Monday, October 22, 2012

Next Build Wednesday

  Wednesday, October 24th will be the next official build.I think this will be the first non-experimental build since 0.43a or 0.45a, it's been awhile so I don't remember what the last "mostly stable" build was. If you want to take a peak at the update notes feel free, note that these changes are since the last experimental build.

Assuming you haven't played since the last stable build, here are the highlights:

  • Several new North Highway events including a new and dangerous foe.
  • Four new spells (three combat and one field spell)
  • Two new sex techniques.
  • A few new items.
  • Basic Support for pregnancy has been added (needs a lot of fleshing out, but it's there)
  • A few new images (only 6 or so, but I may add more before Wednesday based on what I randomly find on the nets)
  • A ton of bug fixes.
  • New location: Nameless Inn (though there are few events for it yet)
  • Any edits performed by Hawtstuff.

   Chances are this will occur later in the evening on Wednesday. I haven't attached a version number yet because based upon whatever amount of free time I feel like spending toward the project before Wednesday there could potentially be some bonus stuff. After I post it, I'll make note of what I'm planning to program next in the game.

(Note: Hawtstuff has let me know he's working on some events as well so if that can be squeezed in too it will :P)


  1. Speaking of images can we get a toggle for the futa stuff? Or at least not show it when you are a regular girl.

    Couple images (noticeably for arousal buildup) are futa, and not my thing. The old images were great, and represented character gender.

    1. Talking about futa images,(first one appears) on 50's arousal and so on the image does not appear anymore leaving a black background. I can't remember if there were female only images for arousal build up but if there are in makes this definitely a bug.
      If not I am almost sure I can find some on my image folders to share.

    2. If you choose no breast size in the creating character , you will get the normal woman images , but you will need to buy some pink vials to get that breast big.

  2. That is awesome !!!XDDD


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