The Thank You! Page!

I made this page to thank people have sent in bug reports to me. I really appreciate your help, thank you for helping me make this game better! Futanaripalace posters have their posting names in brackets. I have omitted e-mail bug reports solely because sometimes they contain people's real names. I do not want to place anyone's real name here. If you have a pseudonym you would like me to use, include it in your email :)

  • Special Thanks!
    • To Hawtstuff for helping proofread some of the writings!
    • Leeter for answering a ton of my VB questions.
    • Combo for finding some images (and then more images)! 
    • Nazca for making a new icon file! 
    • Nazca for finding a plethora of images for the project :D 
    • Nazca for Event Editor Images.
    • Nazca for help w/ a save file.
    • Olivia for making an awesome map for the game! 
    • Zoobleg for finding a bunch of public domain SFX! 
    • Hasori for finding a plethora of background images!
    • Seand for finding a ton of images!
  • Thanks for ideas / events
    • Loeri, Sevarl
    • Kreeves (Special Police Encounter User Submitted Content) 
  • Version 0.35a
    • Opti, Aleksander, fite.ian, Ki, Jean Mander, Regan, Hakker,  nekomimimedo, Athena1993, Burken, D'Orc, Andron, Kithir, Ishmanian
  • Version 0.34a
    • Motai, Aleksander, Opti, Angelyoumou3356, nekomimimedo, Athena1993
  • Version 0.23a-0.23.3a
    • D'Orc, Motai, Diablos97, Hedrax, Thel, Chocolatemouse (TFGames), Flex, Toma, Darwithe, Redraster, Hedrax, abappio, Hakker, Opti, Aleksander, Telocus, fite.ian, Dread, Burken,  Motai
  •  Version 0.21a - 0.21.4a
    • {Esque}, Redraster, Hedrax, Nazca, joe, JustDou, Flex, D'Orc, Toma, Darwithe, Telocus,  abappio, Hakker, Thel
  • Version 0.20a - 0.20.4a
    • Fenoxo, Tim, MrBurningMad, Nazca, MobileGrunt, Redraster, Hedrax, Seip, BlueChairAdmin, {hasori}, {raikov}, Alornia, Crossaith, JustDoug, Telocus, Talon_Mort, Joe, Akai, David, Pollux, Bontage, Aleksander, Shin Majin, Merclm, Terza, Flex, Darwithe, php30010, Mogymog, lillithsboy
  • Version 0.10.12a
    • Loeri, Hedrax, Seip, Nazca, Dorkulon, {Psycho_bunny}
  • Version 0.10.11a 
    • Leeter, Hayashikurohyou, Joe, Seip, Hedrax
  • Version 0.10.10a 
    •  Alugere, Joe, Alice, Hedrax, Seip
  •  Version 0.10.9a
    •  Hedrax, Dorkul0n, Joe, {Alugere}, {Givekidsmeth}
  • Version 0.10.8a 
    •  Seip, "Me, Myself, and My-nextself", Joe, Hawtstuff, Hedrax, Alita, {Spacehunk}
  • Version 0.10.7a
    •  Joe, Spex, Libor, Alita, Reme, Seip, Aleksander, {Alugere}, {Esque}, {Chimera}, {Centias}, {Lyssor}, {Kittenmittens}
  • Version 0.10.6a
    • Joe, Reme, "Me, Myself, and My-Nextself", Monte, 6e8af04a-9126-11e0-a44a-000bcdcb8a7, David, justdoug

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