Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So I was traveling today. For hours and hours and hours and hours. And waiting at airports. For hours and hours and hours… you get the point.

I hate waiting at airports almost as much as I hate being locked in place in an ever so hot airplane. Until I realized I could spend my time writing.

So I found a bar, seated myself in a comfy chair, put my hat on the table, opened my laptop and took a long sip off coffee. I really felt like a writer at that point, and it was quite the warm fussy feeling.

And then I started writing. Now, when I write I also like to read my stuff out loud to get a feel of the flow. I almost started until I realized where I was, and that I was writing about a double-cocked Amazon of a futa cowgirl wanting to breed you, the PC, if she were to allow you to enlarge her balls so that you could milk her cocks for profit…

What I wouldn’t give to see their faces if I had done so.

My teaser for today :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Update

I think every week I'll try to give a general progress report...maybe on Mondays. I'll most certainly continue posting on a whim, but I want to at least commit to that.

Game Status / Version
   Programming Pornarium is coming along pretty well. Right now the current (development) version is still 0.11a. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on code that will run the sex system (but not the event system for sex encounters, that's version 0.12a). This code is basically the foundation for the system and includes things like the UI, making sure your partner is loaded correctly, checking for what sexual techniques you can use, etc. Once this has been done, I will begin writing the events for the system. I expect to have the system done minus the events possibly as soon as tomorrow. After the events are done I will begin filling in the events for Pornicle. Once that's done, 0.20a will be ready for private testing.

Here are a couple screenshots of some of the things I'm working on. 
A glance at how the sex system is shaping up. It's not quite yet finished though, as you can tell by things like the annoying black bar :(

Who doesn't like popup menus instead of an irritating second screen?!
    We've decided to add an editor to our team to help with project, who goes by the name Hawtstuff. Hawtstuff has been working with us to help fix up the event text so that Echorid can focus on writing. Hawtstuff has already worked with me quite using the event creator and has been finding new ways to push it to it's limits. The good news is that all the nuts and bolts are holding out and we even found some new debug commands / commands to help make events a bit easier. I'm very happy to be working with Hawtstuff and hope that we can improve the game even further for you all when we release the next public test version down the road :)

The Ancient 
I tend to be easily amused, so I thought I'd pull up a screenshot of the game currently and compare it to the very first release. Just a sign that things will continue to get better with time.

Version 0.11a vs. Version 0.10a

Monday, June 27, 2011

Strong Like Bear!

Nono, still not dead yet, just uuh, busy with, uuh… writing! Yes, writing! I’m definitely not drinking myself into a drunken stupor every other day!

In all seriousness though, I have written a fair bit. The twins are more or less done now, and I shall continue onwards with my futa goddess. In fact, every time I think of her I imagine one of Dmitry’s many wonderful drawings, and so I have decided to give her a slight Russian accent as I find it awesome and in honor of Dmitry’s fantastic contributions to the world :)

I have never written in another accent before so it will be quite the challenge, but now that we’ve got Hawtstuff as our co-editor, I imagine he will be able to snuff out any stupid errors in my writing.

I’ve also decided upon my next big event. I don’t know if it will be as big as the farm, but it will be quite substantial and it will focus on the pc as opposed to the farm that focus more on the npc’s. First and foremost I shall write events to flesh out and finish Pornarium and its surrounding areas, but it will definitely be written in the future. Without going into details, it will cater to a specific group of people and involve the hunting of elves… I’m such a sick, sick person.

Also, about the futa: She might be packing something extra… just saying ;D

Also also: 17K words… The farm is currently over half as big as the rest of the game, and all the text is unique unlike the other collection of texts we have right now. What does that mean? It means that if you actually read and not just click your way through, this event should double the longevity of the game :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Does your version 0.10.13a crash? (Experimental Hotfix)

I'm trying to narrow down the problem as I have not experienced it on either of my two computers. I believe the new icon is the culprit. It is formatted a bit oddly and can't be displayed on windows by opening it (like other icons) so I believe I am to blame for formatting it poorly. In the future, I will continue to use the new icon but I'll make sure it works better.

Let me know if this fixes your issues:

Secondly, if you don't have the powerpack, please download that on the download page .

Friday, June 24, 2011

Death to Swimming!

The poll is closed, swimming loses by a large margin.

