Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ultra Buggy / Incomplete yet still available :p

EDIT: Drat, I forgot to update the release w/ horrid spelling / typo fixes ><, the first hotfix will be up later tonight :p

EDIT2: Drat part 2 => Character Creation is bugged, will have a hotfix shortly.
Before you download this please read this:
  • I am still behind on adding stuffs due to my revision of the event system. While most of the new stuff is in Pornicle a few things are still being added and haven't yet been due to the bugginess of the new event system.
  • The new event system is BUGGY as all hell right now, stay away if this scares you. The game will crash a lot perhaps, some things will lock up and simply not work. There will be horrors of all horrors!
  • Some areas don't have GFX yet, this isn't really anything new though :p
  • The sex system is crazy buggy right now, but you should at least see what I'm trying to do here :D

In short: I will update the build as I stated it's still going to be buggy and new content will be fed through fairly regularly for the next month at least to get everything to where I want it to be. My personal recommendation is that everyone wait until next Monday before downloading, that said if you are brave and don't mind that everything isn't all there yet check back shortly ;).

I am doing this in my spare time so as harsh as this sounds (and I know you've all been patient and are excited about this game ^_^) please don't give me too hard of a time about everything not being perfect. It's still very early on in the  game's development and I have a ton of work to do still :p

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Poll: Males and Masturbation

This seems like a weird question I guess, at least it does to me, but I am curious regardless. Since I am bisexual, I find images of males and females enticing and erotic...but I've long held off putting the male arousal / masturbation images in the game thus far as I'm unsure of whether males playing the game would want to see an image of a male with a raging hard-on or cumming all over himself. A lot of people have been requesting such things, so I wanted to ask finally if I should put them in...thus the generation of the latest poll.

If you answer "no" to the poll, could you perhaps comment here and give me some other ideas on how to visually represent male arousal / masturbation scenes?

Image Hunter Wanted

As the new build arrives closer I realize that I am desperately lacking an image hunter to fill in the various areas of Pornicle. If you are interested send me an e-mail ^_^, any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. An image hunter simply needs to help find various images to fit with events and locations for Pornicle (and should follow Futanari Palace's DO NOT POST list as guidelines). Also, if you are interested:
  • Make sure you can accept images of male, futanari, and females interacting in any possible combination. While players will have a choice to avoid such acts (such as male on male) there still need to be images to support such interactions.

You don't need to dedicate your life to the game, but I have a growing list of images I need and unfortunately do not have as much time to scour the nets to find them as I once did. If no one is interested or if no one has the time I understand 100%, it will not have an impact on the game's development other than it will simply take longer to fill in various blank spots for images.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wednesday : 8/31

Just a quick reminder that I'll post the next build finally Wednesday night. It will be really buggy so beware. It doesn't have everything I hoped to include (way back two months ago) but I shall still post it so worry not :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

A recap on Pornicle

New Stuff to do in Pornicle

  I've talked about the University in some detail but really haven't elaborated on the other areas of Pornicle. I'll give a quick summary of Pronman's Pub and the Backwater District . Both of these areas along with the university are rather large. Several events are tied to these places and they include the potential to learn anything from new sex system techniques, find special partners for the sex system (when I say that, think of them as more defined and less generic NPCs for the sex system), and even learn some new cooking or alchemy recipes.
  • Backwater District
    • Brothel (sub area)
      • I don't think I need to really explain this area too much, but there will be four doors available when you enter it. These are based upon which gender you prefer to interact with (female / futa / male / any). You can either work here or find a prostitute for a fee of course.
    • Streets
      • Like the marketplace / residential streets, there will be a look around event to scope out the area.
        • I won't elaborate too much, but this will lead to at least one or two additional actions, one which can be used to make money.
      • There are is a secret or two to uncover here ;)
  •  Pronman's Pub
    • Become a bartender or a cook to earn money!
      • Being a bartender is a fairly normal job though being a cook will be one of the better jobs in Pornicle...though if your skills are not up to par expect to lose your job!
    • Carouse
      • What fun would a pub be if you couldn't meet people.
    • And naturally, drinking if you fancy it.

In addition to the above, a few spots you already are familiar with have gotten some additional content (in the form of a user submission).

Next Monday...

  I will stop adding content and work on fixing any crucial bugs, then by Wednesday I'll post the next playable release. Life has been busy but enjoyable so as the last update stated, don't go too crazy if there isn't as much content as originally planned (i.e. .30a), I can only work on this project as much as freetime allows. That said, once again development is going well and I'm in this for the long haul :). I will spend roughly a month (not counting a week off in September, I'm going on vacation) releasing bug fixes as well as new content. Until that month is over (if I were to put a date on it, I'd say October 4th) I will make public changes and content additions before returning once again for two months of closed development (with a private alpha test for people have helped with things like bug reports and USC) before the next public release.

