Sunday, November 25, 2012

Still making good progress

Had a relatively busy weekend (it was a US holiday weekend after all :P) with family and friends and have resumed work on the game. I've made a new class to handle button FX and anything new and shiny with the UI and will be including some low graphics options for those who were having difficulty playing the game with older computers. Other then that nothing exciting at the moment :P

Sunday, November 18, 2012

59TestA -- Option A has been answered

Please Note this build is not guaranteed to work on your computer.

Very High Bugs: Crashes Are NOT Unusual

EDIT From TK: This build is extremely unstable. I only really recommend it for people who want to get a peak at what to expect from the new UI. Do not download it for normal play, it'll just be frustrating ^_^.

EDIT From Teraunce: For bug reporting purposes this is a Development Build. Also the red X on minimize issue is known.

Remember, Click on the bug reports label to submit bugs. Above leads to the game.

Archive MD5 hash is 3F3207FCFA4DC063090F3C379DFA6332 , game exe's MD5 is inside the archive in readme.txt. The archive is a self-extracting ACE archive as the exe is 30% larger uncompressed.

New UI Question

Your comments are especially important for this post as polls are broken for the blog apparently ><

I'm nearing the completion of the main screen's UI revision. It looks shinny (albeit with some bugs) but otherwise all is well. Would you, as fans like:

  • A. Me to release the new UI with only the main screen completed. All other screens for the new UI have not gotten a revision yet.
  • B. Hold off until all of the other components have received treatment as well (combat, sex system, etc.).

Please note that for either A or B, many of the button graphics themselves are being redone and text placeholders have been placed on those buttons yet unfinished (continue for example, simply says "Continue" instead of having fancier graphics like the sleep until 8pm button) and will remain that way until they are done. Nazca is kindly helping me with these but he's got stuffs to do like the rest of us so whenever he gets a chance he'll work on them.

If option A seems to be most prevalent  the main screen will look pretty cool whereas the rest of the game will look like it always does until I start revising them as well (combat is next, followed by the sex system, followed by equipment, items, attributes, and skills). It won't look uniform at all until everything is done, but will still be functionally the same.

If option B is selected, it will take a lot longer for an official release, but I'll still let Teraunce upload intermittent builds as he sees fit.

I'm really liking the way the new main screen looks and I hope you all will come to like it as well. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick UI Retooling update

Just a quick picture of the new buttons:

I didn't include the bevel effect in this image but you can see the highlight effect here. Nothing too fancy but I think it's starting to look a bit better. The UI will be arranged as follows:

The Left

The Upper left corner of the screen will feature your HP, FP, and Arousal bars in addition to mentioning how much money you have and how tired or rested you are.

The middle left portion of the screen will have that old irritating popup box but instead of popping up and disappearing, it will simply have a log of all of your stat increases and decreases. You can clear it out if you want and I'll include an option to hide it for those that don't want to see the log.

Under that will be the date / time.

Finally, in the bottom left corner will be the travel buttons orientated like they were on a compass (North is the middle top, Southeast is in the bottom right portion of that area).

The Middle

The top middle 60% of the screen contains the image box.

The bottom middle 40% of the screen contains the text box.

The Right

  The top right portion of the screen will feature the buttons for stuff like EQ, Status, Skills, etc.

The bottom right will contain the new action buttons you see here.

Political sounding descriptions aside, it's actually pretty resizable this time around. It seems like it can be shrunken to just over 640 x 480 and still be playable, albeit very tiny. I'd say those playing on netbooks now should be able to handle these sizes without issue now :)

This new stuff is very tedious to program, I can't relay on the built in size / location features as they suck, I needed to create functions to resize and relocate all the controls but it's pretty easy and almost mindless, so whenever I get a moment I try to upgrade a few buttons at a time so I'm always making a little progress. The layout is all set, just not everything is yet implemented so I don't want to show a total picture just yet :P (new shiny buttons below ugly black / white buttons looks far too odd :P)

Friday, November 9, 2012

UI Revision

Per the request of Hawtstuff, I've decided to revise the UI somewhat and hopefully improve it. This will take a bit of time though hopefully I'll have a working model up shortly. The new UI should have the following features:

  • Additional Hotkey support for those who lack a numpad.
  • Resizable window. It should be shrinkable from 1024x768 as well for those with smaller screens though support for resolutions lower then 1024x768 are not going to be official. if you try to shrink it to 208x114 it's probably not going to be remotely playable for example.
  • Beveled buttons
  • Ability to move and do actions if they are available.
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved layout