Ok, so what skill should I replace swimming with?

I'm looking for ideas here! I have already received some good ideas (like Gambling). I'll put up a new poll for the next skill in a day or two :)

0.10.13a Released??

Wait? I thought you said 0.10.13a was the last one for awhile?
 While it is true I said this I did say I'd release a new hotfix. The new hotfix became more of a bug fix update then a small hotfix so I decided to release 0.10.13a instead of calling it hotfix 2. I've made some progress on the next version (still working on the sex system) and you may see some locations I forgot to completely remove in this version (oh well). You can't actually do anything in these new locations should you find them (not even a description exists for most of them) but perhaps it will give you an idea of what those areas will contain.

General Update Information:
  • Please: Download the powerpack on the download page if your game crashes. This will fix virtually every crash issue (I think it's actually the only crash issue). The only reason the game will crash (though there may be spots you get stuck, if you find one let me know!) is because you lack this dependency. 
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Plan for Pornarium

(warning, long post!)   

   I figured I would make a post since 0.10.12a was release a few days to give everyone an idea on what's going on with Pornarium now that the last round of bug fix updates have gone in for 0.10a (well, with one exception, see below) I am going to concentrate on making new content starting primarily with the sex system. Before I ramble about the sex system let me mention the upcoming hotfix 2.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daisy, I’m thirsty. Could I Have some milk please?

I admit it. I didn’t write squat yesterday, and neither did I do anything this evening except get slightly intoxicated (hence; excuse my spelling). I decided to give my social life a slight restart as I forsook much of it when I picked up the pen, as it were. Ok, not really, but I’m still drunk.

Anyway, I did get some work done and I’m happy to announce that, with the exception of one event/several flavor events, the first cowgirl has been written!

I am also happy to inform you that expansion events are a freaking blast to write! Through six separate events, one of them whom will be particularly… hmhmhm… “expansive”, you will get to savor the full blossoming from nearly nothing to beyond voluptous.

I’m also happy to inform you that in my drunken stupor I also managed to figure out what would make the last of the “girls” unique. And so, you will have “four” unique girls for your farm.

Why “four”? Did I mention the twins? I count them as “one” :P

There is a “fifth”, or as it were, a sixth, that I have plans for. I’m not entirely sure if I want to do more with her than I have planned, but she is already a key piece in the puzzle, and so she will steal the spotlight several times.

Hmmm, sleep or write the twins… Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Fuck it, twins win through their sheer number.

Quick Hotfix

I made a quick 5 minute hotfix  to fix the sleep error primarily. By adding that lost hour I forgot to program (there was no midnight) it messed up the sleep until morning/night options causing you to wake up an hour early. I also cut and pasted code I put in the wrong place which made it so the option to make the action window transparent would not work at all.

Hotfix Notes:
  • Bug Fixes
    • Options
      • Made it so transparent action panel works as intended.
    • Sleeping
      • Made it so you will not longer wake up an hour earlier then intended. 

The hotfix can be found here and on the downloads page. See the downloads page for instructions.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pornarium 0.10.12a Released!

Update Focus

This update of Pornarium focuses on fixing many bugs (such as the fact that Midnight never existed or you'd never get paid at the odd job). The UI has also been heavily redone. If you go into your option menu in game, you can now select themes OR if you select none as a theme, you can select a background / customize your colors as well. I've removed the flat buttons mostly everywhere (but the options menu) in place of normal buttons. 

Unless there are critical bugs, I won't update Pornarium for download for a bit while Echorid and Myself focus on new content. Check the blog for updates, there will be screen shots and descriptions of future events including the sex and combat systems. 

You will need the Powerpack dependance linked on the downloads page. I have also included a new font with the game in case you don't have it yet. It shouldn't cause problems without it but install it anyways just in case!

IMPORTANT: New File Saving System
 You will have to use the "Load OLD Save File" option to load your old characters. You can save them as normally, and from that point that character will be saved under the new system.

General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.

UI Modifications in Progress for 0.10.12a

Just a quick update:

I've been working on 0.10.12a and I have been trying to improve the UI somewhat. This is still very much in progress and likely won't be too awesome yet...but I'm wondering if this is starting to look a little better :p. I've added some bars for HP/ FP / Arousal and a custom background.