  • August 31st - October 4th Public Release Cycle
  • October 5th - November 1st Private Development Cycle (with Private Test build on November 2nd)
  • November 1st - December 6th Private Development Cycle
  • December 6th - January 2nd/3rd Public Release Cylce

I won't make any content pledges or anything of that nature, but I will stick with that cycle.

About .2Xa..
   It will be incredibly buggy! Be warned. When it is released, only the bravest should play for the first update or so. Also, if not enough content was added/what you were looking for wasn't added yet please be patient. Life to me trumps the game and I must focus on that aspect, though I'll always work on this game :)

    Sunday, August 21, 2011


    I stumbled across something entirely by accident that I'm quite happy about while working on a specific event for the game. Basically the game now will preload an event and figure out all the outcomes for the event before you click on a button for the event. This brings up the potential for very randomized events, possibly mazes, occasional random twists, etc.

    I know it's nothing revolutionary and I won't rush the utilization of this yet (as I still barely grasp it) but it brings up some very exciting possibilities for future events. Things continue to go fairly well, I'll try to write a full recap on Pornicle's new events (including the Pub and Backwater District) without giving too much away and ramble further about the new event system in more detail.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    A Not So Exciting Update

    Event Code Revision
       While not certainly the most interesting of topics, the event code has been completely rewritten. This was one of those necessary changes albeit a big one. I had some extra time this weekend and while attempting to add events I grew incredibly frustrated. Previously events were written in such a manner that every action button had it's own chunk of horribly difficult to navigate code which was then further split into two chunks of equally horrible to navigate code.
       I've improved upon the design considerably (though I'm sure I'll eventually find faults with this one too :P) so that each event is stored into an object I defined. This object has several tiers starting at the very top for locations, then action buttons, then the button events, and then any sub events that spawn from those. It was a bit complicated to code but it was worth it. While there are still a few kinks in it, I can add an event often with a single line of code (basically linking to the text file our events are stored in). If I need to add a bit more functionality to the event, such as making certain events a jailable offense, I can do so with an additional line or two very easily. I can continue to add special functions to these events that could later apply to any future event instead of simply copying and pasting line after line of code for each event.

    Event Editor Revisions?

       Some time after the next public release, I'll likely rework the event editor vastly to take advantage of this new functionality. I think it will make the creation of events more fun for people (and the team) as it will give even greater functionality to the editor. People will be able to define action buttons, tie in other events, etc.  

    End of August Still Right?

       Don't worry, there will still be a release at the end of August :p. After I get the kinks out of the system (tomorrow) I'll resume adding events. Just be wary that this release at the end of August is going to have an insane amount of bugs...unless you are brave you may want to wait until the first fix comes for it. 

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Pre-Monday Update

    My Monday update is probably going to be late tonight or early tomorrow, possible in mid / late Tuesday morning. The general gist of the update is this:

    • My old event code was freaking horrible and took me forever to add new things with. When I First had maybe 50 events and 10 items it was quite easy...but now that the game has evolved (and I haven't even transferred a bulk of the content from my notes o.O) I have roughly 204 events currently in place and over 30 items.. that number is going to explode drastically to likely over 300 by the end of August when I place the release. Below is a fun teaser of one of the simple things the new engine (if I may call it that) can do:

