Thursday, July 28, 2011

Official Event Creator Tutorial Coming Soon!

Seeing as how the Event Creator can be a little overwhelming sometimes, I have decided to make your lives a lot easier by writing a tutorial on how to use the event creator! It'll be full of examples, and lots of creative ways to use the scripting commands! It'll even feature a full section on how to set up de-bug mode, how to bug test your event, and what to do if you should run into errors. Stay tuned!

Also please note, for any of you who wish to submit content, please be sure to fully read this page, especially the parts on "What NOT to expect" -->

Monday, July 25, 2011

You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind...

I've been pretty quiet lately working on the project, so I felt it was time to give a warm welcome to all you devoted players out there! As the editor on staff, I work hard to make sure your experience in Pornarium is a very pleasant one!

That being said, I need a favor from you guys, so I can continue doing my job of providing you with the most exciting and immersive content imaginable! I need you to take screen caps of you playing the game in your native resolution and post it in the comments section of this blog post.

Please be sure to tell me what resolution you are using in your post.

Be sure to set you in-game font to size 12.

The screencap MUST be of the ghost event, before you give the trinket to her. Click "Submit to ghost", then take your screencap.

Make sure that I can see the text box in the game, and do NOT scroll down (this way the screencaps are consistent in content.)

This information will let me know how to chunk paragraphs and sections.

Thanks is a good site to use, but be sure to mark the image as "adult".

Also I would like to give a shout out to Echorid, for providing the zeitgeist of the text, his inspiration and creativity will always continue to motivate me! Taco goes without saying; his countless hours he has devoted to this project speak for themselves!

Monday Update: All About Alchemy

   I've had a lot of fun making the alchemy tradeskill. There is significantly more to Alchemy then cooking (which really just requires knowledge of a food and the appropriate set of ingredients) which I think will make it more fun. After taking a few alchemy lessons at the university, you may want to experiment with Alchemy. You will see items with the keyword [Alchemy] listed after them to indicate they can be used in Alchemy potions. Once you have such an item, you can use the experiment action at the University Laboratory to see if you can make any potions with those items (you don't need to click and select them, but you must have them in your inventory). If you posses the correct items and skill level, you will consume a basic alchemy ingredient (bought at the store for a cheap 50EP) and gain the ability to create a new potion! As long as you have the correct ingredients, simply going to the laboratory and using the create potion action will let you brew a potion.
   There's more though! A lot of items you gain in the game will produce various effects, but what if you wish to produce the opposite effect? Provided you have the correct skill, simply bring a potion you want to reverse (if it is reversible it will have the [alchemy] keyword in it's description) and a Reversia Rhemannia (they can be bought or gathered) and experiment, and if you have the correct skill voila! You will create the opposite potion (example: Small Pink Vial becomes Large Blue Flask, which shrinks your bust ;) ).

Items Galore!
   If you exclude money and key items,when Pornarium 0.10a was released it had 10 items you could gather. As of right now (and I'm not quite done with Pornicle yet!) there are roughly 35 items. Expect to see even more items as time passes.Though I can't guarantee this feature will be in 0.30a, I will be adding a "storage" feature so that excess items can be placed in your home. With all the new items in the game it's getting quite annoying having to drop / sell everything ><.

The Pub
   My next planned area to complete is going to be Pronman's pub. It should be a fairly straight forward area (it's a pub after all). It will be a place to unwind, get drunk, and meet people. It will also add a new job to Pornicle based on both your cooking skill (for mixing drinks) and your charisma skill. If you do well on both you should be able to rack in some decent tips.

Alchemy / Item Screenshots
 Nothing fancy here, but these are some new alchemy/item screenshots:

Using a Pink Vial and a Reversia Rhemannia will allow you to make potions that have the opposite effect of their original.

When you lack an alchemy ingredient, you will be informed of this by evil red text.

There are already many potions to make, and many more are going to be included as time goes on.

