Game Credits

Programmed by, Designed by, and Written in part by...

   Tacoking. Tacoking programs this game in his spare time when not out with friends, family, working, exercising, or enjoying life in general. Tacoking does this to learn about programming and to explore and create a bizarre fictional erotic world. Tacoking has designed the world for the most part and has written the initial events in t he Pornicle area. That said (see below) Tacoking has received some generous help from Echorid in editing the Pornicle events.

Additional Credits
  • Hawtstuff [Editor]
    • (brief description under construction!)
  • Hedrax [Bug Hunter]
  • Nazca [Awesome]
    • Started a wiki and has helped out in so many ways (like making an Icon ^_^) 
  • Boejakka [Image Hunter]

Past Team Members

  • Kessel [Image Hunter]
    • Kessel has been helping Tacoking almost since day one. Kessel has scoured the interwebs for various images used in the  game. Tacoking has spent so much time programming so he rarely has time to actually find images to go with the game. Kessel has helped fill the gaps. Make sure to give him a thank you for all of his efforts!
    • Echorid [Writer]
      • Echorid teamed up with Tacoking shortly after the first Alpha version (0.10.0a) was released. Echorid has spent a lot of time editing Tacoking's events. Echorid has also been working on adding a few new events in Pornicle, and is writing events elsewhere as well. Tacoking couldn't have released version 0.10.1a - (the upcoming) 0.10.6a version without Echorid's kind help and assistance.

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