• The game CODE is Copyright 2011 by Tacoking. Writings are Copyright 2011 by Tacoking & Echorid. No images with the exception of the main screen logo (which appears in Version 0.10.7a and later) are owned by Tacoking. These images are assumed to be public domain. If they are in fact your image and not public domain please contact Tacoking immediately and your image will be removed promptly.  
  • Pornarium is a game designed for adults ONLY.
    • In order to view this page or even play the game, you must be over 18 years of age (or whatever age is required to view adult material where you live). If you are not of legal age (and even if you are), Tacoking or any content writers take no responsibility for anything that happens to you as a result. 
    • All characters depicted in this game are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any real life person is purely coincidental and was unintentional. All characters engaging in any intimate or sexual act, even though they aren't even real, are assumed to be legal adults and thus are 18 years of age or older. Tacoking has assures you that all figments of your imagination that are generated by reading the text of this game are legal adults. Even if you imagine otherwise that does not change that they are adults, you should think of them the same way.

Forbidden and Restricted Content
    • This game does NOT contain the following OR if it does, it is restricted by an option that is disabled by default:
      • Bestiality (though "animal" sex organs such as a horsecock may be added to humanoid character, no sex with animals is included as per Tacoking's programming preferences)
      • Loli / shota: This content will absolutely not be included by Tacoking, nor will it ever be. Tacoking is not a fan of this genre of pornography and will never include it.
      • Guro: While blood and violence may be encountered, perhaps even sometimes in sex scenes, it will never by in excessive amounts such that it would be considered "guro" (excessive gore). If players wish to submit this type of material Tacoking will likely add it, but at that time he will work to program a "guro on"  option so that will be off by default. If players like this type of stuff they can enable it.
      • Scat: Tacoking will NEVER add this type of event, ever. Tacoking dislikes this type of stuff.
      • Incest: Tacoking is not really a fan of incest, and there really aren't any opportunities for it to present itself. That said, if players wish to submit events of this nature Tacoking is not opposed to adding them.

Game Status
    • Pornarium will always be available to play free of charge. You will always and should always download the game from this blog OR from futanariplace.com. Downloading this game elsewhere may be deleterious to your computer. Furthermore, Tacoking takes no responsibility for what may or may not happen to your computer if you download the game. Tacoking is an independent programming hobbyist who is making this game to learn and to have fun. NEVER pay for Pornarium. If somehow this game is offered somewhere for a price, come here to get it for free. Someone is scamming you elsewhere.

User Submitted Content
    • You may wish to submit content for the game. Tacoking will happily accept any user submissions. Please see the user submitted content page for more information!
    • IMPORTANT: When you send content to Tacoking, you will naturally receive credit if your submission is used. Tacoking will not take responsibility for your writing. This said, once your writing is incorporated to the game unless viable legal action is pursued your content will not be removed. Make sure that you are comfortable sending your content. If you do not wish to be associated with the game any further, Tacoking will either change your name or remove it at your request. This section in the disclaimer is used solely to protect the integrity of the game. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not submit any material.

Image Disclaimer
    • Images used in Pornarium were found by scanning google images or gelburo. Images selected were often chosen because they did not seem to be associated with a particular artist or were believed in good faith to be public domain. If you are an artist and your image was used in this game, please send an email to tacoking.fp@gmail.com with the subject line: Remove my image.  Please attach a copy of your image and give a link to your page. A valid request to remove an image will result in it's removal immediately. As soon as I get such a request I will:
      • Remove the image from the game code.
      • Upload a replacement build immediately
      • Announce in the next update notes an apology to the artist and state why the images were removed. The "next update" may be days or months apart from the image removal, but the artist can be assured that their image was removed (often within 24 hours except in very rare occasions when I am unable to receive email) often the same or next day. I likely didn't announce it yet.

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