The background I am using was a test one. Olivia sent me a background that I think is awesome but I didn't get a chance to match colors up for it yet (which I will by the next update). Olivia's background is a pretty cool and very RPGish map background that I think people will enjoy.

NOTE: Color choice is only temporary. I'm just fooling around with the layout now. Also, the year text is a bit screwed up because I upped the font size of the main text to 14. I will obviously fix that :p The picture background where there is no image can be made transparent. I have one style w/ picture background / border transparent and the other with it present.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moo? Moomoomooo. MomoMooooo!

Right, I know I said this event would become large, and probably three times the size it was when I wrote my last blog-post, which would leave the finished product at 1/2 – 3/5 of the current game’s size.

I take that back. Right now I tried to write the “expansion” event for the first cowgirl you get. I meant for it to be short and quick with a sexual tone hanging over it…

I utterly failed! ... Well, sorta. I dare say I nailed that sexual tone.

Four pages in I realized I’d written only half the expansion event. And I’ve still not done the long parts, which will involve the “real” sex-scene.

I’m 9000 words in… It’s a freaking third of the entire game already. And I’m still not done with the first of five girls! (six if you count the twins as two!)

Holy freaking crap I hope you folks will like this event, or this will be a huge waste of space :P

I would love to continue writing, but I probably should go to bed. It happens to be 3:15 am here. So, with that: Good night :)

Moo! A Wild Teaser has Appeared!

So, I thought I’d give you guys and gals a little teaser of what is to come.

The other day Kei-chan sparked my interested when cowgirls were mentioned. So I figured I’d have a go at that.

I ended up with a farm, cows and chickens and a great farmland. You will spend about 8 hours a day tending to your farm, planting seeds and growing crops. Some two-three months into the game, you will be able to reap your rewards and gain mediocre payment for it. Maybe you can find yourself a wife among the ten boring npcs I’ve created, and perhaps get a child that does less useful stuff than the old rocking chair dusting away in the corner. They most certainly will not fish with you, which will be very time consuming and give no rewards as fish are not yet implemented.

Sounds fun, no?

I didn’t think so either, so fuck that shit, and let the transformations begin!

You might however now ask, “Wait Echo, didn’t you start writing this three days ago? Are you done with this now?”

Absolutely, I started it three days ago, and I do not believe I’m even halfway done.

“How slow are you? If you take this long to write one single event, when will the next version ever be done?”

Well, I’ve got news for you. I have admittedly been working slower than I would have liked, but that is not to say stuff has not been produced. I’m not exaggerating in any way when I now claim that what I have written so far for this one quest is actually as big as 1/5 of the entirety of the rest of the game! And I imagine it will be at the very least three times as big when I’m done with it! (Not three times as big as the game, that's just madness!)

“Oh, didn’t see that one coming. What can we expect?”

As I’m still in the process of creating this event, things I now say might vanish or change and other stuff I don’t mention might be added. My ambition is this: Several colorful npcs, humor and silliness, transformations galore, enticing sex and general playfulness, a world that changes around you as you progress in the quest, liberal use of the game’s mechanics and the use of skills such as alchemy. And, of course, immersion like all hell that will hopefully suck you into the world.

“That’s quite a mouthful. How do you intend to make it?”

And that is the beauty of a text game. It’s just text, and everything is possible :). When I first started getting these ideas of a constantly changing farmstead, I was like “wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could make that.” then I was like “Wait, the fuck am I talking about. It’s freaking text game. There’s nothing stopping me!” and now I’m like “Wooo! This is awesome. Fire and lightning burst forth from my fingertips as I write at blinding speeds! WOOOO!”

I’m really looking forward to releasing 0.30 to you now, and I hope you will have as much fun as I have now, if not even more :)

If you ever wanted to create your own farm and fill it with cowgirls. Look no further than here ;)
EDIT: Since I posted a teaser at FutanariPalace, I might as well post it here as well:
"With an audible sucking noise the cups latch themselves to Daisy’s boobs. “Oooooh god! That feels good!” Arching her back into the seat, milk spills forth from her nipples and areolas. She’s panting furiously as she kneads her full breasts, producing more milk with every squeeze. In the intoxicating wave of pleasure her hand finds its way into unzipping jeans. A snicker from Claire pulls her back into reality."

