Saturday, May 19, 2012

More experimenting

Still working on churning out then next build. Hawtstuff is actively editing some events for the next build on the livestream (which were kindly written by Leroy). I've bumped up the experimental version to 0.43a (it's located on the game updates page).

The height issue should be fixed now for new characters and I've also added an event by Leroy in the river area in this experimental build.

Please note that spells are still borked for existing characters as is height. You may notice your old character has an odd height of perhaps 1/2 a foot even zero feet. I highly recommend you do not load any old characters if you want to try this build if such issues will bother you. Due to a change in the way spells are handled, the next official build will offer you the ability to reset all of your spells and magic related quests in order to allow you to learn them again. I'll also attempt to upgrade everyone's height for their old characters if it's extremely small. The height conversion in the next build won't be perfect but it should get you back close to your old height.

If you are brave enough to download this build, let me know if spells work on any new characters (I'll be testing this myself before the next build so if you don't feel like doing so no worries, though any help is always appreciated).  


  1. The centimeter issue isn't resolved. The stat screen seems to convert one foot into ~360 centimeters and one inch into 30 centimeters. It should be one foot ~30 cm and one inch ~2,5 cm

  2. New characters are still showing up as 0 ft. for me


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