Friday, May 4, 2012

TK's about ready to come out of his shell :P

I'm pretty much done with my little hiatus. Truth be told doing the writing and programming became a bit of a challenge for me and quickly got overwhelming, I eventually started to lose steam and was forced to take a break. I mulled over some dark things like potentially stopping the project...

...but much to my surprise while I was off doing other things and relaxing there were some people (Hawtstuff, Leroy, and many others including one writer who I haven't met yet) who have been kindly working hard on various events and other things. I must say that I'm immensely grateful for the help you guys have given despite my quiet absence. I was a bit touched (pardon me for sounding a bit corny :P) that people are interested enough in this game to help out so much, it really means a lot.

I have a lot of material to look over but I think I'll start a bit easy by wading in and doing some bug fixes this week. I have a lot of written material to review and implement and will gladly begin doing so shortly there after. I will be going away for roughly three weeks in June so I want to get a nice big update out before then ^_^. Thanks for your continued interest in the project, just letting you all know my interest is returning as well.

And another big thank you to everyone who's been helping out both before, after, and during my hiatus. You guys are all awesome :3


  1. Good to have you back :)

  2. Love your game so far, I'm excited for you to be back at the helm!

  3. Hi, I'm new to Pornarium (only started playing a couple of days ago), and I appear to have encountered a game breaking bug (in 0.35a). I went to the pub, and got drunk, and I saved my game just before the sex scene with Bell. The problem is that after the sex scene, no matter what the outcome, it just takes me back to the "I need to see if you are worthy" screen, with no options available to me. This happens each time I load my save, too, and in effect I am stuck now, because there's no way out of that room without the sex scene, and no way of ending the sex scene seems to actually move the game on, so to speak. Is this a known error?

    Loving the game otherwise, glad to see you're getting back to working on it.

  4. ^ You can try an alternate and future build on the update notes page, there is a link for it. It should have resolved the issue with NPCs like Bell though I think it doesn't work with magic yet. I'll have a new build up somewhat soon with a bunch of bug fixes if you'd like to wait for that.

  5. hey when I'm playing, after i finish with a random sex scene the continue button keeps disappearing on me and i keep forgetting to save before i do anything drastic.

  6. Tacoking, thanks. I downloaded the latest version from the update page, and that's fixed the issue. The game now progresses after the sex scene. I assume the magic thing you reference is how I've now lost my magic spells, in which case it's nice to know you're on top of it. :P

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Glad that worked. Basically with magic I changed the way it recognizes you have spells to detect it a bit more easily. The problem is that the magic section detects it the old way which makes it not appear at all. The version I'm working on fixes that so all of your spells should appear again in the near future (I hope) :P

  8. Did you also look into the Unlimited Items Works? (basic items being added ad infinitum even in 0.40a)?

  9. Huh, that's still happening anon? Can you send an e-mail to (unless it's still on the bug page), I'll fix that as well.

    I've made a bunch of fixes including some save / load fixes that should be rolling out soon, hopefully this week...though my eta's should never be trusted ;)

  10. Glad to hear motivation is powering back up. This is quite a fun game and if you need to relax from time to time, I'm sure we'd all prefer delays to an end to updates. Please don't let yourself get that burnt out on this again, it risks making sad fans.
    I look forward to seeing more fun ways to lose track of time :)


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