Much, much more to come :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

0.10.11a Save Game Test

I didn't make many changes yet in the build, but one thing I did do was revise how save files are processed. If anyone is brave, I would appreciate it if you could test the save / load function and let me know if it works as intended.

To convert your old save file, click on: "Load OLD Save Game"

When in the game, click on "save" as you normally would.

Try loading your NEW save in game and then at the title screen and let me know if it works.

Thanks guys!

Those of you who do not want to brave this test, tomorrow (Sunday) or possibly monday I will have 0.10.12a ready.
(You will still need the VB powerpack addon. It is available on the downloads page)

Pre-0.10.12a Test Version Coming Soon

I made some rather drastic changes to the save files for the game. Instead of being a cluster of about 12 files, the game should save your character to ONE file.

What about your old save files then?

The good news is there is a button to load your old save file still. You should then save them to convert them to this new system to avoid future problems :)

I'm almost done with this test version but alas have some things to take care of. I want to upload it now but I really should do some testing on my own prior so expect this to be released later tonight when I get home. It is very important to note that this version is highly experimental. If your version is working fine for you then hold off until 0.10.12a comes out, don't risk downloading a version that may or may not work at all :p

After this, 0.10.12a will be ready in a day or two as time permits. I just have a few bug fixes to take care of (it seems relatively bug free compared to 0.10.6a). After 0.10.12a there won't be any Pornarium releases for a bit because Echorid and myself will be busy working on a ton of new content. I'm well into programming the sex system and making good progress there. I hope to post some previews of the sex system along with a full explanation after 0.10.12a is released.

To give you an idea you can hit control+x (hopefully it will work) in game to get a peak at the very basic non functional sex system interface if you want to get a tiny glimpse of what I have planned. 0.10.12a and the experimental version will have a slightly more tuned (but far from complete) glimpse at the sex system interface.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pornarium 0.10.11a Released

Update Focus
The main focus of this update is yet again, bug fixes! Yay. I've added a few quality of life improvements based upon player feedback. Let me know how this goes.

IMPORTANT: I have left the link for 0.10.10a up just in case. Most updates I run a secondary test prior to uploading but this time I did not have time. What does this mean? I may have accidently forgot to take something out that causes a crash (in the game). While I certainly agree the game is buggy, it at least seems to not crash often if at all. If it should crash let me know and I'll make a hotfix for this update asap. In the meantime, if it's broken download 0.10.10a again.

General Update Information:
  • IMPORTANT: If you are an existing Pornarium user, simply overwrite your Pornarium.exe file but DO NOT copy the pornarium.exe.config.xml. If you do, it will overwrite all of your user configuration files. In the event I add more user settings, you will have to overwrite this file. I will of course mention when this happens :)
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.

Character sheet

So, anyone notice that I've played D&D some time in my life?

I made this from scratch as a mockup of what could be, if VB is able to handle it. I have no idea if that is the case though.

And yes, Fortitude Points. Sleeping to restore your "fatigue" would leave you tired. As you drain stamina, you become fatigued. This is my effort to change fatigue to fortitude, and it will leave the abbreviation FP in place :P (I'm such a sneaky bastard).

I also swapped charisma and appearance. It feels more natural that one of your attributes is how charismatic you are, versus how you look. Looks can be changed much more easily (at least in this world). I'm just toying with it though, and it is by no means set in stone.

I'll fill it in with a bit of stats in a moment or so.

All in all, I do believe it is a step in the right direction.

Edit: And there we go. An idea for how it could look when stats are filled in. And yes, I know my drawing sucks, so shut it :P. It's actually Meryl, and so I might as well use her for the paperdoll screen, even though I had to crop it.

I will hopefully have improved a lot by the time, if ever, I try my hand at drawing paper dolls for the game. Mainly I shall focus on writing. And with that, I've got a bar to create.

(Warning, contains badly drawn futanari. Not sure if it's the quality or futanari I'm warning you about though :P)


I'll make sure I include these in a readme file in the future, but the game does have some controls to make my less than perfect UI slightly more bearable :p. Here they are (sometimes you may have to click on the event text window if these don't work, it's something I need to fix but usually these will work without having do that all the time):


1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-, = (and numpad 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 , 0 , - , +) = Use action

(only one of these windows can be open at a time for now)
A = Attributes window
U = Status effects
K = Skills
I = Items

Equipping Items:

On the items screen you can click on an item and select "equip item one" or "equip item two" to equip it on the main screen so you can use it without having to constantly go back to the items screen.