There are many new items in the game now. Some of them are simple, like a cup of coffee, others unlock new transformations.

The alchemy keyword informs you of items that can be used in Alchemy.

Pornarium Gender Question

I will be putting up a new poll moments after this post to ask a serious demographic question. I am very curious to how many men, women, and other genders play this game....I have my personal opinions as to what the actual numbers may be but I don't want to ruin the poll too much by stating them :p.

This is a fairly important question because it will let me know what genders our audience is composed of. I really want to make sure I make content that appeals to all genders (sexuality is a question we can address later), I wonder if the audience for this game truly is predominantly a certain gender like I'm predicting. After placing the poll online, I will make an "auto post" to announce what my expected results were :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vocal vs. Silent – Ready, set, FIGHT!

Silent it is!

Damnit >.<

Mmmyes, I guess I lost that battle of votes, which means I have 25k words of text I need to revise to make the PC silent… *Scratches overgrown beard*

Oh well, shit happens, yet science still gets done. Now if good things happen on the other hand, my writing does not become like a monkey infected with rage! Which is a good thing I guess, but what’s not so good is that I haven’t been able to concentrate for squat because of said good things, leaving me with not a single written word for the last two weeks. Ooops :P

I did get back on track today though, and I’ve revised and expanded upon the event with the last cowgirl, and I shall continue to do so. The poor girl is flat as a pancake in the chest department, but old Echo is conjuring up ways to remedy said problem! And then some! And then some! And then some! And then s… oops, I might have gone a bit overboard… I’m sure you won’t mind ^_^

Also, for the record: I agree upon the change into a silent player character. While I would have liked a vocal protagonist, the protagonist I was creating would ultimately become mine, not yours. And in the end it is after all for you that we’re creating this game, not necessarily for ourselves. Well, a bit for ourselves too, but mostly you, so it is only fitting that you get to create your OWN character :)

And that was today’s rant! I’m back on track, and while my train of thought might go off the rails at times, rest assured that I will stay till the end of the line. As for the rest of my evening: Full steam ahead! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Barely on time again!

Dreaded Items
   So as many of you who have been following me for awhile understand that I am by no means a master programmer. That's perhaps one of the things I enjoy most about this project...I've learned so much about programming since the start of this game. Sometimes however, you learn that you simply did foolish things. This week was one of those weeks. 
   Since the University introduced tradeskills, I've naturally had to start implementing a new tradeskill window. That in itself was easy. It took me a bit of debugging but I got it working in a jiffy for the cooking tradeskill. It worked well until I got to one item code. I almost vomited on my own screen in disgust, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Here's how it used to work:
  • When you select an item, it sends the string (with the item name to a function). That returns a number which is relative to the item's code. Yes, it's a bit silly but if that was all that happened it wouldn't be too bad.
  • Next a subroutine would take that item code and for some reason regenerate the item name for use in further applications (??? why did I do's like I added an extra step for fun).
  • Next, when setting an item to a button, it would once again reference a list of item strings gotten by the function in the first button and then translate it into a number again (???) and tag it to the item buttons.
  • Buying / Selling / Dropping items required the game to perform the first two bullets each time.

I don't even think I can make sense of what I did, it still confuses me and I don't even know if what I typed above even remotely explains it well enough. The good news is I have learned a lot, I simply made a class that stores all of the item info in a handy variable relative to the item selected. Simply select an item and all the data is stored for my use very easily. Is there an easier way to do it? Maybe, but I'll go there later when I become wiser. Anyways, rewriting the item system took me a very short amount of time, figuring out what the hell I did to make items work prior took a long time. The good news is that it's easy as cake now to add items. What prompted me to rewrite this system was when I was programming additional items in last night, it took me about an hour to figure out how to do so...that was the final straw.

