Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So I was traveling today. For hours and hours and hours and hours. And waiting at airports. For hours and hours and hours… you get the point.

I hate waiting at airports almost as much as I hate being locked in place in an ever so hot airplane. Until I realized I could spend my time writing.

So I found a bar, seated myself in a comfy chair, put my hat on the table, opened my laptop and took a long sip off coffee. I really felt like a writer at that point, and it was quite the warm fussy feeling.

And then I started writing. Now, when I write I also like to read my stuff out loud to get a feel of the flow. I almost started until I realized where I was, and that I was writing about a double-cocked Amazon of a futa cowgirl wanting to breed you, the PC, if she were to allow you to enlarge her balls so that you could milk her cocks for profit…

What I wouldn’t give to see their faces if I had done so.

My teaser for today :)


  1. I do believe this has been said before but it is too apropriate to not say it "HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG"

  2. Stop it! You're all making a mess of the blog! It's all sticky now... ewww

  3. I couldn't have said it better myse-HHHNNNNNNGGGHH

  4. Guys stop stealing my catchphr-HHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

    My god I've started a trend.

    I feel so... trendy.

  5. Imitation is the greatest form of flat-HHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

  6. Echorid stay away from the necronomicon or any other mystic books. with your apparent tendency to read aloud you would probably kill us all with a zombie army or something

  7. revision: actually please hunt down the hentianomicon that would be a good way to die

  8. Tentacle horrors everywhere

    Anyone wearing a schoolgirl outfit is, well, fucked.


  9. So long as I get to be the tentacle-monster, hand me the book!

    And really, Japanese girls in schoolgirl uniforms are just asking for it :P. How could any tentacle monster resist… I think I just got ideas for a new event. Hmm… Oh well, future writing, I’ve got enough to do as it is.

    Back to chopping wood!

  10. Another event, Echo?

    I should make snarky comments around you more often.

  11. While it should be noted that this won't happen for a while, I fully plan for players to have the ability to gain tentacle cocks of an insane length for fun.

    I imagine they would give you some fun "Sexual Techniques" for the sex system :D

  12. trust me i know the feeling when i was younger i was a army brat so i moved across the country every 6 to 12 months and would be forced on to the planes from like nyc usa to china or japan or some third world country lol not fun

    now i stay away from planes and just go greyhound or amtrak

  13. Taco, loving this so hard. It looks like your game has started to take off in popularity too, which is GREAT!

    The cowgirls can't come soon enough!




  15. Pssst

    *Hands Nazca a Master Ball*

    Keep him secret, keep him safe.

    Anyway, back to writing. Suffering from a lack of coffeine, but I shall endure!

  16. *pffft* I accidentally read "suffering from a lack of cocaine". Might keep you awake though.

  17. I doubt what I write would be very sensible then. Wait, I already fail at that. Ah well. ^^

    And it should of course be cAffeine. Suffering from a lack of it fucks up my mind.

  18. Antonina, our futagirl, has been written! Faith and Hope (the twins) just couldn't stay away though, but got what they deserved in the end.

    One girl left and then I can write all the spesific sex scenes, various events happening on the farm, milking scenes for the player, "you are the victor, here: have the princess" scene, pregnancy scenes for the player and so on and so on. Yeah, I think I'm about halfway ^^

    Oh, and not to mention proofreading it... *Shudders*


    It's like HHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG but backwards. Or inside out. Or something.

    Whatever. Point is this is awesome.

    Status quo.

  20. i wanted to say you seem to be flying though this shit :)) . should we expet the game early :P ?

  21. While I would love to say it will be early, I don't think we are at a point where we could say that yet. We're all working pretty hard when we get time to make the next major update as awesome as possible so don't worry.

  22. I think you can expect us to live up to the "thrice as much content" though :)

    Incredibly long tentacle cocks for the player. There are far too few games that let you be a tentacle monster.

    That makes me think of some of those crazy hentai's with the tentacles that go all the way through a girl and come out her mouth. Would be awesome to get long enough to go back up her rear.

  24. @Danos: Don't worry, there will be all sorts of crazy stuff. I have so many weird ideas running through my head for special techniques.

    I must stress though that it's impossible (from a sanity perspective) to account for every body part variation in the normal sexual actions (fucking, oral, anal, etc.) so many of the odder ones will need to be represented as special techniques that become available only once you have these body parts.

    That said, the ones that appear popular can and probably will get the same attention and diversity that the normal actions ultimately will get (though initially even they will not be numerous).


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