Monday, June 13, 2011

Any brave brave souls want to try a "hotfix"?

I've been experimenting with finding a free patch software so I can make smaller patches between versions. I have found xdelta which I found to be a useful resource for creating patch files. Instead of a 17MB rar file I can upload a 127kb rar file for smaller patches. The hotfix I made for example only is 38Kb as I haven't changed much, just a few values. I don't think it warrants a 17MB download and as the game grows, that 17MB will quickly turn to 25, 50, 75, 100, etc.

I've included a patch file. This is experimental and I recommend that you stay away if you aren't feeling brave :p.

This hotfix includes the following changes (which will be added to the 0.10.10a notes in the future).
  • You should no longer lose FP when sleeping for less then 8 hours!
  • Milk volume should be fixed @ 1000mL. It will no longer multiply the volume of milk you have by 1,000. You shouldn't go from 900mL to 1000,000L anymore (that would probably cause you to explode, even in a game as unrealistic as this!)
These fixes may not work, but I'm more interested in seeing if the hotfix works.

Here are instructions on how to use the hotfix:

(1) Extract the rar file to whatever directory pornarium resides in.
(2) Click on applyfix.bat*

*You may need to run this as an administrator

The batch file contains the following text (feel free to verify it if you aren't sure):
xdelta -d -s pornarium.exe PornariumHotFix.pud PornariumTemp.exe (applies  the patch and makes a new exe file, PornariumTemp.exe)
del Pornarium.exe (deletes old pornarium.exe file)
ren PornariumTemp.exe Pornarium.exe (renames PornariumTemp.exe to pornarium.exe)

You should then be able to run Pornarium as usual with the fixes installed. Make sure to keep a copy of the old pornarium 0.10.9a.rar file just in case something goes wrong and it deletes both pornarium.exe files.

Here is the hotfix


  1. Well ,i would try it ,but i have 32x Bit :(

  2. Just updated it, sorry about that. I am so used to using 64-bit stuff that I didn't download the 32-bit version. It should work now :D

  3. I tried it, it seems to worked. But i can't tell you definatly.
    You should ad some Version Number to the Startup screen, so it'll be easier to say wich Version is running.

  4. While the xdelta bit seems to have worked, I can still get 1.2L of milk. Bumping the version number, just so it's obvious that the patch did something, is probably a good idea.

  5. You should still be able to get 1.2L, but it should no longer be in the thousands of liters. I've been thinking of slowing the rate of milk production down to prevent people from getting such high numbers so quickly.


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