So what does that all mean for the game?
   It just got easier for me to program. I'm just adding events now with ease :D. I've made some good progress on the university but I still have a bit to go. Unfortunately the item debacle slowed me down a bit but I still think I'm mostly on track. Since I have a free night, I plan to get a huge chunk if not all of the university done after this post. 
    Kreeves can attest to (hopefully) how easy it is to make an event, he added one of the game's first user submitted content which will add an additional event to players outside of your apartment. I wanted to tip my cap to him for finishing up the event. User Submitted Content (USC) will not speed up the development of the game any, but it can give you a chance to add your own unique events to Pornicle. If you are ever interested please e-mail me (my address is on this site). USC is independent of the planned game content but again is not only greatly appreciated but I hope that together it will help us flesh out the game even more.

Random Screenshots!

I thought I'd give you all some random screenshots!

Pornicle now has days of the week...sadly the month names need to change as they are all 30 days by design.

Quick shot of the cooking window.

"Attend a class" action.

Learning to cook can be fun ^_^

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small Progress Update

Since I had a decent chunk of time to program today, I thought I'd give a brief post to describe what I worked on today. Our editor, Hawtstuff requested some additional features for the event creator which I was happy to program in. I can't wait until you all see the types of things he's down with the editor, he's really gotten used to my weird bbcode like event codes and has made a lot of improvements to the events around Pornicle.

While working on the University a bit, I had to make some modifications to the skills list. I've added survival which is based on stamina and intelligence and seduction (to sex skills) which is based on appearance and intelligence. Swimming has been removed, I've decided to simply let player's swimming skill transfer over to survival so your time raising the skill isn't completely wasted. I've also alphabetized the skill window...why it wasn't in the first place I don't understand. I've also added the much requested hip ratio attribute (as well as shoulder ratio). Though it's still a ways away, when you all do get an opportunity to play the next huge update you'll find that you will be asked to select which ever of these ratios you'd like for your already existing characters. These ratios don't really do anything yet, they are mostly for aesthetic purposes, but I assume as time passes we'll find some creative ways to use them yet.

My next big day to program is Saturday which hopefully I'll be able to provide you all with another brief progress report. If I feel there isn't enough to show you yet, I may wait until Monday.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday actually on Monday! (Barely)

The University
   The main focus of today's update is going to be on the next area under construction, the University. The University has been given a bunch of actions:

The university will give you a chance to raise a lot of knowledge based skills including knowledge itself. On a certain day of the week, you'll be able to take an exam at the university which will give you a chance to raise your intelligence skill should you pass a knowledge check when taking the exam.

You will also have the opportunity to pay for cooking and engineering lessons to boost these trade skills. I will also be adding in a new cooking event at home to cook some food, though I'm not sure if there will be anything added for tinkering just yet...perhaps you all can give me some ideas for some very simple tinkering items. In the future, you will be able to use tinkering to make random gadgets to help you out in various ways.

Before you take a glance at these next two images, bear in mind I haven't written any descriptions yet. The reasons they are included is to show the possible actions. Also note that the picture for the University Lab is a placeholder image for now as I think Slavemaker makes use of this image so I want to try to avoid it's use in the future, but for now it works as a simple placeholder:

The Alchemy lab will allow you to take lessons to learn the basics of alchemy. As with other Pornicle skills, you can raise your alchemy skill up to 20. Experimenting with Alchemy will allow you to raise your skill and learn how to make potions. Once you've learned to make a potion, a simple menu will pop up asking you what potion you would like to make. Each potion will require ingredients that you must gather in the wilderness or find in some way. Experimenting doesn't require ingredients solely because I don't want to make it too much of a pain to make things.

The final non-secret area of the University is the Library shown here (again lacking a description):

The library offers a quiet place to study for exams. Studying will make it more likely to succeed before taking an exam. Though you can rely on simple knowledge to pass, without the studying you will be more apt to fail. Don't worry, you don't need to study a billion times to succeed or anything, think of it as a "buff" for taking the test :p. Finding a book to read will give you a chance to boost some random skills such as survival and gathering and perhaps other skills, but it isn't always guaranteed. Finally, the library is quite old. Sometimes it pays to look around, you never know what you might find laying around.