T = Open/close travel window
S = Sleep when travel window is open

(If you can imagine the 8 travel buttons and then reference your numpad)

Num7 (Northwest)    Num 8 (North)   Num 9 (North east)

Num 4 (West)          Num 6 (East)

Num 1 (Southwest)   Num 2 (South)  Num 3 (Southeast)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quality of life

I had about an hour of free time tonight so I decided to begin working on 0.10.11a, the next barrage of bug fixes for Pornarium. Someone asked me a question on the bug report page (I believe it was Seip) pertaining to attributes and how they had an effect on your skills. I provided an answer but in the end I felt it really wasn't adequate in a gaming sense so while working on the next update I decided to add it to the skill window so you can see how your stats are having an effect on your skills. Echorid asked me earlier as well what I could do to make the attributes screen not so bland and gave me some awesome ideas but those will have to come a bit further on in the game's development. These types of musings became the impetus for this quick post:

Those of you who have been following me from the start and those of you who are new and have gotten a chance to play, what kind of Quality of Life/Roleplaying enhancements can I add to the game? What sort of small (but relatively little) things can I add to the game either next update or future ones to make it better and feel more "sim/RPG"-like? If you have a small but relatively simple idea, it may be placed in the next update (some simple changes can literally take about five minutes to program) or if it's more complicated I'll save it for when I can implement it properly provided I think it will fit in with the game.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pornarium 0.10.10a Released

Hotfix: A hotfix was uploaded. It made a few changes to the game that you can review on the update notes page. These changes will be included in 0.10.11a, which is likely to be the final version before I stop releasing updates and focus on making new content for this game.

Update Focus
   The primary focus of this update was the fixing of various bugs present in the game. I've begun adding some new images and some images from 0.10.5a and earlier. I've also added one secret event (that's pretty easy to find I think) written by Echorid, it was meant to be included in 0.10.6a but due to the bug filled new system I decided to scrap it until now. I felt that 0.10.9a was fairly good as far as bugs are concerned, though  there were still some issues. I hope that this version is even less buggy though I know it won't be perfect. I also hope that the milk issue is fixed but I wouldn't be surprised if it still was causing some issues.

Update Highlights

   The update notes can always be found on the update notes page, but if you just wanted to see the highlights of this update here they are:
  • Cum Volume Formula was revised! This hopefully will fix many of the issues people had with cum volume. Future revisions are planned still.
  • Windows XP Visual Themes were disabled to pave the way for "status bars" for the new sex system and combat system which will appear in future versions.
  • Bug fixes and more bug fixes!

General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Any brave brave souls want to try a "hotfix"?

I've been experimenting with finding a free patch software so I can make smaller patches between versions. I have found xdelta which I found to be a useful resource for creating patch files. Instead of a 17MB rar file I can upload a 127kb rar file for smaller patches. The hotfix I made for example only is 38Kb as I haven't changed much, just a few values. I don't think it warrants a 17MB download and as the game grows, that 17MB will quickly turn to 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.

I've included a patch file. This is experimental and I recommend that you stay away if you aren't feeling brave :p.

This hotfix includes the following changes (which will be added to the 0.10.10a notes in the future).
  • You should no longer lose FP when sleeping for less then 8 hours!
  • Milk volume should be fixed @ 1000mL. It will no longer multiply the volume of milk you have by 1,000. You shouldn't go from 900mL to 1000,000L anymore (that would probably cause you to explode, even in a game as unrealistic as this!)
These fixes may not work, but I'm more interested in seeing if the hotfix works.

Here are instructions on how to use the hotfix:

(1) Extract the rar file to whatever directory pornarium resides in.
(2) Click on applyfix.bat*

*You may need to run this as an administrator

The batch file contains the following text (feel free to verify it if you aren't sure):
xdelta -d -s pornarium.exe PornariumHotFix.pud PornariumTemp.exe (applies  the patch and makes a new exe file, PornariumTemp.exe)
del Pornarium.exe (deletes old pornarium.exe file)
ren PornariumTemp.exe Pornarium.exe (renames PornariumTemp.exe to pornarium.exe)

You should then be able to run Pornarium as usual with the fixes installed. Make sure to keep a copy of the old pornarium 0.10.9a.rar file just in case something goes wrong and it deletes both pornarium.exe files.

