Monday, August 20, 2012

New Experimental Build Soon

I may actually have the experimental build up later today. I had the day off and was far too bored and delved deep into the world of coding and was able to finish the Sewer Dungeon. It works albeit with a few bugs. I need to program some enemies for the dungeon after I go for a run (need some fresh airs ><). After that, which shouldn't take too long, I'm going to fix a few bugs and hopefully get the build up. If I can't get the build up today then it will likely be posted tomorrow instead.

EDIT: It's likely going to be tomorrow, I don't feel like programming anymore today :P


  1. If I may propose a suggestion: You should make a debug entry to drop all equipment.

    My characters is still going around with 9000+ items from the replicating items bugs and it should be easier to rebuy/get the items I want that make a new characters.

    Also, I'm looking forward to testing the new dungeon :)


    1. If I have time before posting it, absolutely, shouldn't be hard to do.

    2. I didn't find it in this build. I hope you'll post it in the next one.
      Also I didn't find the milk capacity in the new attributes screen.

    3. Also character information doesn't do anything.


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