The Sex System
   This event writing for this is going well, but it's not as far along as I'd hoped. I do hope to have it done soon, possibly even by tomorrow but who knows :p. Some events are barely implemented in the game right now but they are a bit too buggy to even give you screenshots (things like double pronouns, oh boy). Chances are when it's fully completed, I will display some screenshots later this week.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm going to be placing a new poll up momentarily. This poll is basically in relation to the writing style the game will feature. The team working on the game is a bit torn on this issue so we wanted to ask you all which style you prefer. Please vote and let us know :) Also, this will give you all a brief sneak peak into the new farm event Echo is working feverishly on.

Vocal (player's character has dialogue)

This time almost bore fruit. Having met two cute girls you believed one of them to be the mysterious woman Claire spoke of. After her third drink she actually started babbling about how fun it had been to be a cowgirl, and you listened intently to her words. Her friend, annoyed by the lack of attention, proceeded to produce a pair of cat-ears. She pinned them to her head and claimed that cat-girls were much cuter. They were talking about costumes.

Nursing your seventh beer this evening, you are now impatiently awaiting their return from the toilet. At least the evening wasn’t a complete waste as they seem eager to have a “good time” with you later on.

“Mmm, table looks nice.” Face-planting the table, you try to rest for a spell.

“You are [charname]?”

“Yesh, I’m shtill me.” The world inside your head is on a roller-coaster ride to hell. To open your eyes would be a surefire way to emptying your guts, and so you decide to continue mashing your head against the nice piece of furniture.

“I vant vork. Vill you hire me?”

“Bhuuh? What?” She doesn’t sound like either of your two girls, and her accent is weird. “Who are hic you?” While you could look up, the wooden texture is excellent for massaging your brow.

“Antonina Vitte.”

“That.” A sharp intake of breath stops you from slobbering all over the table. “Doeshn’t tell me anything.” Your shoulders rise slightly, signaling your ignorance.

“I’m covgirl. You’re farmer.”

Silent (player doesn't speak, they only act)
This time almost bore fruit. Having met two cute girls you believed one of them to be the mysterious woman Claire spoke of. After her third drink she actually started babbling about how fun it had been to be a cowgirl, and you listened intently to her words. Her friend, annoyed by the lack of attention, proceeded to produce a pair of cat-ears. She pinned them to her head and claimed that cat-girls were much cuter. They were talking about costumes.

Nursing your seventh beer this evening, you are now impatiently awaiting their return from the toilet. At least the evening wasn’t a complete waste as they seem eager to have a “good time” with you later on.

“Mmm, table looks nice.” Face-planting the table, you try to rest for a spell.

“You are [charname]?”

You barely nod your head in confirmation as the world inside your head is on a roller-coaster ride to hell. To open your eyes would be a surefire way to emptying your guts, and so you decide to continue mashing your head against the nice piece of furniture.

“I vant vork. Vill you hire me?”

She doesn’t sound like either of your two girls, and her accent is weird. While you could look up, the wooden texture is excellent for massaging your brow and so you mutter your question as to who she is into the table.

“Antonina Vitte.”

As your mouth moves, drool escapes it. A sharp intake of breath stops you from slobbering all over the table. Your shoulders rise slightly, signaling your ignorance.

“I’m covgirl. You’re farmer.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday on Tuesday again!

I forgot that yesterday was a holiday the last time I made a Monday Update, so I suppose this Monday update is also on Tuesday (doh!). This week's update is going to be fairly brief as I don't have too much to add but I wanted to at least give you all an idea on what's next.

