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Pornarium Version 0.58.1a

Release Highlights
(this assumes you haven't played since the last official build, which I believe was 0.45a. If you have played builds past that point, not all of these highlights will be new. View the old updates page to get a full update history)

  • Added a dungeon: The sewers of Pornicle (added in experimental version 0.51a)
  • Added four new spells, three combat and one out-of-combat.
  • Added several new events in the Northern Highway.
  • Edits by Hawtstuff
  • Tons of bug fixes (27 of them)
  • 32 images added from across the interwebs and from things people have sent me.
  • Increased Keyboard support (for now, those with numpads may be happier. If you guys want an alternative non-numpad scheme as I know many have laptops w/o them, please suggest one so I can add it for you. Custom keybinds are a possibility, but a very distant one).
  • Pregnancy Implemented, though it's rather barebones at the moment, it works. Remember: Birth itself is not really described in the game, it's pretty much stated that it occurred and the game moves on :P The focus is the changes to your body due to pregnancy. Also added a chance to get pregnant slider in the options menu. NOTE: You must disable contraceptives in the Pornicle Hospital to get pregnant.
  • A difficulty slider is available in the options menu. This will make your game harder / easier depending on how you want to play. 
  • Reworked sleeping slightly so it heals more hit points.

Click "Read More" to view the full notes and for download links. If you haven't played before make sure to go to the download page and download / install VB Powerpacks 10 and .NET 10.

A separate post will be made for bug reports shortly.

The game's official download method is going to always be torrents as it's the easiest way for the majority of us to share the game since bandwidth is pricey :P That said, alternative links will be provided but they will only last as long as the kind hosts allow us to post it there :)

Download Links

Pornarium Version 0.58a 

Thanks: Several Anonymous Posters, Concerned, cmacleod42, Flex October, Dizarus for your bug reports :)

Thanks: Teraunce for all of your download links!

Bug Fixes

     -Fixed a bug that prevented female arousal images from appearing.

   Attribute Increases / Decreases
       -Fixed the erroneous usage of integers instead of decimals for attribute increases / decreases. This should fix future clit size manipulations from various events, though sadly if you have a bugged 0.0 inch clit you'll need to increase it's size again.

   Character Creation
   -Fixed the "Toggle Hair Growth" option,

      -The combat text window is now read only.
         -Fixed a bug in combat where the player would fortify while confused, resulting in a lockup.
         -Fixed a bug where the "move closer" menu option was grayed out despite the actual button being available.

      -The Pure One ability that lowers a player's defense no longer increases their defense.

-Found yet another potential cause for equipment issues. Let's hope that it's fixed this time!
-Fixed an issue where positive modifiers on equipment were not given a "+" before their bonus. (e.g. it should read something like Tinkering + 4)
   -You can now sell equipment in the weapon and armor shops instead of solely the item shop.
   -Fixed a bug where equipment was sometimes rewarded after combat or even in a chest but no mention is made anywhere in game.
-Removed some debug text in a river event.
   -Fixed the North Highway Random Accessory purchase. Random accessories should now be properly added.
   -Fixed some typos with some of the new Northern Highway actions (instances that say "her" will now properly say "his" instead.)
   -Fixed the siren encounter so it correctly drains FP / Time after the encounter. The event should not show a cost however on it's button.
   -Fixed the bird event so that player takes damage. If you are on the highway, this damage shouldn't be fatal unless you are very wounded, or you have a pitiful amount of stamina (5 or less).

   Event Script Reader
      -Fixed a bug that prevented "-inch" from appearing in many places that it should. Eventually I'll change this to include metric support. The reason this "-inch" suffix was suppressed was to prevent display errors like "-inch-inch" from appearing due to obsolete script. If this occurs these events will have to be manually editted in lieu of this band-aid approach.

-Fixed a bug where body parts would stop appearing in the hospital window (if you removed something, it previously would not appear after loading unless the

game was restarted.)

