Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Future Plans (October 2012 Version)

Just a quick highlight of the future plans for the game:

The main purpose of this alpha is to build the features of the game far more then content. It's why it can take awhile for stuffs to appear (a lot of what I work on is boring behind the scenes crap like equipment or traps :P). I generally will make content around these devices but my main focus is getting them to work. As you may have noticed, the alpha has almost hit version 0.60a, which means it's roughly 60% complete. What major features are needed to finish the alpha and move on to beta?

  • The ability to modify one's apartment.
  • The ability to buy a new home. 
  • The ability to form relationships (positive or negative) with select NPCs and organizations.
  • The ability to have an NPC move in with you.
  • Tinkering!
  • A sort of "transformation achievement" system, where if you unlock a complete set of transformations you can pay a small fee to transform any body part to match that particular transformation.

  I'm sure I'm missing some things, but after all that is added we'll move on to beta which is almost all content.  I'm not going to avoid adding new content however so expect to see the following area(s) fleshed out in this order:

  1. Remaining North Highway Events (there are a few left)
  2. Nameless Inn Events completed.
  3. South of Pornicle and the road to Drillhur (Skill and Attribute caps will be raised again starrting here)
  4. The Town of Drillhur
  5. A deep forest
  6. A secret location ;)

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I'm going to be working on.

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  1. Also hopefully the ability to work at Madam Mamiya's

    Thanks for the info otherwise


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