Here is the hotfix

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.10.9a Released

***Important: If the milk events still aren't working let me know. I'll try something else and get a quickfix uploaded asap. That bug, which I hope is dead with this patch, has become public enemy #1 to me***
Update Focus
   The focus of this update was primarily bug fixes. The game is (slowly) becoming more stable. One major bug fix that was introduced was an addition to the game code that makes it more friendly to those playing outside of the United States or the UK. The game now will handle numbers (at least internally...sorry no conversions yet) as if they were input in the UK. While the output will not be any different the game will no longer (or at least should no longer) incorrectly parse my event code when playing with the Czech or German languages. Several other bug fixes removed erroneous actions, such as being able to fuck something with a non-existent cock.
   One main new feature was added at the request of the FP poster Alugere. They recommended I added an ability to sleep until morning (8AM) or night (8PM) so you can skip right to the events of that time if you would like instead of having to kill time. I am happy to say that at least preliminary tests show that this new feature is in fact working. If you get less then 8 hours of rest, you will recover a fraction of your FP and the HP you would have recovered.

Future Updates
   I really am hoping that this update makes the game far more stable. If everything appears mostly stable, I will begin secretly working on the sex system again (version 0.10.10a may even allow you to make a preview appear if you press some secret code like control+x which won't be active until 0.10.10a. If I did include this preview it will be non-functional, but you can look at it and maybe test some things that will crash your game). Assuming version 0.10.9a is mostly stable, version 0.10.10a will be the last alpha version before development becomes closed again. I will add the sex toy vendor in the marketplace and it will tie into the female masturbation event you will receive if you are sleeping as the final "new" thing in the 0.10a alpha test phase.. At this time I will constantly be updating the blog with what I'm working on, but new game downloads will stop.
    Those of you that have been kind and have been posting bug reports will have a high probability of getting a test version of 0.20a. 0.20a will debut the sex system and have all of Pornicle completed. Once the 0.20a phase is finished, the game will approach the next release which will be 0.30a. This will be downloadable by everyone. When this happens, those of you who haven't played since 0.10a will have at least three times the content you previously experience.

General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.

Pornarium Version 0.10.9a later today

I will be releasing yet another series of bug fixes for Pornarium later today. I hope to address the dreaded "milk volume" issue. This was due to regional conflicts based on how a comma and decimal point were handled. My event text had "...i=.100]" which was read by US or UK computers correctly by the program and was changed directly to a decimal (which is why I never received an error at first myself). After changing my region settings to German, "...i=.100]" would not be interpreted properly (as I believe it would have to be written as i=,100]". I'm always learning new things being new to Visual Basic so Leeter on  the FP boards taught me a bit about how to utilize different culture settings. In the next version, the example I've used above will be handled by the game correctly now though it will still display the text as ".100" in the window.

I hope that this version will more stable and less buggy. If so, I'll put one more version out (0.10.10a) and then get back to a more closed development as I work to implement the sex system. Those of you who have been kind enough to take time out of your day to send me bug reports will have a very good chance of testing 0.20a when it comes out further down the road.

(Random Tidbit: Roughly 10% of all people who visit / presumably play are from Germany. That's pretty cool! )

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pornarium Version 0.10.8a Released

Pornarium Version 0.10.8a has been released.

This update features many more bug fixes. While there are probably still plenty of bugs to fix, I feel I'm getting closer and closer to making the game more stable. Here is one of the most important highlights from the update notes:

  • If you were having height / weight issues this has been fixed! Unfortunately due to the way the character creation was handled, your heights / weights never were transferred to your save file. To fix this, I have added new event in the government offices to the east of the river. This will allow you to reset your height and weight one time per character. Feel free to modify your height and weight to your liking (height between 4 - 7 feet, weight between 90 and 350lbs.). Unfortunately I cannot fix the stamina changes easily so they are not included yet. I am unsure if I will ever make that change retroactive, but I may find some way to do so. Future character should have their height / weight transferred correctly.
General Update Information:
  • Want to improve Pornarium? The best place to give me suggestions is on this page!
  • Want to read the update notes? Click on this link to view the update notes!
  • Want to report bugs and see what bugs have already been reported? Check out the bug reports page.
  • Want to download the latest release? It's available as always on the downloads page.
  • If you have a bug that you want to report OR you get stuck, click on the event text box and press control+b. It should get you out of a jam and give you the option to send me a bug report.
EDIT: I've also added a new "Thank You" page to keep track of all the kind people who have sent me bug reports. Your kindness means a lot to me and I really appreciate  you taking time to send me a bug report. I know it's not much, but I hope recognizing your kindness will demonstrate to you all that I really am thankful for your help.(E-mails were not placed here. I do not want to include anyone's real name and often your e-mails have had your real names. If you want, include a pseudonym in your email and I will place that on the list)

