Monday, February 6, 2012

Livestreaming! Please vote for 2/10 or 2/11 8 P.M. CST

I can do it either this Friday or this Saturday. What works for you guys?


  1. as long as u upload it in the end
    cause i have no time to watch things in the weekend but i shure want to
    so if u upload the vid u made in the lifestream and after that post the link ill be happy as hell

  2. Can also join in on the fun depending on the time. only on saturday though... fridays is impossible for me. Need to work on saturday and the timezone issue remains.

    I didn't move all of a sudden :P

  3. Sats better for me. Have class on Friday.

  4. nvm its bloody 3 am in the morning at my watch then
    if im lucky i doing my gf at that time so i cant watch this

    i hope u upload it


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