Nazca has volunteered to help redesign some buttons from an old improved UI that we were working on prior so it should look much sexier. The main window will see this treatment first, and then as time permits the other windows will be reworked as well.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Just letting people know that Teraunce is going to be helping out coordinating bug reports and uploading some of my experimental builds so you guys can check it out. I do work on the game almost nightly (albeit some nights only 15 minutes or so) and Hawtstuff is usually always editing an event or two at the least. Teraunce has offered to help push some of these smaller builds for you guys to download more frequently then I update (I'm sure you all know it can take a bit of time between build sometimes) so at the very least you can start to see some bug fixes a bit quicker :P. He's also made a bug report page and form that's pretty neat to help me organize all of the bug reports.

Also, quick update of what I'm working on:

I think I finally found the source of [one of] the last dreaded EQ bug! It's related to reverting your equipment when using a two-handed weapon. It will try to equip your fists (which is actually a bug in itself) but it searches for "1: Fists" rather then " 1: Fists" which causes a crash. I want to test out the fix a bit first before I put it in the game but once I know that works it should fix an irritating crash.

Here's a peak at the three things I'm working on most at the moment:

  • Performing At Madame Mamrya's
    • Basically another job to earn some EP based on your performance skill. Focuses primarily on Breast Exapnasion. If you can make yourself stand out (i.e. successful performance check) from the other busty performers you'll get some time to perform some various breast expansion techniques you've learned throughout the game for chances to earn even more EP. The initial parts of this event are written, I just need to write the breast expansion parts next. Support for goo-tits, pink vials, breast expansion magic, and lactation will all be part of the types of actions you can perform for the crowd. People are always asking for these events so I figured it's time to finally start writing them :P
  • Hotkey Improvements
    • Hawtstuff has written a great layout for me to implement so I plan to do so :)
  • UI Improvements
    • Diz gave me a good idea to make the EQ Window feature dropboxes to select your EQ from rather then an irritating listbox. If you click on the dropbox a menu will open with all your EQ in that slot rather then you having to scroll down (I fail at UI design).
    • I'll be looking at the UI improvement post recently made and will implement as many improvements as I can before the next build. Thanks for your feedback.

.58dev3 build up now.

Bugginess is still high and fixes list will be updated when it is gotten. This build is from last night.
MD5 for Zip file is 9ED60FF5B885A5836253954DF9ACC85E
MD5 of current EXE is 438B03F53ED315CC8E114FF1B281B62A
Bugginess is to be highly expected
Pornarium Version 0.58.3a (in development)

Attribute Window
    -Changed the coloring scheme so it's easier to tell which attributes you have a negative modifier / positive modifier more easily.

Bug Fixes

Attribute Window
   -Fixed a bug where the attribute window would crash if an attribute was below zero.

Character Creation
   -Fixed a bug where select "A farm" for your first job would cause a crash.

   -Fixed a bug where dirt would not be removed after swimming or showering.

   -Orcish potions and gynocomorphous potions no longer consume two items instead of one.

Main Window
   -Several options (equipment, items, etc.) no longer appear via the travel menu. This is to prevent many bugs that can occur when performing these actions while mid-travel.

   -Hawtstuff edited roughly 39 events!

Skill Window
   -Changed the coloring scheme so it's easier to tell which skills you have a negative modifier / positive modifier more easily.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

UI Improvements

I know the UI is terribad (Hawtstuff and others remind me frequently :P). A complete overhaul to something sexy like WPF is likely not going to happen but I can continually make several changes as time goes on. Let me know what I can do to improve it for you all :)

Forums Coming! (cumming?)

Taco and I have decided that to further this project and to give back to you guys who have been awesome in supporting us all these years with creative writing, bug reports, and innumerable other things, it would be nice if we had our own community forums! That being said, I have no idea what forums software to use and which host to purchase (less than $10 USD/month is mandatory).

Please leave comments, as I will base my decision off of them =P

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HS' Progress Update (out of nowhere) 11/1/12

Hawtstuff here, today I did the following:

  • Edited all of Taco's writing from all the previous months. 
  • Finished editing all of the Streaker quest events Leeroy had finished thus far.
  • Working on completing Nut's toy masturbation scenes he wrote a looooong time ago.
  • If I have time, finish sex scene #1 for the Sarah "waifu" questline I'm currently writing.

Possible stuff going on later this week
  • Collaborating with Nabiki to make a marketplace event :)

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