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Top of the morning to you!

    Hello *Waves*
    And that's as much of an introduction as I can be arsed to make.
    Should you at any point find that some of the text is misleading or wrong, riddled with grammatical errors, implausible (breasts defying gravity do not count) or poised to destroy the world by unleashing hordes of zombies due to horrendously wrongly spelled magical incantations: Then I am ready to heed your words of wisdom! I.e. I can fix most of them so that Tacoking can focus on crafting the game code :)
    If you have idea’s for stuff you’d like to see in the game, but do not intend to write yourself, feel free to send them to me. I’m not promising anything, but the ideas and wishes of others have sparked fires in me prior, and events covering those have since been written, albeit not yet been implemented.
    You can reach me via this blog or via private messages at Futanaripalace. I am named Echorid there as well.

    Echorid added to the blog

    Echorid, my partner for this project (event writer / editor) has been added to the blog as an author so he can add his input, answer questions, and take suggestions.

    I handle the game's programing and design areas / events. Echorid takes my lump of coal like events and transforms them into awesome events that are not only better grammatically, but also just plain better. Echorid also writes his own events as well (outside of the main events I have designed).

    On another note, the event creator has been updated to Version 1.31. This version will automatically check your text when you click on test to ensure that it is properly formatted. The most common/basic syntax errors are displayed via a couple of popup boxes so that they can be identified and fixed. It is available on the downloads page.

    0.10.8a Tomorrow

    I have a rather busy weekend coming up, but before my weekend plans kick off I'd like to get a quick update to version 0.10.8a out tomorrow. I can't say exactly when tomorrow it will be uploaded, it could be early or it could be later...whenever I get a spare moment (GMT-5).

    0.10.8a will not be totally bug free. I still seem to have a long way to go but I feel that I'm at least making good progress. I really feel that conceptually this game is really good, it just needs a lot of work and I thank all of you that are patient and are taking the time to let me know where I screwed up. I am obviously not the most skilled programmer but like anything with practice I am getting better every time I program.

    If you dislike buggy software, you may wish to stay away from Pornarium for a few versions but I do hope that you all will continue to check this game out. I feel it's only getting better. The initial releases are always going to be buggy as hell but once they are working I feel that a great game will be presented to all of you.

    What will be in 0.10.8a?
       The next update will be brief as was 0.10.8a. I aim to quash some more "conversion errors". Most of these errors stem from my event parser code. Those 1,450 or so lines of code interpret events and translate them into code that VB then sends to the various subs I have that govern what the game does. A lot of problems arise when I forget stupid simple things like an ending bracket (forgetting " ] " for example was responsible for virtually every conversion error you all reported). While my event creator is cool and allows to test for events (and even errors) it almost works too well. It will treat an event like a character going through the event so if the test I am running has a cum production of 140mL and and event calls for a range between 150 - 300mL and I accidentally skip that range, I can totally miss a bug in my event text. That was sloppy of me but I was a bit too over zealous getting 0.10.6a released and as a result I missed a bunch of these errors.

    To improve this, I am updating my event editor with a function that will check the event text and double check all brackets. If a bracket is missing (which would create an error) it will inform me now. While I don't think this will fix all errors, it will certainly help reduce a good chunk of them.

    The Great Bug Hunt

    So now that 0.10.7a is out it obviously is fairly buggy, more then I'd hopped. At some point today I'm going to collect everyone's feedback and post the bug list on the bug page. From that point I'll begin fixing as many as I can.

