Event Submission Guidelines (User Submitted Content)

*User Submitted Content DISCLAIMER*

    • Before starting to work on something, please contact Hawtstuff and describe your concept to him (flowchart etc), so he can tell you if it's viable or not. If he approves, then feel free to start :D
    • Please keep in mind to not take it personally, if even after your initial approval, that your submission is ultimately turned down, we don't want to be the bad guys, so you definitely want to check in every now and then with HS just to be safe! Tacoking will not take responsibility for your writing!
    • IMPORTANT: if your submission is used in the game you will receive credit for that event on our game credits page.  Also, if you write 10+ events for the game you will receive credit inside the actual game itself! ☺
    • Submitted events will NOT be removed from the game unless the event is of a "detachable" nature and you express the strong desire that other events never refer back to your submitted event(s). Event submissions based solely upon Tacoking's event outlines will NEVER be removed from the game unless through the course of legal action.
    • By submitting an event you give us the consent to edit your event, and to make improvements, if necessary. Flavor changes can be included, but Hawtstuff will ask you if you would consent to such changes before incorporating it into the game.

Types of Submissions

  • Write an event. I have placed the Event Creator and the Event Creator Tutorial .pdf on the download page for you to use for scripting purposes.
  • Images that you own the rights to, are public domain, or where the artist is unknown or anonymous. If you are unsure, DO NOT SEND IT TO US.
  • Public domain soundbytes or soundclips you own the rights to.


  • Write in 2nd person narration ONLY!!!!
  • DO NOT include spoken dialogue for the player character:  internal thoughts worded such as "You think about x", or expressing player communication as "You tell her x" is OK.
  • There are no endings in Pornarium! Events must either be repeatable or must conclude, or resolve conflict, without a bad, good, or neutral ending.
  •  DO NOT submit any events regarding or relating to the farm.

General Advice for Event Writers

  • Strongly watch out for passive voice, i.e "is verb/ed/ing", "are verb/ed/ing", "will be verb/ed/ing" etc.
  • If you're looking for some erotic inspiration try here:  http://search.literotica.com/search.php?type=story&advanced=1
  • Be explicit and dirty! Don't neglect your texture, taste, smell, sound, wetness, warmth, and level of force/gentleness details. Naughty NPC dialogue is a big plus!

  • Creating new areas outside of Pornarium is OK, but if you're new to writing events, keep it simple :)
  • Flavor text is immensely appreciated, especially if it increases game immersion, such as the player dealing with a huge cock etc! If you write these, HS will love you long time ♫
  • Event submitters who, on top of their concept idea, also submit previous works (preferably of an erotic nature ♥) will receive more prompt feedback.
  • Those who can add in scripting or at least *notate* where to put scripting into their events, will receive very favorable consideration.
  • When it comes to event complexity, start with something easy. While it might sound tempting to do a huge orgy scene as your first event attempt, you would quickly realize such an event is very script intensive and would not be a good starting point for most people (unless for those who like a good challenge).

How To Submit Content

    Submit all content in the following way:
    • E-mail to hawtstuff33@gmail.com
    • Make sure the subject line reads: "User Submission"
    • Attach any relevant files. Any executable files will not be downloaded.
    • Make sure to include whatever name you want to receive credit for your submission.


    1. Is there a help file, or read me for the event creator? I would like to try out making an event or two for you (I like to think I am a decent writer), but your creator baffles me.

    2. http://www.futanaripalace.com/showthread.php?38662-Tacoking-s-Erotic-Sim-Game-Work-in-progress&p=756843&viewfull=1#post756843

      That link is my Futanaripalace thread on the subject. It will list the basics. You can't really integrate the events in game yet but it will explain how it works. Eventually as time passes I will increase the functionality until user content is full integrable with the game.

    3. So i have read your mini guide at least three times so far, and while it gives a pretty good start it leaves out a lot of the functions of your creator.

      I have been wanting to create an event for a while now but I didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted to do. Well today I got an idea but it requires more coding help than what your guide offers, and I'm not even sure the creator can handle it. Is there any way to create your own variables?


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