Tuesday, November 29, 2011

0.33a Revision 1 available via Update Notes

Version 0.33a Revision 1 is available on the update notes portion of the blog. It doesn't feature the last bits of Mamrya's establishment yet but it does include the completed combat / magic / equipment system. Although there are bound to be some bugs still (when aren't there any bugs) things should be working properly now. The next version will be 0.34a (or possibly 0.35, or 0.36a depending on how fast I can get things done) and will be available when I get a chance to work on the game next. 0.34a will feature Mamrya's establishment's completion. 0.35a will feature the Great Northern Highway and associated events (things like random encounters, though not always combat related). 0.36a will feature the Southern gate opening and possibly one more area associated with it. 0.35 and 0.36 will not feature the transportation system as of yet, that will be a bit further on, but once that is implemented it will be possible to take a train to various stations around the continent.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still going well!

My Skyrim addiction has pretty much cleared up and I'm back to working on the game. I am still putting the finishing touches on magic right now but I've made a decent bit of progress. I've added five spells to the game and the events associated with obtaining them. This isn't an official build yet but you can check out what I've done so far on the Update Notes page (a link to download this is available BUT it's experimental, you may want to hold off for now). I haven't really added much in the form of sexual content so those seeking that should hold off, this is mainly just a finalization of magic / combat / equipment. I've added a to-do list in order of completion below as well.

Important: Due to the fact that equipment and magic add quite a bit to your save files the initial loading of an old character will cause the game to freeze shortly upon loading. This is because your old saves lack the magic / equipment objects used by Pornarium and must build them. Loading a save after this should be quicker.

To-Do List:

  • Finish up implementing magic in combat (almost done, spells do not yet work here yet).
  • Finish up Madame Mamrya's events.
  • Add some new images I've gotten from a couple image hunters :)
  • Add some new enemies.
  • Add a couple new pieces of equipment.
  • Add some new transformations and raise the caps on skills / attributes once the outside of Pornicle is explored.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skyrim obsession begining to fade :P

My obsession with Skyrim is starting to dwindle finally. I recently got back from a mini-vacation and got some well deserved rest. While I still dedicated some of my spare time to Skyrim, my attention span is now able to focus on other things a bit :P

I don't have an actual update yet but if anyone is really brave and wants to simply test out the Equipment system / magic system / combat system feel free to check out the development build on the update notes page. I don't really encourage or expect anyone to look at it, as it's still lacking content / is  slightly buggy (except the EQ system which does actually have all of it's items added). I'll continue to trickle in new notes / dev builds over the coming days until I feel I've finished up a sufficient amount of content involving these new systems (as well as the remaining Mamrya events), after that I will finally post an "official" new build. I just wanted to post this so that those following the blog know that I didn't vanish into an abyss somewhere :P

Equipment was a rather tedious thing to implement (once the system to process equipment had been completed) as I had roughly 20 pieces of equipment to add. While adding an individual piece is not that bad, I had to first transfer their stats from my notes to the game, then write an event for them, and then write a button for 90% of them (since they are obtainable in the new weapon shop and armor shops).

I'm not sure how exciting this news may be to those of you following the game, but to me as the game's programmer / designer it makes me incredibly happy to have finished these systems. They  consist of a rather huge chunk of the game's alpha phase (this game will shift to a beta phase in the distant future after a few other game system additions) and with them out of the way I can start adding more fun ways to change your character :).

EDIT: I should also mention I've got a metric shit ton of images to start adding to the game as well, thanks to those who have sent me them :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Stuffs Done and Skyrim

So Skyrim came out on Friday...that was bad for this game and good for me :P

I have been utterly hooked and have been unable to tear myself away. This week is a rather light week for me work-wise so I've had a lot of time off (I am also taking the weekend off to take a trip with some friends). Sadly most of this time has been spent in Skyrim but today I've decided to spend several hours before work dedicated to programming. I've finished combat, equipment, AND magic. I'm working on the finishing touches (things like cooldowns / uses on magic)  and adding some basic stuff (a few weapons, a fight or two, a few spells) and then I will post a build. Whether or not that will be today or not I'm not sure.

I've been rather quiet lately but that has been due to Skyrim. It's best I get that soul-devouring game out of my system so I can continue living my normal existence again :P

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just another update

Just thought I would give an update on what I'm working on:
(these status numbers reflect the systems themselves being functional. The equipment for example is done, but other then some standard items I haven't really added equipment. Luckily it's easy to add equipment! I just have to type a few lines of what it does and a description and *poof* it's in the equipment DB. After that, I just need to put a line of code in an event and it will add it to your list ;) )
  • Equipment: 100% Done
  • Combat: 100% Done (player side is done, working on NPC AI Scripts now. 1 / 4 basic scripts done.)
  • Magic: 100% Done (this part is actually really easy, I'm saving it for last. Will take maybe one or two hours tops)

I have to work on these to satisfy this insane programming itch I have but they are going along very well. If any of you have any questions as to how these systems work feel free to ask in the comment section :) Should be ready to put in a build soon, though I can't give an exact timeframe.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exciting stuffs

Thought I'd report that things are going quite well now that I have power again. I spent a lot of time bored without power trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do to entertain myself so I did a lot of code planning. I thoroughly mapped out the design concepts required to make magic, equipment, and combat all in one go.

Combat is the hardest to implement, and it's currently 50% finished. I have the UI done and the basic code behind it. I just need to implement the AI (mapped out already) and do the rudimentary text for simple stuff like,

"A grass snake kicks you for 8 damage!"

Equipment is 95% done and will be done as soon as I figure out how to make / utilize a copy constructor for VB I'll be finished with it.

Finally, magic is the easiest. That will take me maybe one hour to do a UI and another to code it.

I know I seem to be getting a bit side-tracked but I really feel that these need to be done already. I'm getting annoyed as I add the new content at not having say the magic system available for the Madame Mamrya events (or even the other secret area that many people have stated is inaccessible ;).

This shouldn't take too much longer as I'm mostly done. I'll also post bug fixes, make some new stuff, etc. in between so this doesn't become like the last dreaded two months where I made new stuffs in secrecy :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm back!

I lost power Saturday night which obviously put a stop to what I was working on. As of roughly 6pm today I was delighted to find power was restored. Once I've taken about 2 or 3 more hot showers and had a day to recuperate, I expect to resume programming as usual :P

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