Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Experimental Build (0.55.1a)

I've been a bit busy with work so I haven't been able to post as much new stuffs as I want yet, but here's a new build for now. This build includes a few bugfixes and a few new things, like an enemy that will reverse a bulk of your transformations (I do not recommend trying to fight this foe yet, many special attacks and other items that may make the fight easier are not in game yet).

I've also been debating on releasing a new feature, perhaps in the hospital, that will allow you to recall any transformations you've fully unlocked through game play  For example: If you unlock all of the fox transformations, you'll be able to return to the hospital revert any body part to a certain type for a fee. Basically as long as you "collect" all of the aspects of a transformations you can call it back in part or in full at any time. Let me know what you think about this idea :)

Also, in regards to pregnancy, though the system is in-game and available via the debug menu, you must enable it in the hospital. More support for it (such as it being triggered through normal gameplay) will come in the next build or two.

Expanding this post will reveal the download link and update notes :)

(note, 0.55a was never released so I've included that build's notes as well)

Torrent link is up.

Download link: Click here!  (Torrent can be downloaded here.)

Version 0.55.1a

Bug Fixes
Sex System
-Fixed a bug where some actions would be incorrectly displayed as available choices when in fact they were not. This should eliminate (hopefully completely) issues where npcs or player characters would magically grow phantom body parts.

      -Now gives you a slight boost in the weight category depending on how many weeks pregnant you are.
      -The status effect screen should now list various status effects based which week of pregnancy you are experiencing.

Version 0.55a

Attribute and Skill Increases
-A message will pop-up alerting you to when you cannot raise an attribute or skill further from an event.

Bug Fixes
-Changed the save / load locations for quicksaves to match wherever you last saved a file instead of using another method which may be responsible for some equipment errors.
-Added some extra redundancy checks to clear out equipment on quickloads to reduce the chance of a duplicate set of starting equipment.
-You can no longer be jailed for having a spontaneous orgasm in the sewers.
                -Fixed an error preventing pregnancy. NOTE: You must enable it at the hospital.

-Added a new enemy: Be warned, this enemy will possibly strip you of some of your transformations if you aren't able to defeat it!

Nameless Inn
-It is now possible to rest at the Nameless Inn which functions similarly to your apartment.
-It is now possible to attempt to set up shelter in the sewers so that you can presumably get a good night's sleep once your survival skill gets up to the cap in that area (20).

Random Loot
-Added the second tier of random loot. Only one enemy at the time uses this but more enemies will start to have this loot as content expands.


  1. I keep trying to download but the link keeps feeding me "Error (509)"
    "This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"

    1. I get the same message.
      Good to know you have plenty of supporters, keep up the good work!

  2. Here are some bugs that I've found.
    1: Sometimes during character creation the height and weight like to randomly reset. It doesn't seem to occur that often and restarting the program usually fixes it.
    2: Toggling hair growth in character creation doesn't seem to work. Going to the barber and activating it there does, however.
    3: If I create a female character I always get the futa arousal images. The only way I've found to fix this is to start with a flat chest and use a pink vial. No clue as to why that works.
    4: Has the fucking scene when skinny dipping been removed? I've tried for an hour to get that event but whenever I do it's just the anal scene.

  3. DDL link courtesy of Teraunce

  4. I like the idea of "unlocking" body parts that you can switch to whenever. That way if I really like a certain part of a transformation, I can mix and match my favorite parts.

  5. idea
    add clothes aparment upgrades and such to shop

    aparment upgrades would be somthing like
    fancy bed gives bounus to rest and increase dirty dream*forget the name of the action *
    fancy shower gives small bounus to looks and makes you more relaxed or other stuff that may be optional

    as for clothes it would just increase your looks


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