Sex System Events
    The sex system is functionally completed (and was as of July 3rd) bringing the game to Version 0.13a. Shortly after I make this post I plan to fully update the 0.13a update notes. Check these out periodically as they will give an idea on what changes are being made to the game at each step of the way. As a reminder, only at set stages will the game be available for download and public testing (0.10a, 0.30a, 0.50a, etc.) so bear with us.

   Anyways, the next step in development is to craft the events for the sex system. These events are mainly generic and are essentially texts detailing what each action does. Each partner you meet will potentially have their own unique tricks and abilities and certain NPCs will have their own unique interactions / orgasm events though these will be filled in when these  NPCs are developed (version after 0.14a). I expect this process to take at most until the end of the week. When I get some spare time I write down a few, several, or many of these outcomes as time permits but I've made some decent progress already.So what's after this? Between now and next Monday, I can't guarantee I will have a lot to post, but feel free to ask me questions if you want to know about any of the topics discussed on this update in the comment section.

Finishing Pornicle
   Pornicle, Pornarium's first of three planned cities will finally be finished. This part won't take too long, at least in some areas. The remaining areas (ordered in terms of how involved they are from most to least): Pornicle University, The Backwater District, Pronman's Pub, and the Government Offices will all be fleshed out finally. I plan to do work on them in order of complexity so hopefully next Monday's update will indicate the plans for the University which not only will serve as a font of knowledge but also will introduce some very basic item creations (think alchemy, learning to cook, etc.)

  Though I don't want to talk too much about this yet, before you know it the 0.20a private test will begin.This process will last one to two weeks (though I will be actively programming still). During this time I will make attempts to contact people who have helped out in various ways (such as bug reporting, sending me images, etc.). This bug hunting process will work slightly differently then the 0.10a bug hunt as it will not feature any updates to the 0.20a version (unless it crashes instantly for everyone :p) and is mainly so I can collect a list of bugs to fix later. I expect it to be unstable and only the brave souls who I contact should choose wisely before dealing with such a beast. I hope this process will enable the transition into version 0.30a easier and plan to hold more private tests on version like 0.40a, 0.60a, etc provided they work well. 

That's about it for today. If any of you have any random events you'd like to propose for any sex system button you see in the July 3rd post send me an e-mail at If you are interested contact me in that manner. I naturally will give you a "thank you" on the thanks page. While any assistance is appreciated, I don't absolutely need assistance and regardless of any help or not everything will be right on schedule, just wanted to give people an opportunity to throw in their spin(s) into the sex system to make it more diverse. This is essentially a standing offer for the game's development cycle so anytime you want to chime in I'd love to have your event ^_^ (these are only about a paragraph long, so nothing too wordy :) )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just some random preview stuffs

I finally got around to completing the last portion of Version 0.13a which involved populating the sex system with sex toys, positions, and special sexual techniques. The next internal version, 0.14a will feature actual text for all of the events you see in the preview pictures below (replacing the humorous placeholder text).

One thing I omitted was the changing of sex positions. I am unsure if I want to implement this feature yet and would appreciate some feedback on subject if you guys have any. The planned implementation currently allows you to assume an (optional) position for a round. if you succeed a skill check, you move into a special position and gain bonuses for that round for certain sex actions (without spending any FP). If you fail, you simply don't take a specific position and may proceed normally without spending any FP. I am leaning toward including it this way but am still on the fence about it somewhat, if there is a really huge outcry against it I will probably get rid of it but if everyone doesn't mind this I likely will keep it in the game.

Before people get into the possibility of revising that aspect of the system, for now it would be far too much work to account for every sexual position on your partner's turn (as there are already an ass ton of variables involved with that) so I made it a "one round only" type of thing.

