Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last night Taco and I were talking. Ever since the start of the project, Taco has been adamant that the game's play style would be continuous, the events "repeatable," and there would never be any "endings," good or bad. Taco's philosophy is that you as the player sets a goal and works toward it while exploring our game word. After much debate, we have come to a mutual agreement. There will be an optional button, which will allow you to retire your character and see an epilogue.

Taco has agreed to this because it is optional; you do not have to see an epilogue if you do not wish to do so. The exact epilogue will differ depending on what quests you complete, NPCs you have slept with, Player attributes, and possibly more later down the line. There will even be location specific epilogues for those of you who want to see unique epilogues.

This will be a feature added in later, since there are other priorities right now. As an editor and writer for the project, I will be happy to work on these epilogues, but if any of you, undeclared writers want to jump in, feel free to talk to me about it! The epilogues won't require ANY knowledge of our game's scripts, so if that was what was scaring you guys away, you don't have to worry :P

I would also now like to pay tribute to Valente's Project, Flexible Survival. His excellent erotic game inspired me to include the concept of epilogues in our project.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, concerns, etcetera in the comments!


  1. reminds me of a conversation I had once with a friend of mine not understanding why I like to play sim city. Sim city has no goal to reach and you can play it for ever if you wished too. He didn't like that style, but I did, so we agreed to leave it at that

  2. Finally. I'll be waiting patiently for epilogue support, more specifically "location specific" ones. In the mean-time I'll just try and work on my own writing skills so any sort of submission will at-least be partially less terrible than my first one. Although I have gotten *slightly* better since then.

  3. pffft stop being so modest Vintrion, ALL of your submissions rock our socks off! :P


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