Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pre-0.10.12a Test Version Coming Soon

I made some rather drastic changes to the save files for the game. Instead of being a cluster of about 12 files, the game should save your character to ONE file.

What about your old save files then?

The good news is there is a button to load your old save file still. You should then save them to convert them to this new system to avoid future problems :)

I'm almost done with this test version but alas have some things to take care of. I want to upload it now but I really should do some testing on my own prior so expect this to be released later tonight when I get home. It is very important to note that this version is highly experimental. If your version is working fine for you then hold off until 0.10.12a comes out, don't risk downloading a version that may or may not work at all :p

After this, 0.10.12a will be ready in a day or two as time permits. I just have a few bug fixes to take care of (it seems relatively bug free compared to 0.10.6a). After 0.10.12a there won't be any Pornarium releases for a bit because Echorid and myself will be busy working on a ton of new content. I'm well into programming the sex system and making good progress there. I hope to post some previews of the sex system along with a full explanation after 0.10.12a is released.

To give you an idea you can hit control+x (hopefully it will work) in game to get a peak at the very basic non functional sex system interface if you want to get a tiny glimpse of what I have planned. 0.10.12a and the experimental version will have a slightly more tuned (but far from complete) glimpse at the sex system interface.


  1. I'm going to repost this here, as your post was posted while I was writing, so maybe you'll see this one quicker?:P If you've already read my post feel free to delete either one;)

    Hi guys, It's me Olivia again:)

    The one thing that really puts me off with your game is the UI. I'm sorry, but it's just not pleasing to the eye.

    However, I really like you guys and your game, so if you'd like I can make some buttons for you!

    I'm relatively experienced in photoshop and somewhat InDesign. I have done this type of work before. If you're interested contact me at " ".

    If you decide to take me up on my offer I will need dimensions (size of the button, preferably in px), preferred overall style and of course what buttons you need (as in what they should say i.e sleep, game, items etc).

    Unfortunately I can't guarantee that you'll like my work, but I'll do my best:)

  2. I sent a response to your comment where you originally posted it if you would like to respond there, or you can respond here :) Either is great. I will delete the extra comment on whatever thread you didn't reply to (as long as this one)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Echorid you should check out my comment on the previous update;)


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