Keyboard Shortcuts
   -Fixed a bug where numpad 7 was not correctly traveling NW if the west direction wasn't available (when  it should have been checking for the NW direction)

-Fixed a bug in the 30th Mile of the North Highway which restricted random encounters to only one type of enemy when 5 total should have been available.

Saving / Loading
-Fixed a bug where F9 would allow you to quickload a game while traveling. You'll need to make sure

Sex System
-Fixed a bug with specials and the sex system which doubled each player special.
-Fixed a bug with the goo cunt ability. It no longer costs 25000% of your FP to use and rather 25%.
-Fixed a bug where the tip window did not appear after buying time with a prostitute or endless continue loops on other sex system NPCs. This was caused in ultra rare circumstances when your arousal level would be at an ambiguous level following a sexual encounter (at least to the game) so it would refuse to process your arousal level.
-Fixed a bug preventing goo cock specials from appearing in the sex specials list.

-Fixed a bug where the correct amount of HP was not being restored due to sleep. (it was far too little).
-Fixed a bug where you could continually sleep to gain HP, FP, and arousal when you are not actually sleeping at all.

-Revised the consideration label (i.e. how dangerous / harmless your opponenet appears to you). The labels should hopefully make more sense. They also account your modifiers in combat now so if you activate any buffs / debuffs it should let you know how it will change your potential outcome.

-The Equipment category you have selected will now appear yellow so you actually know which one you've selected instead of having to rely on your intuition. 

-32 images were added from the web and from the help of others :)

Keyboard Shortcuts
-Pressing numpad '*' will now toggle the travel menu.
-Pressing numpad '/' will now sleep if the travel menu is over.
-Pressing del on numpad '.' will cause the menu to open so you can scroll through it.
-Removed the obsolete debug keyboard shortcut to...encounter bandits?
-Pressing escape on virtually every side screen (bar combat / sex system) will cause the game to close out the window and focus on the main screen.
-Pressing up / down will allow you to scroll through your item list on the item screen. Numpad enter will use an item, numpad '+' will sell a selected item, numpad '-' will drop a selected item, and numpad '*' will use an item multiple times. Pressing F1 on this screen will give these instructions.
-Pressing tab will move forward on the equipment list screen, shift+tab will move backwards between equipment lists. Pressing numpad '+' will sell equipment that's been selected, numpad '-' will drop it.
-It's possible to navigate the spell lists by pressing up / down. Numpad '+' will list all spells and enter will cast it if applicable.
-Pressing numpad '.' will open the sex system menu so you can select actions. Pressing enter will function as if you hit continue.
-Pressing numpad '.' will open the combat system menu. Enter already continued so there was no need to add this functionality again.
   -Pressing up / down will scroll both the cooking and alchemy screens. Enter will cook / brew and escape returns to the main screen.

-Removed the fountain of youth as in it's current form it's incredibly obsolete.

-Added basic support for pregnancy through in game events.
-Added a pregnancy slider to the options menu. By default this is set to be close to realistic without getting too overly technical which is roughly at 3%. For those that want a much increased chance, this slider scales from 3% to 30%. See the next note for details on pregnancy.
-While there are no doubt some events that I'll miss, most / all events where you'd expect to get pregnant (provided you have the proper parts) will trigger a roll of 1 - 100. If that number is equal to or less then the pregnancy chance set in the options (again, defaulting to 3%) AND you have pregnancy enabled via the hospital, it will trigger a pregnancy in your character. While this system is still a bit barebones it is in the game officially now.

Sex System
-The Futanari prostitute is slightly more likely to use special abilities. 

-Changed the formula for recovering hitpoints when sleeping. When well rested at your home, you will recover 100% of your hit points per 8 hours of sleep. When sleeping somewhere comfortable, though away from home, this recovery is reduced to 80%. After your first night of poor sleep, the amount restored is 60%, then 40% on the second, 20% on the third, and 0% after each night beyond that.

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