Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another experimental build

Fixed the bugs with alchemy and the sex system (I hope), let me know if it works! 

The hospital window is undergoing a lot of changes so don't expect half of it to work until next build, I'd avoid drinking any strong drinks or neko fruits until least if you want to revert  those changes.


  1. The Erotic Visions bug appears to be gone.


  2. Been leveling up my sex skrls with Bell in the new version. It's coming along nicely. I've had some minor issues with her dumping me out in the park when I loose. I tried picking her back up in the bar, but the issue persists.

    If I can offer a suggestion:
    In previous builds you were able to tell if you were still in a specific sexual position you would be able to identify if your partner changed it on you. Would be great if this was just a list box on the main screen next to the Sex Act button with the current position always highlighted.

    In the future you could enable and disable various sexual acts from yourself and your partner from doing regarding the position that you're currently in. Also bondage wouldn't prevent you or your partner from performing a sex act, rather it would just disable their ability from changing positions. Also add an option to struggle so you can choose to free yourself, or just keep fucking in bondage 8^3 With this: sexual encounters can be more dynamic as you wrestle for a position which enables you to attack their weakpoints and/or protect yours. ^_^

  3. @Qonsew: The sex system needs a bit of work but it doesn't freeze anymore. I like your ideas with bondage and sex positions should function the way you described...but I think I broke them ><

  4. bug in bar with working in the kitchen when i already have the job and use it it will follow through like normal then after it will go back to the ask "to work in pub kitchen" in which you can do like normal letting you do the job again but after doing so it takes back u back again to the asking for work in the pub kitchen

    when using dp on shandia it repeated its text 2 times (only person i used it on)


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