Latest Alpha Release (Version 0.58.1a)


You can find an experimental build usually located on the game update notes page.

Bug Level: Low

*New/existing users should overwrite all previous files in whatever directory you install Pornarium.*

 Pornarium Event Creator v2.00
(This Program is used for Event Writing/Coding)

Requires .NET 4.0 *see above D/L*

Bugs: Very Low

Bug Threat Levels

Helping identify how threatening bugs are to you

Since Pornarium is a game in development, it is prone to having bugs. Shortly after a release, I will attach a bug level to each download to help identify the bugginess of a particular update. Here are the bug levels:
Critical Bugs: The game is so buggy (most likely due to an experimental change or large sweeping changes) that I would not recommend anyone attempt to play it. Testing a build such as this and providing feedback will yield a playable build in the future.

Very High Bugs: Usually this will be used when the first new content update is released after a long period. This build is going to be extremely buggy, have many typos, and possibly will crash once or several times. This build should be avoided by those who are not patient or do not want to deal with buggy software. Bug hunters will have a field day however.

High Bugs: There are quite a few bugs. This will be a common level when new content is added on a large scale. Expect to encounter a bug at virtually every new event, possibly interrupting or aborting game play. Not for the casual player who wants to get a quick game session in. It may leave you frustrated. If you are a bug hunter or can endure such an environment, feel free to test this build.

Medium-High Bugs: There are a fair amount of bugs, the game will not be very playable and updates such as this are only meant for those who can stomach several bugs or who want to help eliminate them.

Medium Bugs: Bugs are a somewhat common occurrence. One or two may even be game interrupting.

Low Bugs: Bugs exist, but they are not extremely common and/or are benign at worst (simple typos or formula display errors.)
Very Low Bugs: There may be a bug or two, but most are harmless and don't really have an impact on game play.

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