    I had hoped I'd have squashed many of the bugs but there are obviously a lot more then intended (well naturally, that's Murphy's Law :p). I had originally intended to do two updates, a quick 0.10.7a (which I did) and a 0.10.8a and then go  back into my development cave and begin programming future stuff. I think I need at least another version or two before I can release the final alpha of this phase.

    Thank you everyone who has taken the time to post these bug reports, I'll get to working on these nasty bugs :D

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Version 0.10.7a released

    I've released 0.10.7a to fix a ton of bugs in 0.10.6a. Hopefully the game works a bit smoother. There are still going to be some bugs, possibly a lot of them, so keep me informed and I'll fix them :)

    The update notes as always are found on this page.

    You can find the game (and all future updates) on the download page.

    Please post bugs from this update on this page.

    Suggestion Page
    I encourage everyone to check out my suggestion page. If you have ideas on how to improve the game leave them on that page to ensure I receive them. Thanks!

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    0.10.7a Tomorrow

    Sorry to be so spammy today on the blog, I've been busy trying to get 0.10.6a up and running and now that it's finally there, I'm trying to quash some of the larger bugs. I will definitely have 0.10.7a up tomorrow afternoon / early evening (GMT-5) sometime so keep an eye out for it then. I have already quashed a few bugs but the main one is the new sleep event. It's responsible for a lot of the problems you all are having.

    As always, check out the update log page if you want to keep up with all of the changes I do to the game and the event creator. Whenever I make a change I will put it on that section of the blog. It's probably the most updated section though I usually won't announce changes there. You can get a peak at what's in store for 0.10.7a (mostly bug fixes) by checking in there :)

    New Event Creator Version

    I will link the new Event Creator Version (1.27) below. If anyone is interested in seeing how I make events feel free to check the link out. This is a tool used by Echorid and myself to edit events, making the process a bit easier then simply programming everything in.

    The Event Creator uses a very simple language somewhat like BBCode to do various things in the game once the game reads the event file (which is saved as a simple text). If anyone is interested in making an event for the game send me an e-mail ( There are some places that I feel do not need events and there are restrictions on the levels of transformations, but I always am open to adding new events in some areas that could use some flushing out. If you simply have some ideas to add more flavor to events such as walking on the residential streets feel free to send me some ideas as well.

    Don't worry if you don't feel like doing any of the above, Echorid and myself have plenty of material we are working with to expand the game independent of any user submissions. I just want to give others the opportunity to have some say into how the world is shaped. I have a pretty rigid skeleton but there are plenty of areas to add some meat to the bones :)

    Version 0.10.6a

    Before you download the game please read this:

    (1) This version is buggy as hell. DO NOT play it if you dislike bugs.
    (2) Let me know if the game is asking for an xml file. I excluded it in this  version but it may require one.
    (3) Pressing Control+B will open the bug report dialogue, and allow you escape some situations if you are stuck.
    (4) You will need the .NET 4 Framework installed
    (5) Click on Pornarium.exe (the approximately 50MB sized one) NOT the clickonceapplication. If you click on the clickonceapplication file it will ask you to install it. If you do install it, then annoyingly you won't be able to play until you uninstall / reinstall. I'll omit this file in the next version. I included it accidentally.

    That's all for now. I plan to release 0.10.7a in the next day or so to address issues in this version...which there are probably going to be a ton of o.O

    (Code is Copyright 2011 by Tacoking)

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Stay tuned for later tonight...

    This is taking me a bit longer then expected, but I still am on schedule for a very late release tonight (or I guess technically tomorrow morning).

    When this is released, expect this version to be buggy as hell. I wouldn't recommend even trying it if you dislike a ton of bugs. Just adding some events and tweaking the hospital screen, then I'll be good to go :)

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Getting there :)

    Just posting a general report on what I'm working on. I just need to finish the park (night time), the river, and the hospital. I anticipate finishing the park and river today. The hospital becomes the biggest obstacle for getting the alpha released tomorrow. I probably will have to totally redo the way body parts are removed / changed as the old way was horrible (an endless series of windows default beep sounds w/ message box popups) and I want to make it nicer and easier to use. While this possibly could work out perfectly tomorrow, I wouldn't bank on it. Expect the game Sunday or potentially Monday at worst case scenario...though if it IS available tomorrow I will happily post the link here :)

    Oh, and all existing items have been done as well. They've all been briefly tested and seem to work. (keyword is seem).

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