Sunday, March 18, 2012

Code & Chat Monday Night

I'll be coding while I chat tomorrow night at roughly 9pm EST time. I expect to do so for 4 - 5 hours. I did this last week and it worked for me so I've decided to do it again. It's not as exciting as live streaming naturally but it's something you can alt-tab to on occasion if you're interested in the game.

As I code, I will write in the upcoming patch notes to the next build in chat as I work, throwing in my comments as well. I'll be there to answer (non-spoiler) game questions and take your suggestions / bugs to fix. I plan to divide the time I spend as follows:

  • 2 Hours of bug fixes
    • I'll take community suggestions on bug fixes (one at a time) and fix them for this period. Some bugs may take longer to fix then others, and I rarely may pass over a bug if it's insanely complex.
  • 1 Hour of "quality of life" improvements*
    • I'll spend the next hour taking suggestions (again, one at a time) to improve the game's UI or take care of other general things that people may want to see in the game. These are not events rather little tweaks to make the overall game experience a bit better. 
    • * if this turns out to be popular, I may take a bit longer on this section.
  • 1 - 2 hours of new stuff. 
    • This is somewhat self explanatory :P

If people still seem to be interested in this format, I'll continue doing it when I'm able. I like the relative silence I get when I code (which is why I don't livestream) but I talking via text won't disrupt my thought processes. Stop by if you like this idea. I don't expect people to hang around in chat the entire time, but if you feel like checking it out every once and awhile and giving some feedback it should be interesting :)


  1. good luck with the bug fixes. and if i may throw some ideas out there... upgrades 2. maybe a option to buy a new house else where and 3. maybe a girl or guy will fall in love with you and move in if u accept em...
    may not be good ideas but hey its something...

  2. We can call it Taco Time!

    Fun fact: Tacoking does not like being called Tacoking.


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