    Monday, August 8, 2011


    Update Progress
       Though the title of this post sounds bad, I assure you that it most certainly is not that terrible. First things first, before anyone worries I will stick to what I have said before and will definitely have a new build for people to test at the end of August (I said this far back after the final .10.13a version was developed). Development is not proceeding at a pace that I'm satisfied with but what exactly can one when works, has a social life, has a family, makes time for romance, and all that jazz coinciding with the development of Pornarium :p
        While I planned to wait until .30a was finished, I think wherever I am at the end of August, I simply will release a version for everyone at that time. It likely will be somewhere in between .20a and .30a but I think it will be best for the game though it went against my original plan. Everyone here has been really patient and I am making the game for you all after all. While spending time between large builds is still something I plan on doing, making you all wait endlessly (longer than 2 months seems endless to me :P) doesn't seem like a good strategy either. Wherever I am at that time I will do several bug testing builds while adding several new quality of life improvements before diving back into a closed development cycle for a couple months.
       My plans for the game are still as ambitious as ever and I have no fear of reaching them as I am in this for the long haul, but perhaps my timetable and plans on even/odd versions have been a bit too ambitious.Since the game is still in alpha, entire systems are still being developed and added, hell even old systems are being completely scrapped and redone :p The sex system for example was waaaay more complex than I anticipated but I think it's awesome (and that will be available as it's done now, don't worry ;) ). I am finding more and more as I develop the game that simply attaching a time-frame of "two months" for .10a - .30a was simply impossible (though who knows, I still magically could finish it in time).
       All of you have been quite supportive of the game and I hope this doesn't upset anyone too much, the game will have a new version like I said at the end of August, it just may not have as much as I hoped (don't worry, Echo's farm event will be there ;) ). I think perhaps sticking to a simple "two months of closed development" will satisfy my wishes (not releasing content in bite sized chunks) without being too grandiose (i.e. sex system! combat system! possible equipment!). Essentially what this means is:
    • Lots of new stuff at the end of August for people to play with!
      • Less new content than advertised :( (though Pornicle will be completely finished)
    • Sex system!
      • It's done, yay!
    • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements for 2 - 3 weeks after launch OR until it's as stable as .10.13a (if it takes longer then 2 - 3 weeks).
    • First USC will be added!
    • Closed Development  begins again likely in Mid / Late September
    • Next major version will be released sometime Mid / Late September 
      • (estimated) Next Major version will be released sometime Early/Mid February
      • (estimated) Next Major version will be released Late March / Early April
      • etc.

       Sorry again for taking so long and not being as far as I'd like but I'm doing this for fun. I want to make an awesome game with the team I'm working with and as you can see by awesome contributions like everything Echo's done and Hawtstuff's tutorial (sadly you can't see his edits until the end of August but I assure you they are great improvements) we are all enjoying this project and still continue to do so. As far as .20a, we'll see when that gets finished. I'm really close but I'm sort of tackling all of the areas simultaneously. I expect it to be done soon but once again it's taking longer than expected. I don't want to put out what would be a crappy test build for everyone so everyone may simply have to hold out until the end of August when .2Xa is released :p. In the future I will handle test builds like this:
    • 1 Month into closed development I will simply release what I have done as a test build to people who have been kind and helped out with the project.

    I guess that's pretty simple but it's a lot better than an arbitrary deadline I need to follow as far as content is concerned. Anyways, thank you all for your patience! The end of August is not too far away and I hope you'll enjoy the next version...whatever number it is, when it's released.

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Event Creator Tutorial Finished!

    Finally finished the tutorial! Enjoy guys! Please let me know what you think! I love comments :D

    Thanks goes to Nazca for doing a lot of the shoops, I really appreciated the help!


    UPDATED 8/3/11

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Tuesday's Monday Update!

    That Dreaded Sex System Again?!

       After a lot of work, I've finally finished the sex system (though I do need to write the player specials in :p). Functionally it works now which makes me quite happy, it took me a lot longer than I would have liked but I think it's for the best. A recap for those that may have just started following:
       The sex system is essentially one of two "combat systems" planned for the game. While there will be more traditional RPG combat with special attacks and the like, I also envisioned a system for sex. The main point of this system is to make your partner's arousal reach 100% before yours does without letting your FP reach 0. When your character gets spent (i.e. their arousal reaches max) you get a generic bad ending and the encounter is over. Get your partner to reach 100%, and they will cum buckets and things such as positive relationships between your character and them will occur.

    Monday, August 1, 2011

    My estimate was....

    that males would win out on this poll by a landslide (i.e. more than 85% would be males). Was I correct or was I pleasantly surprised? The poll results reveal it :)

    Delayed Monday Update (well, not by much)

    I will be making a normal Monday update, but it will likely be early Tuesday morning (i.e. 12:00A.M. - 2:00 A.M. GMT-5).

    I am putting the finishing touches on the sex system, which is probably one of the most complex things I've programmed. It's going great though, I hope to have tons of tasty screenshots :D. After that I will talk a bit about .20A, which should be out within a week, possibly by next Monday's update.

    I will explain how I will handle "alpha" invites for .20A. I will explain it more in the update itself, but absolutely do not e-mail me requesting an alpha invite, I will delete all such emails. The closed alpha is for people who were kind enough to volunteer their time finding bugs, making icons or maps, or helping out in other ways. I will not have general random testers for .20A. Don't worry, .30A will be here most likely by the end of August. Besides, most of you would probably not like .20A, it's going to be buggy as sin :p.

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