or clutter the main game  text. Hopefully this new popup window will be to everyone's liking, if not, give me some feedback on alternate ideas provided they are not too complicated (UIs are NOT my strong suite, that's one reason why Echo is redoing it :P)

NOTE: The new popup window always stays on top right now. I didn't have time to fix it this build. Hit the x or hit escape to close it if you have to alt-tab or something :P. The popup window doesn't spawn constantly if you aren't doing anything, so don't worry about it spamming you constantly if you are away from the game.

   I would like to thank Nazca for starting a wikia for Pornarium. It can be viewed on a link on the right hand side with the other pages. Please help fill out any info if you'd like, this is an official wiki for you all to post things that you discover as you play. I occasionally will be contributing (mostly spoiler free) data when possible, though that won't happen very often as I'm busy w/ RL, the blog, and the game.Thanks Nazca! :)

Check out the full update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Version around 2:00 A.M. Est

Just giving a quick update. I'll have a new version added early Tuesday morning. It will feature some new stuffs to do as well as yet more bug fixes :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Delicious Content ♥ Not a lie!

Good news everyone!

Seeing as how you guys are wanting more content, I've decided to take a break from editing for awhile, and focus on writing some more epic content for the game alongside with Taco. I plan to write several events for the University, including one story arc involving a very naughty student, which I've already started on. I can't promise any deadlines, but I should finish the story arc well before the end of October.

Stay frosty!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Far...

Quick Update

Thought I would give a brief update. So far so good on adding the new stuff. Though not the most exciting, I've completed the Backwater district streets. This area contains 2 actions (boring but needed "look around" actions) that trigger up to 9 events (with a total of 18 what I would call "sub-events" that spawn from these). You'll be able to find 3 new items (1 of them is an alchemy potion to brew) while the other two can be found in other ways.

Though alone these events aren't enough to justify an update though I hope that Monday I will have finished a secret area as well as another secret area so that Monday's update will be a bit more beefy. I don't want to get too ambitious and plan the world for Monday but so far it's going at a good pace. Worse case scenario there will be these events as well as several bug fixes but I hope that I can do more than that. Once I get all the stuff I mentioned here in the game I will finish two final sex system NPCs before finally expanding the game out of Pornicle. This could be done by the Monday following next Monday but again, no promises just yet (though each Monday at the very least I will release a new version).

Stuff Planned for the Next 2 - 3 Weeks*
 (Updates Released at least on Monday)
  • Alchemy Fixes (again lol). I think I found the bug that was the root of these problems.
  • At least 5 new sex system NPC's.
  •   At least 5 new items.
  • Likely 5 new status effects
  • 1 New Location, 3 or 4 hidden locations.
  • More NPC sex techniques.
  • More PC sex techniques.'
  • Bug fixes as usual.

*This list is just a guideline, but unless something drastically complicated occurs most if not all of these should be in game within 3 weeks. Depending on RL issues, this could get stretched out to 4 weeks. All of the things above are planned and are on paper already so their implementation should not be an issue. I still don't want to promise anything though just in case, I learned my lesson last time :P

User Submitted Content & Suggestions

   While I don't need any user submitted content, I always would love to incorporate it. If you have an idea for a sex technique, an event, or something of that nature and want to see it in game feel free to run it by me. Some things may have to be edited to make them fit but I would love to incorporate them (and naturally you'll receive credit on the thank you page and update notes).
  Some areas that are open to user events:
  • Backwater Districts
  • University
  • University Laboratory
  • University Library
  • Hospital
  • Hospital Research Ward

   Pornicle has a skill cap of 20 and some limits on what can be transformed but if you have an idea it would be great to hear it :)

Contacting TK
   If you ever wish to contact me about the game to give feedback, suggestions, or anything of that nature send a message to via google talk (or drop an e-mail). If you see an away message up, leave a message. So long as you don't spam me I'll get back to you when possible. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.21.4a Released

Item Bug Fix of Death
     Warning: This update is experimental, save a copy of Pornarium 0.21.3a.rar in the event that this update breaks the game. It shouldn't as I tested it fairly extensively...but I've said that in the past and it hasn't exactly worked out.

This update fixes a couple major bugs in the game system:
  • The item window should not glitch out when your inventory over flows.
  • Buttons now actually have to have their conditions met before they appear. No more free alchemy lessons :P
  • The way Sex System Specials and Items were coded was an affront, I had to revise them and place them into dictionaries instead of leaving them as blocks of ugly code that was barely decipherable by me. This part is where the instability comes from.

I'll make this the official version once people let me know it doesn't break everything, but it can be downloaded here.

New Stuff It Is!

The poll has indicated you want new things, so for the next two weeks I'll work on doing such things. Next Monday should feature the first round of this, and the following Monday the second. It's possible there will be bug fixes in between particularly an upcoming one for the broken item screen so keep an eye out for them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pornarium 0.21.3a Released

Here is version 0.21.3a. :)

It fixes a ton of bugs (check out the update notes). This is NOT the update with various new images yet. They will be included in 0.22a which is what I'm working on next (content update).

If anything is seriously broken I will post a 0.21.4a version to fix whatever issue is borked.

Check out the full update notes here.

Check out the list of known issues, and report bugs for the game here.

Before you click MORE to reveal the link to the the download, please make sure you download the visual basic power pack AND the  .NET 4.0 framework if you don't have it. Failure to install the aforementioned will cause your game to crash.

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