Monday, June 11, 2012

Volunteer Drive & Progress Update

So we're already almost half-way through June, wow time sure files!

Anyways, I'm pleased to announce that we've been seeing a steadily increase in the amount of volunteers applying and that makes both Taco and I really, REALLY happy! In the past 2 weeks alone, we've gotten 3 new writers!!! 

This being said, if any of you who read our blog want to help out, I've written a volunteer pamphlet that lists all of our current volunteer opportunities.

I look forward to seeing all your bright and enthusiastic replies in my e-mailbox! Together, let's make Taco proud when he gets back and sees how much we've accomplished in one month :)

Progress Report:
M'alkorr is looking quite nice. Intro scene is complete kudos to Silverdream
2 new bar scenes WIP


  1. Love the progress report idea - is there somewhere we can see the general idea of what something is, like what is M'alkorr (or Mal'Korr)?

  2. Mal'Korr is the city of corruption and depravity. It is a where merchants swindle innocent bystanders and peddle their questionable goods. Prostitutes loiter on every street corner looking for clients, when they're not "entertaining" the Mal'Korr's established crime lords of course. Mal'Korr's de facto government would rather accept a meager "fee" than lock you up, and threatens its inhabitants with martial law. Vagabonds, beggars, drug addicts, and thieves are its citizens. Come expecting no warm welcome, for you will find no solace in Mal'Korr...

    City options:
    WIP Main quest line: Purify Mal'Korr (for you goody two-shoe PCs)
    WIP Side quest line: Thieves Guild

  3. Ooooh, sounds exciting! Is this what's on the other end of the highway?

  4. Aye, there's also Sanctos, the city of purity, but I need to talk to Taco about what he plans for that area.


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