Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Better now.

Went to the doctor and had a shot. Turns out I had bronchitis, and I feel a whole lot better now. I'm on some anti-bacterials and I should be back to 100% by Monday :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Stuff

Wanted to give an update on what's going on behind the scenes. I know people are probably excited for a new update but I won't be posting one until two weeks from today (March 12th). From that point on I plan to do a version update every two weeks with new content and possibly new features . My reasons for doing this are basically to divide the new content into larger chunks. I don't want to release a new event each time I finish one, I'd rather release a bunch at once to make things interesting. In addition, since we're starting to get some user submitted events (we would always love more <3 ) it will give Hawtstuff some time to edit them and get them ready to be inserted into the game.

Also, speaking of new features, I just finished programming something I find rather exciting: Randomly Generated Loot. It's actually finished, just needs some internal testing and tweaking to make sure it works as planned. The applications of this are many including allowing people to add random loots to their events, loot from enemies, quest rewards, etc. This will turn your regular boring skimpy bikini into something like a Radiant Cursed Skimpy Bikini of Plowing or something else more logically named :P

Between now and March 12th, I'll be writing new content and possibly adding experimental builds for you to toy with if you're brave. Be warned that downloading any of these before the 12th could be risky (as far as your save files are concerned).

If you're interested in writing any events for us, contact me Tacoking or Hawtstuff on the contact page to the right, or drop us a line in chat. I'll be sticking my head in from time to time to get your suggestions and chat about the game.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Silent Stream Tomorrow @ 2PM CST

I think I did a great job showing how to use the Event Creator in this stream, but if anyone has anymore questions be sure to shoot :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another experimental build

Fixed the bugs with alchemy and the sex system (I hope), let me know if it works! 

The hospital window is undergoing a lot of changes so don't expect half of it to work until next build, I'd avoid drinking any strong drinks or neko fruits until least if you want to revert  those changes.

Pardon Our Dust!

I'm currently re-vamping and overhauling the blog's design, so it looks both nice and informative :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chat function

We're testing out a chat box for the blog on the right. Let us know if you guys like it or not :)

Alchemy on the way...

Assuming that the revision to the sex system did in fact fix the freezing bug, I'm happy to report that the alchemy revision is almost finished, in fact I should be done with it tonight. If the alchemy revision works, then I can once again start working on new stuffs.

Experimental Build

This is purely an experimental build for changes with the sex system. I cannot guarantee it will work the freezing issues yet but the way the code is handled is much...well cleaner and less headache / vomit inducing for me. If you have been experiencing issues with freezes and you are willing to give me a shot let me know / have the following if possible:

1. Let me know where it freezes, did you succeed, fail, or run out of FP in the sex system?

2. If the brothel tip window did not pop up, did the continue button appear? If so, did clicking it succeed at making the tip window appear?

3. Which partner(s) did this occur with?

4. If you could link of e-mail your save to me, that would be awesome so I can test it out myself with your save :)

Also, you'll notice I'm rearranging the sex system screen a bit. It's still a work in progress (I am not the best with UI's :P). I expanded the text window drastically but perhaps I've done so a bit much. You'll notice most of the buttons are gone now permanently, right clicking should cause a dropdown menu to appear OR you can click on the menu to perform the actions.

Finally, some changes you will see to the sex system based on feedback during the livestream:

  • Actions like kissing or fingering will not require FP.
  • Specials may cost an extra FP or two.
  • Using the ghost's gift for stronger orgasms will actually have an effect in the future, reducing your arousal further in the sex system AND out of it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rough Timetable

Because people asked, here is a rough timeline for what I hope to do with Pornarium:

1st : Fix the sex system & alchemy (getting pretty close)
2nd : Add performance job to Madame Mamrya's
3rd : Add the Northern Highway
-3 stretches of highway.
-Northern Gate Area
        -Train Station
        -"Nameless Inn" (which features a sub-area or two)
        -Stuff to Fight!
        -New Items and Potions
4th : Pregnancy will be implemented in at least a basic form.
5th : Lucid Dreaming will be expanded further.


Somewhere in the mix above, Hawtstuff is working on the Adult Education Center.

Features like having a partner move in with you and stuff like improving your apartment are all planned further on down the road.

Event Editor Version 2.00 Uploaded

I figured I'd upload the latest version of the event editor since Hawtstuff is doing a stream using it. You can find it on the download page if you want to take a look at it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confirmed: Livestream 8PM CST -6:00GMT on Saturday 2/11


Things I will be doing.

1) Me showing you how I use the Event Creator!
2) Creator commentary!
3) Behind the scenes on how I write stuff
4) Taking personal requests to show/do stuff (just nothing too crazy k? ;P)
5) Taco will be in chat!
6) Some sneak peeks at new content
7) Secret Surprise!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nothing too exciting yet :P

I've been working on the inner workings of the event parser as well as the sex system's code. Things are going along nicely but I don't have anything exciting to upload yet. I've added two new attributes to the game: Vaginal Depth & Anal Depth, these are essentially how far you can...erm...well take it :P

I've also added some additional functionality to the event editor (which I will release before or shortly after Hawtstuff does his stream) which includes the ability to parse chunks of text based upon a cock size range, pussy depth, anal depth, and breast size.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sex System and Alchemy Rewrites

I must post my personal frustrations at the sex system and alchemy. I feel conceptually they are a great idea but they simply DO NOT function as intended. The combat system, magic, and equipment all work great however, and the primary reason for this is that I accumulated more (and proper) knowledge on how to program.

