Friday, November 9, 2012

UI Revision

Per the request of Hawtstuff, I've decided to revise the UI somewhat and hopefully improve it. This will take a bit of time though hopefully I'll have a working model up shortly. The new UI should have the following features:

  • Additional Hotkey support for those who lack a numpad.
  • Resizable window. It should be shrinkable from 1024x768 as well for those with smaller screens though support for resolutions lower then 1024x768 are not going to be official. if you try to shrink it to 208x114 it's probably not going to be remotely playable for example.
  • Beveled buttons
  • Ability to move and do actions if they are available.
  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved layout

Nazca has volunteered to help redesign some buttons from an old improved UI that we were working on prior so it should look much sexier. The main window will see this treatment first, and then as time permits the other windows will be reworked as well.


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  2. Awesome!! I hate the size of the actual window :P

  3. So far so good, I ran into a snag because I tried to use the background image from an old build. It failed miserably. But otherwise all is well.

    1. Why not put a contract color like in the site? it would give it a little more color plus it would be no problem to re-size.


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