Monday, November 5, 2012


Just letting people know that Teraunce is going to be helping out coordinating bug reports and uploading some of my experimental builds so you guys can check it out. I do work on the game almost nightly (albeit some nights only 15 minutes or so) and Hawtstuff is usually always editing an event or two at the least. Teraunce has offered to help push some of these smaller builds for you guys to download more frequently then I update (I'm sure you all know it can take a bit of time between build sometimes) so at the very least you can start to see some bug fixes a bit quicker :P. He's also made a bug report page and form that's pretty neat to help me organize all of the bug reports.

Also, quick update of what I'm working on:

I think I finally found the source of [one of] the last dreaded EQ bug! It's related to reverting your equipment when using a two-handed weapon. It will try to equip your fists (which is actually a bug in itself) but it searches for "1: Fists" rather then " 1: Fists" which causes a crash. I want to test out the fix a bit first before I put it in the game but once I know that works it should fix an irritating crash.

Here's a peak at the three things I'm working on most at the moment:

  • Performing At Madame Mamrya's
    • Basically another job to earn some EP based on your performance skill. Focuses primarily on Breast Exapnasion. If you can make yourself stand out (i.e. successful performance check) from the other busty performers you'll get some time to perform some various breast expansion techniques you've learned throughout the game for chances to earn even more EP. The initial parts of this event are written, I just need to write the breast expansion parts next. Support for goo-tits, pink vials, breast expansion magic, and lactation will all be part of the types of actions you can perform for the crowd. People are always asking for these events so I figured it's time to finally start writing them :P
  • Hotkey Improvements
    • Hawtstuff has written a great layout for me to implement so I plan to do so :)
  • UI Improvements
    • Diz gave me a good idea to make the EQ Window feature dropboxes to select your EQ from rather then an irritating listbox. If you click on the dropbox a menu will open with all your EQ in that slot rather then you having to scroll down (I fail at UI design).
    • I'll be looking at the UI improvement post recently made and will implement as many improvements as I can before the next build. Thanks for your feedback.

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