Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Experimental Build (0.38a)

I've uploaded an experimental build tonight, version 0.38a. It has a bunch of fixes and adds a few new things. Chances are it will still be buggy, but after these bugs are fixed I will likely make this the official build :)

New changes are in bold on the update notes page.

Warning: The new event at miles 15 and 45 of the Great Northern Highway is a bit unpolished .


  1. Not to sound demanding or what not, but I was wondering what may the chances of the game idea I had could be placed in.. well not even sure I posted it in the right spot x.x I get confused easy on some interfaces XD

    But I also wanted to say out of all the flash games I play this one is my fave, or one of them ^_^

  2. Found a bug, whenever you go to a new zone(example pornicle park) the travel/sleep button automatically hits return to main screen, but the sleep and travel option are still displayed. So it goes like this: Press Travel/Sleep->Select destination(repeteable again at new destination if desired)->Press Travel/Sleep again(should've been return to main screen)so you can get the return to main screen button to make the travel options disapear and have the normal options available(go for a swim for example)->Press Return Main Screen;
    I dont think i explained that well but hope you get the gist of it.

  3. Well ... The error is still there. "So what?" I said to myself and started playing anyway - until I realised it also prevents me from getting any item. Tested it: When gathering at the river and getting the event after which I was supposed to get the leaf, all I get is ... nothing, but a [itemchange: v=21, x=1] in the event itself. Also tested it with a certain vial from a certain woman on the Residental streets; nope, nothing. Now it's starting to seriously annoy me.

    I'm gonna try another game on Visual Basic and .NET basis and then report back.

  4. @Neko: Submit your event to Hawtstuff and see where it goes. You have as much chance as anyone else. There's a link on the sidebar of the blog for submission guidelines.

    @Andron: It's an experimental build for a reason. Taco fixed a bunch of stuff last night but there's plenty to go yet. It's not a stable build so bugs will happen. This was a pretty big update with the equipment overhaul so lots can go wrong.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. BUG: equipment stacks over to the next save game after you load a save during the same game session, which means you can end up with several stock item duplicates, and have several of those upgraded items.

    the new save seperate equipment data's cache isn't being cleared and stays there I assume.

  7. Another bug... if
    anyType xsi.nil."true"
    anyType xsi.type.xsd.decimal.22.anyType
    anyType xsi.type.xsd.decimal.10.anyType
    anyType xsi.type.xsd.decimal.25.anyType THIS VALUE

    If the third variable in attribute data is 25 or greater, the save breaks, it was in such an inconspicuous location, it took like an hour to isolate.

    Tested on a fresh save, affects it as well.

  8. @Nazca: It's been a few builds since the bug first occured, I couldn't even test the new stuff yet, because of it. That's the point, nothing to do with experimental current build.

    Update: Every other game I tried seems to be working - if I actually did managed to find one on the same engine, not quite sure. So ... I just stick with waiting. Appreciate your work so far, though.

  9. My spells keep disappearing it seems

  10. @Andron: I haven't forgotten about your error...I just have no idea why it occurs. I even included localization code (which has fixed a similar error for others). I'm truly perplexed why it occurs for you ><

  11. @Vintious: Could you send me the save that breaks it? I'm confused as to why the game would crash if that particular value is over 25 (that value is actually tied to your character's arousal). It may be a bug in my arousal code but I need to check out the save to confirm it.

    Is this an old or new character?

  12. @Vinticous: Thanks for your help btw, I fixed the duplicate eq bug so far.

    @Everyone else: Thanks for the bugfixes

  13. gynomorphos potion, instead of shrinking shoulders, makes them larger instead

  14. Oh, orcish potions also make your shoulders smaller, then a pop-up appears asking you what you want your shoulder length to be

  15. hey srry to ask but i cant find where to download this new build at.. can someone help me plz??

    1. Go to Latest Build Update Notes. There is a link that says: Version 0.38a (experimental build).

  16. Bugs I've found, if you've already squashed them, feel free to ignore this:

    1. Using a single foxglove sometimes uses two(or makes an extra one disappear, I'm not sure if the one that vanishes is actually being considered as 'used' or not.)
    Sometimes it happens with Neko fruit too, but it seems to only happen AFTER I've had some foxglove during that game session.
    BTW, IF foxglove is supposed to give us foxy parts, it isn't giving them to me...

    2. No matter how many Neko fruit I eat, I don't seem to advance past the eye change. I get the ears, the nose/whiskers(but not every time), than the eye than it either stops doing any changes, or repeats the eye change message. Also, the eye change is not being reported on the attributes screen.

    3. Earlier in the game, I used the solutions ward to remove a cock and testicles, I then ended up getting them back from the 15Mi fountain, but they are not appearing for removal in the solutions ward.


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