I've decided to rewrite the sex system and alchemy for the next update, it shouldn't take too long (I know, I say that a lot sometimes :P) but it really has to be done. I'm really frustrated that people are having the sex system pretty much lock up the game on them, that's unacceptable in my book as it pretty much disrupts the entire flow of the game. The good news is that since the UI is done for both systems, I just have to rewrite the parts of the code that are mind boggling stupid. For example, I rewrote this part of the sex system last night:


Click on a button, game tells sex system what button you pressed via a string (it basically sends a word that I typed manually to the code that handles what you pressed), then goes through a loop in which it checks the string it sent, then sees how an NPC will react, then it fires the action and each action individually tells the continue button to appear and then disables all the buttons so the NPC can act.

What the?!


You right click anywhere on the screen to pull up a menu and enjoy the larger text box and it then simply runs each action. Each action calls a function to check how an NPC would react (so it's not being calculated separately for each action) and then runs a subroutine to simply turn the action over to the NPC.

The best way I can explain it is that now the logic behind this process is a straight line instead of some weird highway that makes you get off one exit, go into rotary only to get back on the same highway and then exit off into another rotary, and then drive 10 miles before getting back on the same highway before arriving at your destination.

I haven't looked at alchemy but it's really simple to rewrite for me (at least conceptually). I simply will make a dictionary which contains each alchemy recipe and the ingredients required rather then what it is now:


Hope this made sense, I'm just venting a bit about how stupid I used to code some things :P I know there are probably still better ways to do what I'm doing now, but this is also paradoxically part of the fun for me. I enjoy learning from some of my horrid mistakes because not only does it make me laugh a bit at myself, but I learn quite a bit which is one of the reasons I'm undertaking this project.

I won't have a preview build for a bit as I totally screwed up the UI for the sex system (to the point where it's unplayable) but in case I really screw it up I backed up everything before I began reworking this so nothing will be lost :P I'll post the update notes for the next version as I work on them and also will put a post up here when a preview is available so those that want to get a jump on testing the new stuff will be able to.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Possible Livestreaming?

I've been thinking over the possibility of doing some livestreaming sessions for the sake of teaching people how to use the event creator to write events.

My question is if anyone would be interested in this?

If I got a few people interested, I would do some live demonstrations of me doing practical applications with the Event Creator. I would also take personal demonstration requests if anyone was wondering how to do such and such with the Event Creator.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Version 0.35a

Version 0.35a has been posted!

If you had a previous development version of 0.35a you won't see too many changes, but if your last version was 0.34a you'll see these changes among other things:

  • A slew of bug fixes
  • New events outside of Madame Mamrya's
  • A new enemy
  • Two new sex NPCs (Shandia and Fiks) for the Sex System
  • Five Implemented user suggestions:
    • Slightly retooled lactation
    • Movement is still possible when FP is 0 if the area you are moving into does not require it.
    • You can (finally) go to the main screen from the game.
    • It is possible to disable images.
    • Attacking now costs 0FP.
  • A new job
Next I'll be adding the last job in Pornicle (performing at Madame Mamrya's) and then the gates will open to the Northern Highway. This will include a new [partial] fox transformation item and the raising of the skill / attribute caps to 50.

You can find the update on the download page.

Suggestions List

I've noticed the suggestions list has grown rather...well large and is one-sided in favor of those that are 0% implemented. I am going to do my best to implement your suggestions as they are important to me, I'll try at a minimum to implement at least one suggestion each update (provided the ones left aren't ultra complex) to make the game better. The one's I'm looking at for 0.35a will be:

  • Option to disable pictures.
  • Ability to return to main screen.
  • Lactation will no longer abruptly end after 4 days and reset in value, rather it will start to decline after 4 days each day until you stop producing.
  • Make it so you can still move when your FP are reduced to 0 if the movement doesn't cost any FP.
  • (possible but not likely this go around due to time) Add some sort of indicator displaying how aroused you are / how long it's been since you milked in lieu of popups.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll keep working to make the game better!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Die bugs!

I'll be compiling a huge list of bugs the game currently has and plan to fix them tomorrow. That will be version 0.35 and will be listed on the actual download page. That version will also hold over 150+ edits made by Hawtstuff to correct my horrendous typos and grammar errors :P

I hope to have that available as soon as possible, hopefully I'll be able to throw the last performance job in at Madame Mamrya's as well.

I also plan to make a revision in combat based upon an excellent suggestion:

Attack will, for the time being, cost 0FP in the next version. Specials and other abilities like charge / run will use it but the basic attack will not so the player can at least continue to defend themselves. I may add a "surrender" option but am not entirely sure I will do that yet due to time constraints (finishing the performance job is more important to me then that at the moment, but surrender could have some interesting outcomes if events can be tied to it).

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