Sunday, November 18, 2012

New UI Question

Your comments are especially important for this post as polls are broken for the blog apparently ><

I'm nearing the completion of the main screen's UI revision. It looks shinny (albeit with some bugs) but otherwise all is well. Would you, as fans like:

  • A. Me to release the new UI with only the main screen completed. All other screens for the new UI have not gotten a revision yet.
  • B. Hold off until all of the other components have received treatment as well (combat, sex system, etc.).

Please note that for either A or B, many of the button graphics themselves are being redone and text placeholders have been placed on those buttons yet unfinished (continue for example, simply says "Continue" instead of having fancier graphics like the sleep until 8pm button) and will remain that way until they are done. Nazca is kindly helping me with these but he's got stuffs to do like the rest of us so whenever he gets a chance he'll work on them.

If option A seems to be most prevalent  the main screen will look pretty cool whereas the rest of the game will look like it always does until I start revising them as well (combat is next, followed by the sex system, followed by equipment, items, attributes, and skills). It won't look uniform at all until everything is done, but will still be functionally the same.

If option B is selected, it will take a lot longer for an official release, but I'll still let Teraunce upload intermittent builds as he sees fit.

I'm really liking the way the new main screen looks and I hope you all will come to like it as well. 


  1. I'd say let's go with option B.

  2. B! also need to look at the magic part again (lost me spells for the 5th time ;_;)

  3. All the Bs. Why hurry to release something half-baked?

  4. I think that B is the best option... See what I did there?

  5. Why not a limited test build with option A for feedback then go with option B after that?

  6. I'd say go with B... I like seeing everything all at once :D


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