Anyways, now for the images with a brief caption describing what's going on:

Start of the Sex System: What is missing? A description of who is before you. When version 0.14a is complete, this section will be filled in with text. Note the actions available on the left. Depending on what body parts your partner has, certain actions are available (see earlier preview on this a few days back for an example) or are grayed out. Each action (except for cumming, changing positions, or  some sexual techniques) consumes 1FP.
Dialogue Displayed after attempting to fuck this demo partner. Please note that this is placeholder  text and was included because it makes me chuckle when I read it.  Also note how arousal rates go up for both the player and the partner. You are probably wondering why your partner's arousal increased more than yours considering that you failed...That is a subtle hint from the sex system. Each partner has it's own likes and dislikes, finding what the partner enjoys the most will greatly increase your success at getting them to orgasm. If this was combat, I would say you would be finding their "weaknesses". The opposite is true, find something they dislike and their arousal will only grow by 1 or 2 even if you succeed. If they happen to hate a certain action, their arousal may even drop, sometimes drastically.

This image displays a small list of special sexual techniques available to the player. These vary depending on many variables. You can even give items (like the small pink vial, not pictured) to your partners. Giving your partner the aforementioned vial will cause them to either grow breasts or cause their breasts to increase to massive proportions, enabling them to gain a special sexual technique of their own (i.e. they can titfuck you). Sex techniques do not always cost FP (sometimes they even reward it) while other times they cost more then one FP.

A list of sex toys that you have in your inventory. Depending on which body parts your partner has, you can choose a corresponding target. Note the chosen button is highlighted.
When you succeed, you are given a chance to gain a skill point or lose a skill point. Each action you succeed at gives you a 10% chance to gain a skill point in that skill. Each failure subtracts 5% from the previously mentioned percentage and if it goes into negatives,  gives you that percent chance to lose a skill point. Your skills can never be brought below 20 and you can hit a cap for improvement with some characters.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seduction it is...and survival.

Since the poll is done and since seduction has won, it will get added to the skill list. Survival was a distant second and I can think of a lot of uses for the skill so I believe I will include survival as well.

I apologize for the lack of updates lately but programming the sex system has been taking up virtually all of the time I've devoted to programming. The good news is it's coming along quite well and so far it seems to be working exactly as intended (bar the humorous placeholder texts for actions). The only thing left on my list to finish the sex system (before populating it with event text) are the sexual techniques. Think of these as special attacks that you would see in combat except they are specifically sexual in nature. I think this aspect will be the most fun aspect of the sex system because it will allow you to utilize your various transformations, hopefully making them more fun to "collect". Here are some examples of some sexual techniques that are planned:
  • If your character has two cocks, naturally double penetration will be included as a possible action.
  • If your character is lactating, they can drink their own milk (perhaps once per sexual encounter) to restore some lost FP during the sex scene.
  • If your character has a large cum volume, you can give an extreme facial.
  • Perhaps if you learn some tricks from a wood nymph, you too can "clamp" onto your partner so they can't escape you much like the wood nymphs of Pornicle are known to do ;)
  • Someone mentioned tentacles before? Naturally at some point these can be obtained and utilized.

I am hoping that as time goes on, the team working on this game and the rest of the community will constantly be dreaming up new techniques based on various transformations to make the sex system even more interesting.

As far as after the sex system, I expect the completion of Pornicle to not take too long. The event editor makes it fairly simple for me. My writing is nowhere near as good as Echorid's / Hawtstuff, but at that point in time our work will start to converge (right now we are all somewhat independently working on our portions of the project) and I think Pornicle will really shine once it's been properly fleshed out. Though it may seem like it's taking awhile, the private .20a test will be here in no time. After that the combat system, Echo's farm, and 1/2 of the area outside of Pornicle will be next. I'm very excited for the 0.30a release and I hope you all will bear with us and stick around for it. I don't want to put a strict time on it, but I'd say it will be close to my original estimate (mid-June I said a month or two). Naturally if we need to take longer to make the game better, we will, so if there are any delays it will be for the best.

That's all for now. Later I think I will post a few screenshots if I finish up. My only regret is that designing the sex system has taken a bit longer then anticipated...I think it will be worth it though.

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